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Is this plugin compatible with nginx?


No, it only works with Apache servers.


Any plans for a standalone PHP script?


This plugin now working in wordpress 3.6. How to fix it?

Thank you.


Is this plugins works for animated gifs ?

Thank you

When a user downloads the picture, it comes with a watermark?

Great Idea. My Watermark is an Image. Can I use it ?

http://localhost/watermark/watermark.php die(“ERROR : watermark.ini file does not exit.”);

I am getting this error I am not seeing included watermark.ini where is this file

Does it work with WordPress4?

Doesn’t seem to be working for me. I can still pull up my images on other sites without problem.

I’m using the TwentyFourteen theme on WordPress 4.1.

hi there, I see a image with the word NEW in orange diagonally. Is this available for this plugin ?

Added the plugin, and while I can see the watermark on the sample in the admin dashboard, it’s not working on an image I can see hotlinked from my site on someone else’s site

Anyone got any ideas? I’m not seeing any errors

I was wondering if it’s possible to show watermarked images only if someone downloads any or when the images are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..) I basically do not want to have any watermarks visible on my website till someone downloads any or see them in e.g. google images. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks

WordPress 4.7. Not working.