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Hey does the plugin still working?

Hi Eidoumov – Yes the plugin is still working -P


Please could you provide some instruction on how to schedule stock update. I have a FTP path to a csv file. Column A is the SKU and column B is the stock level. There is a username and password required to log into the FTP.


First do a manual update, then when it asks you to schedule it, agree and set the source to the url in the format: ftp://user:pass@myhost.,com/x.csv

Is it possible to update stock from 2 sheets?

Yes it’s possible, it requires a custom script though. Contact me at for more info

Hi! I noticed that the demo is a dead link and that it was last updated in March 2015. Is this still a working product? Would be very useful to me if it is.

It’s working but often requires customization. Contact me at for more info

Hi is this plugin compatible with the latest woocommerce?

Hi There, I have seen the Source Code for this plugin, it looks like the updater only updates the “_Price” value in the database, is it possible to update the “_Regular_Price” value as well?

Yes, it would take a bit of customization, contact me at if you need help with that.

Can I use this to update other things on the site. I have to update files for a client Daily and its CSV – Can i use your plugin’ to display anywhere on the site.

It would require some customization to update fields other than price or stock.

Hi please help this plugin don’t work on Variations products, it does not update the price and stock

Hi Rey, This plugin does set the _stock_status meta key correctly to outofstock or instock for each product or variation (sku). If you believe this is not the case you can message me at and I will look into it. Thanks, - P

Ok i will send you message once i double check everything

Sent you an email for this issue.