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Hey guys, presale question – your WavePlayer looks like EXACTLY what I need for a client of mine whom I’m developing a digital music sales site for. Had a question, they’re trying to come close to replicating the layout on this page: https://www.ritualmusic.com/music/library is that something I could achieve via Woocommerce and your plugin, and playing around with CSS to get similar to?

Hi, mikenovacane,

Sorry for the late reply. WavePlayer can be completely customized using CSS. The custom CSS rules can be added in multiple locations of your WordPress installation: the Custom CSS box of the Personalize section of your theme, the stylesheet of your child theme or the Custom CSS box of the WavePlayer settings. Wherever you decide to add your custom CSS rules, WavePlayer can be redesigned to get the result you like.

More info at: https://www.waveplayer.info/settings/

In addition to that, I am always open to help my customers. I hope this clarifies.

Best, Luigi.

Hello Luigi, I am still waiting for the return of POLYLANG support service.

After a few tests, I will explore a new track that we hadn’t thought of and that seems to have an impact on the display of like & download buttons in info bar:

SSL encryption!!

  1. when the HTTPS of my pages (in any language) is not completely secure (https but no green lock, may be cause mix content) the buttons appear (in the main language only)
  1. when the HTTPS of my pages is completely secure, green lock, the buttons no longer appear (in the main language or the others)

Maybe the cause! I disabled “Really simple SSL” plugin to see but not better

Hi, Chris,

This does not seem to be a possible cause of your issue. If you had a mixed content problem that prevented the waveplayer.js script from loading, you would not be able to see the player altogether. From what I can see, the script runs as expected even when you don’t see the buttons, because I can see in the page HTML code the span tags corresponding to each button. They simply are empty.

If I am right and something replaces the placeholders with something different (e.g. likes becomes aime ), WavePlayer tries to replace the placeholder with the right information but it cannot find anything corresponding to aime and the resulting span tag is empty.

I should investigate a little more how polylang works, but let’s wait for their reply first. Then I might spare some time with you finding a possible solution.

Best, Luigi.

All right, let’s wait for their return! just an other precision: in the basket page, in English and Spanish, waveplayer no longer appears, not only the buttons. I told them all this

I am Castilian Spanish teacher, I teach Spanish for English speaking students. I am using WavePlayer in my classes with excellent results. Thank you!

But I will ask you a question: Is it possible to insert a recorder on your WavePlayer so the student can record his or her pronunciation and see the wave form generated?

Using this way will improve their pronunciation a lot. I used software like this but it was written in flash and became obsolete.

Thanks Arquimides

Hi, Arquimides,

Unfortunately, the current version of WavePlayer does not have such a feature. It’s code, though, is based on wavesurfer.js, which can also be used to do what you ask for.

I may also think of including that possibility in a future version of WavePlayer, even though that is beyond the purpose of this plugin.

Thanks for your appreciations. Luigi.

OK Thank you but if you decide to make a plugin like the one that I need please let me know I will purchase it, In fact I do really need it

Thanks Arquimides


ganeshsu Purchased

Hi When I hit pause in the middle of a song and then hit play, it restarts from the beginning of the song instead of from where I paused it. Pleease let me know how to fix this. Thanks.

Hi, ganeshu,

I can definitely help you fix this issue. Please write to support@waveplayer.info, including the URL of your website and the credentials of your WordPress installation.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Luigi, I’m having a problem with the Waveplayer plugin. I sent a mail to support@waveplayer.info but I didn’t get any reply. Should I send the mail again? Thanks

Hi, I sent you another mail to support@waveplayer.info Please let me know if you received. Thanks

Any news? Please I need to fix it ASAP

I have just replied to your email. Let me know if I can be of further help. Luigi.


reil86 Purchased

hi, we installed the plugin, added the player and media file to our post and for some reason the player is blank, no buttons or wave feature, just the circle image and controls. The audio works. Any idea why the player isn’t showing?

Hi, reil86,

It sounds like the script is not loading properly. Maybe there is some sort of minification or optimization of the scripts running on your website. If you write to support@waveplayer.info including the URL of your website, I will verify what is causing the issue.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.


riffster Purchased

Hi Luigi, does your plugin prevent audio file download/stealing (i.e. prevent folks from stealing the MP3 without paying for it). Thank you!

When a player makes a file available for streaming on a web page, it will always be exposed to the possibility of being downloaded, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

Of course, WavePlayer does not expose the direct link on the web page, meaning that it is not possible to see the URL of the audio files, simply analyzing the source code of the web page. Nevertheless, when you start streaming the audio files, the full URL will always be visible using the developer tools that every modern browser offers to the more advanced web users.

For that reason, I always suggest my customers to have different audio files for purchases/download and for preview/streaming.

I hope this clarifies your question.

Best, Luigi.


The WavePlayer has been working just fine since I bought it. This is what was working before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFclqtXovfg

However, just today, we experience the audio keeps on loading, and not playing repeatedly as setup. This is the error: http://www.khoaielts.com/lesson/luyen-tap-nghe-chep-chinh-ta-l2-practice-280/

No changes were made and I’m not sure how to fix it.

Could you please check and advise? Thanks.

Hi, I’ve fixed the issue. No action required. Thanks.


chrismat8 Purchased

Hi Luidgi,

Thank you for your help the last weeks

In first,I made it for the buttons in info bar but I don’t know how! Just take it all off and put it all back.

I wonder to know:

on all the pages where the audio players are, I don’t have a green padlock (SSL) even on the product page (without essential grid, a plugin that could be the cause of my problems)

All other pages (without WavePlayer) have the green padlock.

Looking at the source of the pages I don’t see anything to say that it comes from a WavePlayer code but I find it, a http adress (do your plugin use this adress for picto or any pictures?) :

<svg xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'>,

Best regards

Hi, Chris,

In the WavePlayer settings, Player Options tab, you had a missing image set as the default thumbnail for the player. The name of the file was “fond_waveplayer.png” but no image with that name was present in your current Media Library. Most probably, you must have deleted it.

I set a different image and now the pages with WavePlayer are loaded with a green padlock, as expected.

I hope this solves your problem.

Best regards, Luigi.


chrismat8 Purchased

Thank you Luidgi !! It’s working! I also change the http address of the essential grid plugin: <svg xmlns=’http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'>, have a good day!