Water Sort Puzzle, liquid sorting (complete unity game +AdMob)

Water Sort Puzzle, liquid sorting (complete unity game +AdMob)

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Overview :

This is a complete Unity game Water Sort puzzle (water color sorting game) developed in the unity game engine, Unity 2020.3.27f1, with 4050 different levels to play, with the ability to choose the difficulty level (Easy, Normal, Hard) with an easy way to add more levels using a level editor, with full documentation on that.

Your mission is to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors are in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! let us see what you are capable of. 

what’s about the game :

⭐️ + 4k different levels(4050 levels) to play (Difficulty increases as levels progress).

⭐️  levels by difficulty level(easy, normal, hard) 1350 levels for each difficulty.

⭐️  you could add a bottle after watching ads, to help you solve the puzzle.

⭐️  undo moves button, to undo your moves, each undo costs a value of coins(that value can be changed).

⭐️ The game contains Ads (AdMob or Unity ads).

⭐️ banner ad always shows up. ( game)

⭐️ Reward AD to add extra bottle (ads sound muted to avoid inconvenience to players)

⭐️ interstitial ad after 2 winning times (you can change it).

⭐️ you can skip the level using coins.

⭐️ In-App purchasing (to buy coins, Remove ads, unlock all tubes, unlock all backgrounds).

⭐️ Shop system(the ability to change bottles+backgrounds for specific levels with the ability to customize all shop items to add, remove or change).

⭐️ there are 15 different backgrounds and 8 different tubes (bottles).

⭐️ GDPR panel.

⭐️ you can customize the game (the documentation shows how).

⭐️ The game is ready for release, and it’s excellent for learning purposes.

⭐️ liquid systems are developed using shaders (the shader graph) to get the best performance.

⭐️ animations used on UI pannels to get the best experience;

⭐️ levels are designed to increase the difficulty of each level.

⭐️ The game developed with Unity 2020.3.27f1


How to Play?

- on mobile(IOS, ANDROID)/ PC: by clicking on bottles you select a theme at first then click the second bottle you want to transfer liquid to.

Demo Android APK

Features :

✅  Unity Ads, Admob Ads Integration (Banner and Interstitialvideo, Reward AD).

✅  4050 levels, 1350 for each mode


✅  IAP (buy coins, unlock backgrounds, remove Ads)

✅  Difficulty increases as the levels progress.

✅ A n easy way to add/customize levels (Level Editor).

✅  Cool UI Effects.

✅  Full documentation.

✅  Compatible with mobile and desktop.

Benefits :

* You can easily build for Android & HTML5 easily via Unity.
* Ready To Publish.

Requirements :

The game was developed with Unity 2020.3.27f1.
Unity 2020.3.27f1, or higher. You can download Unity for free.

follow the instructions on how to customize the game on game documentation

How to open the project : 

How to setup unity services : 

How to disable ads sensitive content 

How to build for Android: 

How to disable sensitive content +add an age limit (AdMob) 

How to mute ads sound AdMob? 



---—v 3.4 (10/11/2022)-----

what’s new :

* adding the reward video ad, now the player shoulw watch a reward video ad to add an extra bottle 

* update the mobile ads sdk(admob) to the latest version

* upgrade the unity version to (2020.3.27f1)

* ads sound muted to avoid inconvenience to players

---—v 3.2 (15/09/2022)-----

update IAP (in-app purchasing sdk)

---—v 3.1 (11/08/2022)-----

update unity ads SDK from 3.7.5 to the latest version (4.2.1), and upgrade the ads script for this last version

ps: for those who use admob, there is nothing new in this version, the new ads SDK is only for unity ads

---—v 3.0 (21/07/2022)-----

new update 21/07/2022, v3.0, what’s new:

* there are new 4050 levels (1350 levels for each mode), those levels are completely new(Different from the previous version).

* change levels liquid color.
* add the ability to snap the levels list to the last opened level.

---—v 2.0 (28/06/2022)---

new update (28/06/2022), v2.0, what’s new:

* there are new 3150 levels (1050 levels for each mode), those levels are completely new(Different from the previous version)

* the ability to change the movement speed (the default value is 1.8 you could change it) we describe in the documentation
(4.5 other changes)

* new documentation version describes how to change the movement speed

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