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Hey my friend, on vacation? :)

Not really… ;)

ok can you please check email when you have a chance? I will send another current update to refresh, been having issues with the plugin working for some time now.

Please check your email.

Hi, quick question. I am having issues with Chrome. The player seems to work fine if there is only 1 or 2 files on a page, but when I have more, the players won’t play? You can see here: http://www.riffstermedia.com/audio-loops-beats/ Everything works fine with Edge, IE and Safari, but Chrome won’t work? I opened the JS console, but did not see any errors.

Hi riffster,

I checked the page and only see a different player.

In any case, I think you could use a more efficient approach of creating one player for each category (“The endless color of beats”, Warm Pads & Delicious Grooves”, etc), adding all the track in one single playlist.

Is there any way I could check a page where you use WavePlayer, so that I can see what is malfunctioning?

Looking forward to assisting you.

Does your plugin work with Gravity Forms? I’d like to use the metadata that is collected from the upload (the length of the audio) and pass that onto Gravity Forms. Thanks.

Hi wpguide,

Thanks for showing your interest in WavePlayer. Would you please explain how exactly you are planning on using WavePlayer in your Gravity Form? I am not quite sure I understood what you are trying to achieve.

Looking forward to assisting you.

A visitor would upload mp3 or wav files in the first part of the form. After submitting the form, Waveplayer would show them the waveforms and would then have the ‘length’ of the submitted audio files. I just need to know if this ‘length’ metadata that Waveplayer collects can be accessed by Gravity Forms. I need to charge people by the minute for mastering their audio, but this is a calculation I’d use Gravity Forms to perform. Thanks.

WavePlayer accesses all the information regarding the audio files through WordPress core functions. That information is saved as metadata and attached to each audio file. Particularly, in your case, you have two metadata to look for: “length” and “length_formatted”. The first one gives you the length of the track in seconds. The second one gives you the length of a track formatted as a time field, which means “h:mm:ss”.

Regardless of what you are planning to use for your purposes, all this information is not collected by WavePlayer, but by WordPress itself. Thus, you should be able to access the metadata by Gravity Forms, regardless of WavePlayer itself.

Of course, WavePlayer would be needed to render the waveform of the uploaded audio track.

I hope this clarifies.

Hi there, are you on vacation Because i’m still having the same issue with the download button on the waveplayer. Please come and help me.

Unfortunately, no vacations here! ;)

Sorry for missing your email. Please check my reply. The problem is fixed and the fix will be present in any future update.

Best, Luigi.

Great. Sir can you please add the features i asked? please i don’t mind to pay for them if i can have them add now please. I really need them ASAP.

Features i need.

1) The sticky bar audio player as SoundCloud. 2) Option: to Enable / disable the download button to only logged in users. 3) Option: to Enable / Disable the download button on a single audio incase if the audio is not available for free download.

This is the features i need and i can pay for them if i could have them ASAP!. Because i really need them. ASAP!

Hi, how does the integration with woocommerce work EG if I have an album as a product, can I show the player on the product page with previews or each track

Hi rockondigital,

Sorry for the late reply. When uploading MP3 files, WordPress imports the ID3 tags, including the name of the album. WavePlayer can use that information to automatically add simple products for all your albums, also attaching to them the corresponding MP3 files as Preview Files.

Therefore, WavePlayer helps you create the products for all your albums with a batch process that you can find in the “WooCommerce Integration” tab of the WavePlayer Settings. Once the simple products are created as draft products, you can edit them, adding your Downloadable Files.

I hope this clarifies.

Hi! The woocommerce integration is doesn’t work! In the waveplayer settings i can’T find any of my audiofiles from my library?!? Why?? Best, Sascha

Hi, SN_Photography,

Please write to support@waveplayer.info, including the credentials of an administrative user of your WordPress installation.

I look forward to assisting you,

Hi, I sent you an email a while ago and didn’t get an answer. can you look into it please. Thanks

Hi Santana,

Sorry for missing your email. I have just checked your website and clicking on the “Add to Cart” button on the playlist does update the cart dynamically. I have just tried both the links you sent me and both pages work as expected.

Since the cart update happens via AJAX, it takes a little time to update (1 or two seconds), but it does update without reloading the page.

Can you please double check again? Because everything seems to work as expected on my end.

Looking forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Bonjourno Luigi,

1. I’m having an issue where if i set playlist in woocommerce shop or product page the next product plays instead. I have had some customisations done in the woo commerce product list page, so I’m not sure if it’s a waveplayer glitch or something else .

2. I tried the latest waveplayer 2.11 but the size of my player changed from extra small to big and so I rolled back.


how do i make a copy of play button to play the button in the top and the playlist starts in the bottom


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Hi Luigi! WavePayer don’t work on several android browsers anymore e.g. dolphin or WebExplorer. On android-firefox it works. Would You please have a look at it? www.summersunband.de Many thanks!

This is a wordpress plugin – Can this work with WooCommerce for purchase of sounds with a download button near the sound file?

Where has the support gone ??? I’m in urgent need of help Please !!

Woocommerce updates are such a pain ! Apologies for my frustration. No problem, thanks for confirming you are working on the issue Luigi ! :)

No problem! :)

WooCommerce is such a complex plugin. It is quite obvious to face some issues from version to version.

I will update you on any fix I prepare for this.

Thanks Luigi, No stress, I’m still a happy customer. :-)

hi do you support rtl?


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Hi! Ashtonising! One quick question: Does it looks like the same when sharing on Facebook? I mean, when sharing is it possible to play the track on Facebook or is only a link that redirects to my site?

i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website – http://www.beatsnoop.com/explore


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HI there,

I just buy this amazing plugin for my website, it’s working well in desktop but it’s not working in the mobile device even in iOs or Android, as you see in below link, could you please help me what should I do?


Hi! First of all…I like your plugin very much…it fits what I searched for. I’m using it in a woocommerce-shop and I have a problem in integrating the player because I’m working with variable products (one product in let’s say 3 or 4 variations). Is it possible to integrate the Preview-File-Function into the variable-product form (one preview for all variants)?


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Hello Congratulations for your great job.

I’m using your player, and I need your help to create a playlist using multiples URLs, instead the Wordpress media Ids!

I use buddypress, but I will not use the wordpress media uploads to handly the user profiles media. .

Also, how to set the audio picture avatar, in the code, or shortcode?

It will help me a lot.

Thank you for your great job. Fernando Motolese


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Hi there,

I have a problem with waveplayer in mobile and tablet devices, so in those kinds of devices, it’s impossible to like the music in the playlist ? How can I fix it? it would be so kind of you to help me ASAP.


Thanks Mehran

Hi Mehran,

I am sorry for the late reply. It usually takes no more than two business days to reply to your comments, but 32 days ago my first daughter was born and my daily schedule got messed up a little! :D

In order to be able to like any track on WavePlayer, visitors must be logged in to your website. It is not possible for visitors who are not currently subscribers of your website to like any of the tracks included in a WavePlayer instance. It works pretty much like Facebook or SoundCloud or any other social network, where you are not able to like posts unless you are logged in.

I hope this clarifies.

Hello Luigi,

Beautiful plugin. Well done.

It seems that there are many users including myself who are confused about what the woocommerce integration is all about. Could you please provide an update describing what the integration actually does? One of the most important reasons I had for purchasing your plugin was to use it with woocommerce. However, I cannot figure out how to even get the cart icon to show up in the player, although the code for it appears to be inserted. Can you please explain in simple terms what is supposed to happen when a visitor to my site clicks the cart button? Does clicking a cart button take the visitor to the product page for an individual track? (I hope that is what is supposed to happen because that is what I need) Or does it actually add the song to the cart immediately? Please give us more information. Thank you!

Hello Luigi, again!

Please ignore my post above… I figured out how to get the carts to show up on my tracks. I simply had not selected them yet in the Product Batch Creation section of Waveplayer’s WooCommerce Integration tab! Never mind!

Thank you for your patience with us newbies… :)