Watermark Hotlinked Images

Watermark Hotlinked Images


Like many websites, you may be victim of “hotlinking”: external websites using your images without your permission. As your images are hosted on your server, your bandwidth is used and this without any compensation.

The plugin “Hotlinked Watermark Images” allows you to take advantage of this situation: by displaying a custom message on your images when they are displayed on external websites, you can promote your website... This is your compensation!

The watermark is only displayed on your images when they are hotlinked.
On your website, the watermark does not appear. Neither on websites declared as “Exceptions”.

Caution: In order to work, your images must be served from your WordPress installation therefore the plugin might not work properly if you are using a CDN to serve your images.

Warning: Using some reserved words in the watermark text might make the plugin crash. Avoid the following words in your watermark text : “null”, “yes”, “no”, “true”, “false”, “on” and “off”.


  • Customize Text and Font
  • Select Font Size
  • Choose Font and Background Color
  • Define Watermark Opacity
  • Select Watermark Position
  • Manage “Exceptions” to allow websites to display your images without watermark
  • Ready for Localization (built-in English and French)


Free Redistributable Fonts :

Free Icons :

Slider : Scriptaculous

Color Picker : Farbtastic

Sample Image : stock.xchng by OeilDeNuit