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SmitaH Purchased

Everything has installed well with the upgrade. But before when you played a track from another player the firsrt one playing shut off. Now they play on top of each other. Is there anything I can set or is this a bug? Thanks again.

Hi SmitaH,

What you are describing sounds very strange to me. As you can see from the EXAMPLES PAGE on WavePlayer’s website (which uses the latest version), when you start playing a track on an instance, any other instance currently playing stops.

This is also because all the instances in one single page share the same <audio> element, that gets created at run time. So, a single page containing multiple instances of WavePlayer would share the same <audio> element that, obviously, can play only one track at a time.

The only situation where you could end up having the behavior you are reporting is when you (or your theme) embed each instance is a separate <iframe>. In that case, every instance would be loaded as each had its own separate page and its own separate <audio> element. This configuration is not recommended by design, as you may incur in a limitation in most browsers that limit to 6 the maximum number of audioContexts.

Maybe something else changed in your website causing that issue?

Let me know how I can help.


miksmusic Purchased

Hi, did some testing for v.2 and found that the css won’t render properly in Safari 8 and below, IE 10 and below, iPhone 6 and below, ANY iPad with iOS 8 and below. Any plans for improving the legacy compatibility? Tested the waveplayer.info, so it has nothing to do with my setup. Thanks!


miksmusic Purchased

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for the quick reply. I well understand your reasoning, it wasn’t my intention it imply that your plugin was not up to standards.

Yes, I agree with your iPhone6 point. It was the original OS.

We test based on what browsers / versions we see in analytics, so while the general statistics may suggest we should ignore the older browsers we have to rely on our data first. Yet again, that’s our choice based on our particular situation so I’m not implying that you are obligated to do the same.

Thanks again for your reply and keep up the good work. Cheers!

Hi miksmusic,

Of course, I understand your observations and truly appreciate both your comments. Please feel free to share with me the results of your analytics, even using a private message, and I will see what I can do.

I would hate to know that a fellow AudioJungle composer is not fully happy with my plugin. :)

Please let me know.


miksmusic Purchased

Thanks :)

Moving further with v2 tests.. noticeably faster, great improvement!

Having some troubles with externally hosted files though. The peaks are ok but the info file is 0 size and the thumbnail is missing. All files have standard meta data and thumbnail images. v1 is able to generate everything properly for the same files.

Hello will this work on mobile?

Hi djmamichula1,

Based on January 2017 W3Schools stats, WavePlayer should work properly in the browsers used by more than 95% of people worldwide, including mobile devices.

Since WavePlayer is built around the HTML5 audio element, you can find a list of compatible browsers at the following link: http://caniuse.com/#feat=audio

I hope this clarifies your question.

Hello, How can i generate like and download button under the player “its realle hard to see the download icon!

Hi MiguelGoose,

WavePlayer is fully customizable adding your own set of CSS rules and making every element look the way you like for your website.

If you are comfortable with customizing the CSS rules yourself, I will be more than happy to assist you. Just write to support@waveplayer.info, including the URL of your website and the credentials of an administrative user.

I look forward to assisting you.

How can i change the Download icon to a Button?

Hi MiguelGoose,

Everything can be done with CSS rules.

Be assured that I received your private message and am working on it. I truly appreciate your patience.

HI there,

I just purchased the Wave Player and wanted to use them to stream mp3s form blogtalkradio.com/abpn to my site at almightyballer.com. however, it doesnt appear to be working! Let me know how I can do this.

4f053a2e-adad-4053-82da-220716abd13f – 23 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

- Chris

Hi, I want to customize the look of the download button, may be add an image button that says download in my page here http://dhemssa.com/audio/

My users are noobs and dont understand the download icon.

Please help me do it.