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Hi there, I have a couple of questions.

1) Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 2.6x ? I am running 2.6 and cannot upgrade to 3.x at this time due to some other dependencies, and would like to try your plugin if it might work.

2) Can it support externally hosted audio files. Specifically .mp3 files hosted on Amazon s3.?

Thanks – Cliff

Thank you Luigi,

I totally understand your position regards backward compatibility maintenance, it becomes very time consuming and impractical.

I am working diligently to try and get WooCommerce 3 running.

Can you please confirm if this works with externally hosted (amazon s3) files ?.

I’m very intent on getting this running.

It looks like the work you have done here is nothing less than “stunning”. Truly amazing!

Cheers – Cliff

Hi, Cliff,

Thank you so much for your nice words! I truly appreciate it.

Regarding your question about externally hosted files, the only limitation using external files is that WavePlayer can only load one external file per instance of the player. This means you cannot take advantage of playlists of externally hosted files.

Now, if you are planning on creating products (either simple or variable) with one single external audio file per product, that limitation will not affect you.

Of course, my recommendation would be to have different files for download and preview. Although WavePlayer doesn’t expose in the DOM the URL of the files being played back, it is always very easy with the developer tools made available by any modern browser to detect the URL of the files being streamed.

I hope this better clarifies.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Luigi,

thanks for clarifying the question about externally hosted audio files. Exactly the information I needed to know :-)

As per your recommendation, I do have different files for preview which are lower quality and also audio-watermarked, so no worries there.

Q) Do you think it may be possible in a future version to create playlists of externally hosted files ?.

Having that ability would be fantastic. Please let me know when you get a chance. No rush to answer that as I realize there may be a lot for you to consider, both technical, resource, and financial.

However, if I can get this working, playlists of externally hosted files is something I’m very very interested in, and we could talk about later, and perhaps help with resourcing and finance if it is feasible.

I’m buried deeply in WooCommerce 3.x to get this upgrade working, so hopefully I’ll be back to purchase soon – I’m determined!

I have to congratulate you on this product, you obviously have a passion for doing great work, and indeed you have!.

Have a great week, and I hope to catch up with you soon, especially with good news on my upgrade :-)

Cheers – Cliff

Hi, thanks for your great plugin!

I just installed it and it works perfectly on Chrome and Firefox, but NOT on Safari (Version 9.1).

The Audio just doesn’t start.

I tried it on my MacMini and on my MacBook Pro.

Both times the same problem.

How can I/we fix this?

Thank you very much and kind regards,

Franz Glanz

Hi, Franz,

I replied to your refund request with two different offers. Let me know if you received it and are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Luigi.

I purchased this plugin a few days ago. In the theme I’m using, the waveform doesn’t load unless a refresh the page.

You can see the site here:

http://croomrecords.com username: testuser password: CL%g)d6q8KPsrPhOoGkNICl$

Please let me know if there is a way to fix this or if you need any further access, such as admin, etc.

Thank you, Rachel

Hi, Rachel,

I would recommend you not to share any credentials or sensitive information here, as your comments are public here. So feel free to remove the testuser you created or change its password, as I have already checked

Your theme loads pages through AJAX, which means that part of the content of the page gets loaded without reloading the whole browser page. This means that when the partial content gets loaded In order to have the players fully rendered, you need to call a command that initiates all the instances of the player in the page. This command is:


Now, where can you add this command? This all depends on your theme. Usually, themes with AJAX capabilities have the possibility to call a script when the AJAX loading has completed.

If you want me to look into this, please send an email to support@waveplayer.info.

I hope this clarifies.


jmac22 Purchased

Most of my waveform “image” look great and full length but on my last added show it doesnt show the full width. http://www.realtalkshow.com under current show is the issue. On the Past Show pages all but this mp3 are correct in width. What is the fix? Thank you

Hi there, I have sent you an message regarding the wave, but I haven’t heard back from you. Please get back to me as I’m still waking for your reply.

I have already replied to your email.


jmac22 Purchased

Ive left this and no reply so here it is again.

Most of my waveform “image” look great and full length but on my last added show it doesnt show the full width. http://www.realtalkshow.com under current show is the issue. On the Past Show pages all but this mp3 are correct in width. What is the fix? Thank you

Hi, jmac22,

I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. It looks like your server is suffering from some 503 errors. I wonder if that is the reason why that last audio file you uploaded is not showing up properly.

One thing you could try is clearing the peak files, seeing if recreating a peak file for that specific audio file solves the problem. If you have access to your FTP server, you can delete the file ending with “heartformulation.peaks” in the /wp-content/uploads/peaks/ folder.

Once you are done deleting the file, go back to the page with your players and wait until the waveform gets displayed. It should take about one minute to complete the analysis and the rendering.

In the meantime, I will analyze that specific MP3 file to see if there is something messing up with the waveform analysis.

If nothing works of what I suggested, please write to support@waveplayer.info and I will provide you with further instructions.

Best, Luigi.


jmac22 Purchased

The 503 was off & on and has been corrected. Also I removed the peak file as stated and that solved the issue. Thank you very much!

I am glad my suggestion worked to sort out your issue! The peak file was probably broken because of the intermittent 503 errors you were getting from your server. Now that you fixed that, deleting the peak file and asking WavePlayer to re-build it allowed you to have a correct waveform for that audio file as well.

It was a pleasure assisting you with your problem. :)

You know how one can send a youtube video via twitter and it will embed the file so you can play the video within twitter time line? Can one do the same with your plugin? So on my site there would be a playlist of titles that could play there then I could Hit to share with twitter and as i say it would send the file PS the files would be very small no more than 20 words recorded

Hi, gnfb1234,

Unfortunately, an inline embedded player is limited to just few major developers, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. This is not going to work with WavePlayer and your website.

I hope this answers your question.

Best, Luigi.

Luigi, Waveplayer is no longer working in Safari vs. 10.1.2. Nothing happens when the play button is pressed. Works fine in Chrome. This problem developed after updating the plugin to the latest version. Please help. Thanks

Hi, David,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am aware of the problem with older versions of Safari. I am about to release a new major update with a brand new audio engine that fixes that issue and works on virtually any Safari and any device.

In the meantime, if Safari compatibility is vital for you I would suggest rolling back to the previous version you were using on your website. If you don’t have that version anymore, please write to support@waveplayer.info and I will make sure to send you one.

I hope this helps.

Best, Luigi.

Thank you, Luigi, for your reply. Very helpful!

Hello! I want to use another picture for every track, located in the circle with the play button. Can’t find the possibility to select the picture anywhere. Please help – thank you.

Best regards from Berlin! Jonas

Hi, Jonas,

Audio attachments are pretty much like any other posts in WordPress. Therefore, even for each audio attachments in the Media Library, it is possible to set a Featured Image.

How to proceed: 1. Go to your Media Library 2. Click on any audio file 3. In the Audio Details dialog that pops up, click on the link “Edit more details”. 4. In the post editor, you can change any details for the audio file, like you do for any other post or page: click on the “Set Featured Image” and choose the image you want to use as a thumbnail for this audio track.

After completing this process for each audio file, you will have the selected picture as a thumbnail also in WavePlayer.

If you don’t want to go through this process for every audio file, I would recommend embed the cover art picture in the MP3 file BEFORE uploading it to the Media Library. When you do so, WordPress extracts the cover art picture from the audio file, uploads it to the Media Library and attaches it as a featured image to the very audio file it extracted the picture from.

I hope this is clear enough. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Luigi Pulcini, I haven’t heard back from you or your reply. I was just wondering how you’re going with it or when should I get it as I need it ASAP.

Also I have noticed an issue with the waveplayer, it doesn’t load big files, like an audio that is big is 7min and over. The wave doesn’t load and I don’t know why. Please also check this issue when you have time to login.