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Thank you for this really beautiful player! I just purchased and installed it. Is it possible for my customers to listen to the files offline?

Best regards, Sabrina

Hi, Sabrina,

Thanks for your nice appreciations of the plugin. It is always good hearing from happy users! :)

You asked an interesting question and I would like you to expand the concept a little further, allowing me to fully understand what you exactly have in mind.

WavePlayer is currently capable of exposing a download button, but that is limited to downloading a local copy of the audio file itself, not the full player or the offline page.

Still, I am curious to better understand what you had in mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, Luigi.

Hello, pre sale question. Do it work when mp3 file on diffence domain with player? Can it work well on https protocol? Thanks

Hi there.

WavePlayer does not come with URL encryption, which is beyond the purpose of this plugin. Furthermore, if you use an explicit URL, that would be exposed with any other player that I am aware of.

Have you tried to see if there is a specific plugin encrypting URLs throughout your website?

Yes. I used one other plugin that have encrypt function. You should more research at https://phatphapvandap.com/cau-an-cau-sieu-va-cung-chay-tuan-that-co-y-nghia-khong/ right click > Inspect > and view window[“fwduvpPlayer0”].setSource

Yes, I checked the portion of the code. I can confirm that WavePlayer does not have the same feature of the video player you showed me.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer a solution to your request, right now. It might be something I can develop in a future version, though.


Just wondering if you have considered audio watermarking in your roadmap for the plugin?

By this I mean mixing a short sound over the top of the main file every (n) seconds to create an audible watermark? This would be an extremely useful feature for those building an online music/stock store.

I am currently looking for something that will do this server side.

Cheers, Steve.

Hi steveverrall,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid the feature you are requesting cannot be integrated into WavePlayer. In order to be effective, the audio files must be manipulated, mixing the audio watermark every n seconds and saving a new version of the audio file (maybe just for preview) on the server.

While WordPress – and, ultimately, PHP – has tons of functions dealing with image manipulations, the same does not apply to audio and video content manipulation. Dealing with that would imply that your web hosting server allows installing and executing command line applications such as lame, sox or ffmpeg. Since those applications can be very intense on the server CPU, most shared server plans don’t allow them. Without those extensions, it would be impossible to mix two audio files server-side.

For that reason, the simplest way to deal with that is uploading already watermarked audio files, using them as preview files, while keeping the clean ones only for downloading.

Take AudioJungle as an example: authors are requested to apply the watermark themselves before submitting their tracks. I presume there are other music production markets out there applying the watermark automatically, but they are certainly hosted on dedicated servers and it’s their choice to deal with that. Envato could do it as well – as I assume they have dedicated servers. Nevertheless, they leave that to us authors.

I hope this better clarifies the situation.

Thanks that detailed reply. I appreciate you taking the time. I will pursue a client-side solution like AG Watermark Generator. (I’ve added a 5 star rating for the quality of your product and support.) Cheers.

Hi there great music player! my license key is 6317a19e-9850-4760-9d95-a9275443c251

Was wondering if there is a way to make the player work to preview the music on Woocommerce shop archive pages? So I’d like to recreate something like that is on this page: https://www.herrin.com.au/albums/

i.e. when they hover over each album on the shop page this music player comes up and just works.

thank you.

Hi herringla,

Please write to support@waveplayer.info and we’ll guide you through.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

Thank you, have replied to your message via email now. :-)

I absolutely wanna buy this plugin… but there’s some alterations I’d be willing to pay for. Not sure of the difficulty level so can you let me know if you’re open to customizing it… you can even offer the customization as another version of the current plugin.

Hi profango,

Our customers here can witness that we are always open to help them customize the plugin to their needs, even at no additional costs, if the customization is just a visual adjustment to their website.

For heavier personalizations, we can surely reach an agreement in terms of compensation.

Please feel free to write to support@waveplayer.info and share with us your ideas, so we can estimate the amount of work needed and the possible cost.

Looking forward to assisting you.

HI a pre-sale question, i have a streaming audio site and i am looking for a plugin that can work on iphone and android, it is the case for yours

This is not possible, particularly for the specificity of the request.

Furthermore, please consider that WavePlayer is mainly intended for locally hosted audio files (audio files you upload to your WordPress Media Library). Playback of remotely hosted files, albeit possible, is limited to one file per instance. This means that, for remote audio files, the playlist feature is not available.

the question is i i upload the songs (exemple 120) can the player shows 10 and updat as the song is played

Not without a specific customization of the code. The current version does not have that capability. And while limiting the number of songs in the current playlist is a matter of just few code adjustments, updating the playlist as the songs play is a much more complex customization, partially conflicting with the way the plugin currently works.

I use MixItUp (mixitup.kunkalabs.com) to filter posts with a waveform. The waveforms that loads by default are showing right, the waveforms that shows up after selecting a filter show up weird. The bars are very wide and it looks like it’s low resolution. I have some screenshots available.

I have some feedback; it would be nice to upload an image in WordPress to replace the default thumbnail. Or even remove it. Possible? Interesting?

You can already do that. Please look at the “Player Options” tab in the WavePlayer Settings.

Furthermore, you can associate a featured image to each audio track in the Media Library, so that each song appears with its own thumbnail.

If you want to speed up that process, you can even embed a cover art image in the MP3 files BEFORE uploading them to the Media Library. Then, when you upload them, WordPress will extract the cover art from the ID3 tags, include it in the Media Library as an additional image and attach it to the audio file as a featured image. All this, automatically.

I hope this helps.

I didn’t know (didn’t try…) to click on the default thumbnail so I had no idea I could select my own from the Media Library. Thank you!


bobserra Purchased

just purchased, is amazing. But i have a big problem: in the related products and in the store every product show all the images they have one over the other. I mean, before every product had different images i can scroll with the default slide, but now there is no slide, i see all the product pictures one over the other

Hi, bobserra,

I have encountered the issue you describe only once, with the ShopKeeper theme. Analyzing that theme for another customer, I realized the theme does not use the WooCommerce action and filter hooks properly, outputting custom code without a full compliance to the WooCommerce development directions.

If that is the case for you too, I will be more than glad to assist you. Please write to support@waveplayer.info, including the credentials of an administrative user of your WordPress installation.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best, Luigi.

There’s a notice in wordpress wp-admin.php. Yeah i put the value WP_DEBUG to true (in wp-config.php) and as a plugin developer you should do the same :)

So, for people who think it’s annoying to have a big wordpress notice inside each admin page : - Go to /waveplayer/includes/waveplayer-woocommerce.php - At line 5 just comment the line -> error_log(‘outside: ’.WOOCOMMERCE_ACTIVE); It becomes // error_log(‘outside: ’.WOOCOMMERCE_ACTIVE); That’s it ! Cheers

Hi, Emsiledock,

Actually, not only do I have the WP_DEBUG set to true, but also the SCRIPT_DEBUG. ;)

Regarding the notice you mentioned, I have mistakenly released a version of the waveplayer-woocomerce.php file with those error_log functions, instead of removing them altogether.

Instead of commenting them, you can safely remove them. I will do the same in the next release.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for the reminder.

Best, Luigi.


stevebc Purchased

A recent update has caused problems with my WooCommerce Shop page. Each WooCommerce product image (featured product) now displays a duplicate image immediately beneath it. See it here…


The only way that I have found to remove the duplicate is to deactivate the Wave Player plugin. I am using the latest version of WooCommerce, Avada (theme) and Wave Player. This issue has appeared recently.


Hi, stevebc,

I am sorry for the inconvenience regarding your WooCommerce integration. I have already received another complaint regarding WavePlayer malfunctioning in the Avada Theme.

Please write to support@waveplayer.info and I will guide you through.

I look forward to assisting you.

Best regards, Luigi.

Is it possible to create a url that will start the player at a particular point in the track? For example if I wanted someone to go to the 2nd verse @ 1:33 I’d like to create a link/url the that jumps the track to and or starts playing at that time.

Hi, chrismaproductions,

I apologize for the late reply. This is not currently possible with WavePlayer, but it is a good idea to incorporate into a future version.

Best, Luigi.

Hi :) Great plugin thanks. Just one thing I can’t work out. How do I get the plugin to pause at the end of each track on a playlist. I only have a single playlist. Thank you Tim x

Hi, Tim,

Sorry for my late reply. When you have several tracks in the same playlist and you start playback any of them, WavePlayer is supposed to go through the rest of the playlist automatically.

This is the default behavior, but let me see if I can come up with any solution for you.

Best, Luigi.

Hi Luigi, I sent you support request through your website, but have not heard from you, so I am not sure if you received it or not.

I am having an issue with the Waveplayer. It is not rendering the waveform. I checked the Peak folder and it has no files in it. When trying to empty current peak and info files through the plugin maintenance option, it says that there is nothing to delete. It seems that the waveform is not being generated at all. I leave enough time for it to generate, so I am not sure what is going on.

Can you please give me some pointers as to what could be causing this. I would really like to get the player going soon.

Thank you! Goran

Not a problem, Luigi. Thank you so much for looking into it! Let me know if you need any further into from me.

Hi, Goran,

Please update to version 2.1.4 that permanently fixes your issue.

Best, Luigi.

Thanks for such a speedy fix, Luigi! It works like a charm now :) What a great plugin! I have another quick question: where do I remove/alter the gradient overlay of the player controls? Somewhere in the CSS? Thank you!

Hello! This player and the functions look really good!

Curious.. is it possible to hide the audio wave reflections?

Further more, since it is possible to link with woocommerce (which is awesome).. How can we show the products on our pages? I was trying to see how samples look but it seems to be down on your website. Can you possibly link me to some example I can see with the woocommerce integration please? Much appreciated!

Hi, NoahGuy,

Sorry for getting back to you so late!

It was pretty easy to add the feature you requested. You will see it in the next update 2.1.5 (current one is 2.1.4). I should be able to release it in the next few days.

Best, Luigi.

Hi can the user using the playlist on the front end of the site add their audio files to a favorites or playlist to allow them to reference the files later and play all at once? Any idea if not of a plugin that does this?

Hi, siqve006,

Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, WavePlayer does not have the feature you are looking for and I am not aware of other plugins featuring that function.

It is a good suggestion for future improvements, though, so I might consider adding it in a future update of the plugin.

Best, Luigi.


adamliria Purchased

Hello! I like your plugin. Its nice functionality and design….but Unfortunately, the activation of the player causes problems in the work of the store. There is a conflict when displaying product images, making dublicates in this container class=”product-wrapper”. I allready have container with same image scr parametrs, but inside next div class=”catalog-product-gallery-container” placed by Fevr theme -> http://unaviva.com/temp/wave-player-code.jpg

In result my shop looks like this. Before plugin activation -> http://unaviva.com/temp/wave-player-before-activation.jpg After plugin activation -> http://unaviva.com/temp/wave-player-after-activation.jpg

I will be glad to any advice that will help to solve this problem in the shortest possible time (it can be possible to fix somehow the value in the code). Because at the moment the player can not be used, for obvious reasons.

Thank You


adamliria Purchased

Send it. Subject -> AdamLiria – Codecanyon – WavePlayer Issue


adamliria Purchased

Problem solved. Thank You for quick professional support and great plugin! 5 stars!

It was my pleasure assisting you, Adam.

Solving a customer’s issue is always a great way to improve the features of my plugin. ;)

All the best, Luigi.

Hello, I am interested in buying your plugin, I have a question: I want to use it to create a playlist. and I would need you to read the audios from a directory on my FTP. It’s possible? Thank you

Hi, duck1970,

Thank you for showing your interest in WavePlayer.

This plugin helps you manage all the audio tracks you upload to your WordPress Media Library. Therefore, the best way to take advantage of all its features is to upload your audio tracks to the Media Library.

WavePlayer is also capable of streaming audio from remote servers, but, currently, this is not available in connection with playlists.

So, if you want to have playlists of audio tracks, the only option would be to upload your tracks to the Media Library.

I am sure there are plugins allowing you to import them from your server, but this is beyond the scope of WavePlayer.

I hope this clarifies your question.

Best, Luigi.