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hello I like this game I tested apk but I find that the review button does not work and the ads do not display

This is just a demo version of game, without Ads or any info as game is not published.

Hello , i’ve bougth the game but acutally i want to ask there’s any way to import it into android studio because i don’t know well in eclipse otherwise could you please send to me which eclipse version you use

You can download Eclipse from here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27418096/where-can-i-download-eclipse-android-bundle just scroll down and choose your OS.
We using Eclipse Juno, but most of it it will be good.
After opening Eclipse make sure that update SDK to 6.0 API 23.

For importing Eclipse code into Android Studio you can see video here:
but game is made for Eclipse and may cause some error in Android Studio.
We would advise you to made all change in Eclipse and export from Eclipse.
Also made all change in Eclipse and try later on to import into Android Studio.

Is this game contains the problem vulnerability libpng (buildbox)?

Please use real device to try game. Do to try game in Simulator ad game using a lot of RAM Memory.

hi I want to test if the review button work I add url of reviev but I click on the review button nothing happens

                     <string>Name Of Game</string>

If your game is not published you can not review it, that’s why Review button is not working for now .
As Review button is leading you straight to your game Play Store Page, your game need to be published for Review button to work properly.

Thank you.

Hi, I think this app is a great opportunity for my Instagram and Facebook network in the Netherlands. I don’t got much experience in setting up apps. If I take the extended license which extra services do I get?

You can check here difference between Licenses https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular

Please contact us from our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Chartboost, or unityads?

We have send it to you.

can i remove the googleplay login when game starts?

Do not add Play Service in source code and Leaderboard.