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Hi Luigi, waiting a solution for my issue. Plugin doesn’t works with external files.

Ok. Thanks.

Solved. Thanks for your help!!!

Thanks for your feedback! :) I am glad I was able to help you figure out where the problem was.

All the best!

Hi LuigiPulcini, WavePlayer is not saving the WaveForm options. Everything else works perfectly. I did move from development server to production server. I deleted the plugin and re-installed and still no good. I also tried copying previous ‘option_value’ from SQL table. Still no good. Would you mind sending me you SQL value and I will past it into my DB… overing hex colours and images of course. I cannot think of any other solution. Thank you. Nige.

Hi Nige,

There are other two steps you could try:

1. In the Maintenance, check the box “Delete settings” and Save the settings. Once you have done that, deactivate the plugin, delete it and reinstall it. That should clear the database, so when you reinstall WavePlayer next time the options will be recreated in the database.

2. If the previous operation doesn’t work, you can delete the plugin, then you go to the SQL database and delete the “waveplayer_options” entry from the “wp_options” table of WordPress database. Not just the content of the value, but the whole “waveplayer_options” row. Then you reinstall WavePlayer.

If that doesn’t work either, please write to support@waveplayer.info and I’ll make sure to provide you with a working value for the options.

Thanks very much LuigiPulcini… deleting and re-installing fixed it! Somehow I think I updated to 2.0.12 over the 2.0.10 in the MySQL DB. I have also sent another support request regarding an SSL issue. Thank you.


I just purchased your plugin and love how it’s designed, however I’m having trouble playing / streaming using this the Wave player to playback audio files that are hosted externally on my Amazon S3 bucket.

Would you be able to help configure my Wave player to play audio hosted on Amazon S3? At the moment, I have a WordPress plugin that automatically duplicates any mp3 file to my Amazon S3 instance when I upload it through the WordPress media library on my site. Ideally, I would like to upload a mp3 file into the media section of my WordPress site, copy/duplicate the mp3 file to Amazon S3, and use my new the Wave player to stream/playback that mp3 file from my Amazon S3 bucket.

Can you help me with this? I love the plugin, just would love to use it for streaming audio via Amazon S3 on my WordPress site. Let me know if there is better way to do this too.

Thanks for your help!

Best, Walt

Hi, wkruhoeffer,

Thank you for appreciating my plugin. :)

Currently, external audio support is limited to one file per instance (so, playlists of external audio files are not supported, yet). I will be happy to help you with configuring WavePlayer on your installation. Please write to support@waveplayer.info, including the credentials of an administrative user of your website and we’ll move from there.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Hi, LuigiPulcini

I have been waiting for your reply over a month now i have never heard back from you as you told me to wait… I’m having an issue on my download button that i want you to fix. Please help me because i think i have waited for a long enough.

Thank you!

Hi, allafricanhits,

I am sorry there was a miscommunication between the two of us regarding your problem.

I am surprised you still have troubles on your download button. I personally resolved that issue numerous times directly on your website and, subsequently, incorporated in a recent release of the plugin, so that you did not have to deal with that problem again in the future.

Please write to support@waveplayer.info for further investigation.

I look forward to assisting you.

Ok. I have sent you an email. Please check.

I have been to this page https://www.waveplayer.info/examples/ to see whether the new version has the download feature but all the examples don’t show that. If I buy the plugin, how do I enable download feature so users can click on it to download the audio file? Also, do you have any other example with the download option enabled?

Hi, i use your plugin wave player to show all audio content of this site https://www.soundtrackinc.com/

all work good until now…

im made a ajax custom taxonomy filter but your plugin it is no loading when i made a query, witch module do i hace to initialize via jquery to make it work.

the wordpress default audio player it is working good.

i really appreciate any help


I really love the interface of waveplayer, it looks awesome. I want to use it to sell music, displaying a track price, add to cart/buy now option. I see it is intergrated with woocommerce, but I run easy digital downloads for my store.

Is there a way to at least customise the look to add purchase now/add to cart buttons, and then manually add a link to the download page?

Thanks a lot. Leo

As you can see here: http://drumbox.io/drum-rock/ Looping audio has a very long delay. Is it possible to solve this issue?

That would be nice :)

any success?

Please see my email. :)

I made an Ajax filter and i need a function to stop playing the audio file when an user made a new query

this is the filter https://www.soundtrackinc.com/downloads/category/sound-effects/

Just need the function to stop the audio with an on click event.

Hi santiagofp,

I am sorry for not providing a page with a full list of methods you can use in connection to WavePlayer.

In your specific case, you can use the following script:


where #your-waveplayer-instance is the id of your specific instance.

The best way to address a specific instance might be through its immediate container, as follows:


I hope this helps. If you need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi LuigiP. Just updated my site to SSL – ran the simple SSL and and bam! No waveplayer. i’m in wordpress and the weird thing is, when I go to the store and click product nothing shows up. But when I go to edit that product page I can see the wave player with jpg and everything. It seems like the site is blocking the content from showing up? I’ve deleted the plug-in, deleted the SQL and re installed it and still nothing. Any suggestions? thanks

Hi talk2timwatson,

I apologize for my late reply. I looks like you wrote exactly when I was on vacation so I was not able to reply to your message earlier. ;)

Would you please write to support@waveplayer.info, providing the credentials of an administrative user of your website, so that I can give a better look to your problem?

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Luigi,thx your plugins,I hope stand by buddypress,my buddpress upload Mp3 by “rtmedia”

Hi Luigi,

So I went ahead and bought the player! When I set easy digital downloads ‘download type’ to ‘audio’, waveplayer’s overide audio function does not work properly and I get the error:

Warning: Missing argument 4 for waveplayer_audio_shortcode_override()...

Is there a simple fix?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Leowortley,

I will definitely assist you with your problem.

Would you please write to support@waveplayer.info, providing the credentials of an administrative user of your website, so that I can give a better look to your problem?

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Leowortley,

I investigated the problem and can provide you with a temporary solution, waiting for the release of the next update.

Please write to support@waveplayer.info for further instructions.

Best, Luigi.

Please update to version 2.0.15, when available. That should solve your issue.

Any timeline on the support for variable products (WooCommerce)?

Hi alderlane,

Sorry for my late reply. I am working on a solution right now and it should be pretty simple. The first approach would be giving the possibility to add preview files to variable product as you would do with simple product now.

Then I will extend also the possibilities to customize the default behavior when it comes to product batch creation.

Stay tuned… the fix is coming soon! :)

hi, I have presale question, is it possible to integrate this player with mediaelement player which my theme uses? So when I click play button on mediaelement player apollo player also runs simultaneously?

Hi ofso,

WavePlayer completely overrides the MediaElement integrated with WordPress.

I am not sure what you mean with “apollo player”.


Hello. I would like to use WavePlayer to play audio files (.mp3) hosted in my Dropbox Public folder. I have tried pasting in the Dropbox URL for the file, but this doesn’t work. Please can you advise whether this is possible and, if so, how. Best regards

Hi scillytoday,

This is perfectly doable, but you have to consider what follows. When you share a file through DropBox, you get a link like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ny4pt8rd493qrxp/85.mp3?dl=0

Please notice the “?dl=0”. That parameter instructs DropBox to load the page with the content rather than to access the actual file.

In order to use the actual file, you have to change that parameter to 1. So, the previous link is exactly the same, except for the final 0 that must be 1, as follows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ny4pt8rd493qrxp/85.mp3?dl=1 For example, the following post contains an external audio file from DropBox: https://www.waveplayer.info/tests/test-for-scilly-today/

Please also bear in mind that the first execution of an external file takes a little longer, because WavePlayer needs to create the peak file for the audio content.

I hope this clarifies.

Best regards, Luigi.

Hi Luigi

Thanks for the quick response. I did try changing to dl=1 before I contacted you. After trying your example I still couldn’t get it to work. I finally worked out it’s a problem with the Apple Safari browser – it works fine in Chrome but not Safari. Might be something to take a look at.

Many thanks Andy

Hi is there any way of getting rid of the icon/info/volume section just to leave the play button and the waveform?

Hi warrenmiller,

You can customize pretty much every detail of the visual aspect through CSS rules.

Specifically, you have to add the following rules:
.wvpl-info, .wvpl-volume {
    visibility: hidden;

You can add that either to your child theme stylesheet or using the Custom CSS field in the WavePlayer settings.

I hope this helps.

Best regards.

Hi can’t seem to get that to work – also is there a css code to delete to border around the icon?

To remove the border, you can try:

.wvpl-interface {
    border: none;
    box-shadow: none;

The box-shadow: none part removes the gradient inside the thumbnail.

As for your problems with customizing the CSS rules, after making the changes, make sure you clear the caching on both your browser and your server (if your webhost uses technologies such as SuperCacher or CloudFlare).


markfielt Purchased

Hi there,

I would like to use this tag downloads in my playlist to give users the possibility to download my tracks. But I would like to hide this popup that says how many users have downloaded it. “Downloaded by x users” Is it possible to hide this in the css or javascript section within the settings of this plugin? Hope to hear from you soon.



Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Now it is pretty clear what you meant (actually, it was already clear before… it was just me not understanding it correctly! ;) ).

You can add the following script to the Custom Javascript box, in the HTML&CSS tab of WavePlayer settings.


What it does is removing the ‘title’ attribute and the ’.wvpl-value’ child from the ’.wvpl-stat’ element, only for downloads, every time a new track gets loaded.

This way the information is never present, not even if the visitor uses the development tools of the browsers.

I hope this can work for you.


markfielt Purchased

Hi Luigi,

Great!! This solution works for me. Thanks for your quick help!

Regards, Mark.

I am glad I was able to help! :)

All the best.