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nyc02 Purchased

Can it hidden from the system tray?

Add it as exception. Will upload a new obfuscated executable. Sorry for unconvenience.

Write me a private message i will send it to you

What about Virustotal detection ratio?

Not detected as virus/trojan. Using GetAsyncKeyState and Windows API calls. No stub.

will it ask for any activation key to install?

No. Thanks for asking

check screenshot too much trouble please issue refund

Please set a AV exception until i found a good way to obfuscate it. Expect an update in a few days. Thanks and sorry for the unconvenience.

Obiously is a false positive

How to start already hidden?

The year has already changed, and I have not fired any collaborator yet. I need this to solve my problems. Tnkz

working on a solution, write me a private message from my profile page, i will send a download link to you today or tomorrow, just testing some bugfixes now.

I’ve sent you a download link via email. Thanks for being a betatester.

Can I buy the source code from you?

Yes sure, write me a private message using the contact form in my profile page, or use the form here: