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Can the “Add Gift Wrap” and “Add Service Plan” text be changed on the buttons?

hi friend current not setting field for this button. but if you want to support for change “Add Gift Wrap” and “Add Service Plan” text so i will give you support for this and also i take it in my mind i will add this setting in next update version soon THanks

Thanks, I’m buying it now. Will ask if I need help changing the button text.

yes sure friend thanks


Are we able to include tax and exclude tax?

Many Thanks

sorry friend . not any tax related functionality . but if you explain me more what type you want to add tax related functionality by support tab . so i will try to help you

Here in California USA, there is some tax on some of the warranty. its little complicated

This is the site that explain https://www.boe.ca.gov/formspubs/pub119/

I would love that works.

I have some of both, tax and no tax :)

Many Thanks

yes thanks friend but i think in this plugin you able to add Service plan cost so i think you able to use include tax. Thanks

@zaherhaddad i think we able to include tax and exclude tax check in this linke admin demo http://99plugin.com/demoplugin/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=settings_gift_wrap_tab user : admin pass: admin

yes this is admin demo but sorry friend . not any tax related functionality


Is it possible to set a maximum of characters for customers.

Case: flowershop with the option to add an card.


sorry friend it is not possible but if you want to buy so i will support for add this functionality Thanks

Thanks. we bought the plugin with another account today. We have a bug with the cart, and we have attachments. Could we get your e-mail?

yes hi thanks friend you can e-mail me any time by my profile page go http://codecanyon.net/user/99plugin here in this page check right side “email send” option you can able to send e-mail any tiime Thanks

i can’t find any documentation on seperately service base on product, so i don’t know to to do? For example, I want to add different pricing on different add-on services, or can I add by percentage basing on the selling nett price accross board to all items with different pricing in my shopping cart?

yes hi friend you can check here guide line link http://99plugin.com/demoplugin/Documentation/ and also include help file in plugin folder if any issue mail me by my profile i will give you support

Dear sir, I cant find any documentation teaching me how to set different levels or different kind of Add-on Services upon cart check out. Can you guide me how to do more than one Add-on Services, or more than one kind of Gift Wrapping Service? Thanks

hello friend can you mail me by my profile page here http://codecanyon.net/user/99plugin i will give you support by mail give me all details of your site

Hello ! Does it support percentages for the options in cart?

no friend not support but we will take care about this in next update version

Hi developer,

Since a few months there is a error with the function in the cart with a product.

When there is a simple product, the button is gone and when there is a variable product, it is showing a error.

There is showing an error, see my printscreen via dropbox: Image URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehxs3kwb8wg1efh/Schermafbeelding%202017-01-05%20om%2012.14.08.png?dl=0

Is there something to do? Do anyone else has the same problem?

May there is a update? Because this is version 1.

I am looking forward to receive a reply!!

Kind regards

yes hi can you give me your site url

and friend can you message me direct by my profile(https://codecanyon.net/user/99plugin ) so we can discuss together

Excelent work, congrats!



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Is it possible to have one gift box and second is gift box but with possibility for message?

That will be cost more.

means not get clearly your question can you message me by my profile mail box with more clear


Zaccc Purchased

I have send you private message.


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How can I remove font options ? I don’t want that someone choose fonts. I have one font.


Zaccc Purchased

Your plugin is full of grammatical errors. Did you even check what you write in the plugin? Enabel , Disabel , Massage….

yes message me on mail if any issue with theme so i will help you for sole it


SulaniP Purchased

Hi, I got this plugin and downloaded the plugin file.

- Cant upload to WP – Say no plugin in the folder.

-Have you updated this plugin with the new version on Woo Com.

If you havent updated the plugin please let me know.

This dont seem to work. If nothing working i need a refund please.

thank you