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That´s a nice idea. And a question: does it work with content builders like Divi, Muffinbuilder etc.?

Regards & good luck with sales


Watool solution influences only the visual aspect of the content accessed by the website users. Therefore, you keep the freedom to use any plugin to construct your web pages or any theme, as long as it conforms to web standards.

Thanks from the WATOOL team =)

good work. very nice :)

Briliant idea. Finally we have the accessibility plug-in

On the demo, when i use any feature of the toolbar, it removes all the css of the website..
Is this how it works, or its just a bug on the demo?

Hello, It’s intended, we remove the CSS to be sure our modifications apply without any problems. Regards, the WATOOL team

This same question: On the demo, when i use any feature of the toolbar, it removes all the css of the website.. Is this how it works, or its just a bug on the demo?

Hello, so same answer :) It’s intended, we remove all CSS to be sure our modifications apply correctly. Regards, the WATOOL team

wordpress when?

very cool work ! all the best for your sales

Is this plugin compatible with WPML? I need this plugin on a multilingual site.

Hello, The control pannel is currently in english thus it will not self adapt to other languages. The functionalities of the plug-in will not be altered by the local language, but the user experience will be affected.

Not working with Https . i sent a refund request. Thank you.

No reply from the seller!!!! No refund????

Still no answer from the seller and I ask for a refund but nothing!!! Beware.

The update allowing the work on https environment has been uploaded. Waiting for CodeCanyon to make it available on-line. The refund has been approved.

Looking to purchase this plugin. Does it work on https and does it work with any theme?

Hello, We have uploaded an update that allows the plug-in to work on https environments. We are looking forward for Envato to approve the item and to make it available on-line. Thank you, Watool Team

The update for https has still not been released? Any idea on when it’ll get approved?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are still working with the Technical Support to make it available. They apparently do not understand what is going on, while we do not have “hands-on” the entire process.

I’ve got a site that is HTTPS required as well, so I’d love to know the timing on the update.

Hello, Please do not go for the actual version. We are in dialogue with the Tech Support to make available the last update we have uploaded since April.

I have installed your plugin but I have a problem whith all icone. They are enormous when i use font button. the site is on dev. thanks

Bonjour Florian, Please access the link http://demo.webaccessibilitytoolbar.com/ and check how the plug-in would work on your website. If you get a different result please come back to me with a screen preview. Bien cordialement

Hi, the result is different. The icon are on all page and no disappear. Bien cordialement ;-D

Hello Florian,

Can you please let me know the URL of the pre-production version of the site, so we can check ourselves. Recent WordPress updates couls have caused this and we need to understand the extent of the situation. Our team will fully come back from holiday next week so we can tackle the solution, but in the meantime we would like to understand what we can do for you.

Please reply directly to our support service at contact@webaccessibilitytoolbar.com

Best regards, Watool Team

Hello, have you issued the https version of the tool ?

Hi, Thanks for your message. We have recently (the 30 of August) uploaded an update to our plug-in that incorporates bug-fixes following the latest updates of WordPress.

As we have pressed Envato to approve and make on-line the udate, this is the message we have received:

Ralph M (Envato Market Help) Sep 7, 00:45 AEST


Thanks for contacting Envato Market. I’m Ralph from the Customer Success Team. I’ll be glad to help.

It looks like your item’s update has been automatically accepted by our system. If you head over the link you’ve provided, the item can be seen publicly by potential buyers. :)

Thank you so much for your time, enjoy your day!


Customer Success Tuesday – Saturday (UTC + 8)


It deactivates all CSS, its totally unusable. I request a refund, this doenst make sense at all. If I’d have a pure html page with proper code I wouldnt need this plugin in the first place…

Watool plug-in provides functionalities for switching to a readable font, it adjusts the font size, it adapts the span between words and letters, it provides the reading rulers, etc. All these are available to you through the demo page you can visit and check at your convenience. With a proper code such versatile changes would not be possible.

Hello, does this new update support https websites? Or is just for websites without SSL certificates (http)?

Hello, This update integrates all the fixes, takes into consideration the last WordPress updates and includes the capacity of working under https environment.

Hello, I use the plugin “SliderRevolution”. When I apply “Watool” the text of the slides is stretched vertically. Do you have a solution ? Thank you for this great plugin!


WDjoe Purchased

Hi, I bought your plugin and it works great out of the box. One question, are you planning on adding a screen reader to your plugin’s capabilities? I think by having that extra feature it would bring it to the next level. Great plugin, I will be purchasing another license soon.

Thank you for your kind appreciation. It is encouraging us to do more.

Not sure if text-to-speech will be integrated into Watool as NVDA (and others like JAWS) is already available and struggling with contextual issues related to each website.

... Still waiting for support. You contacted us back days ago saying you would look into or issue

Hello, We have made several checks to understand your experience. You will find a direct message in your personal inbox.

Kind regards

Hello, it’s a wordpress plugin? Thank you

Hello, The plug-in is WordPress dedicated and compatible. Best regards