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Can it hidden from the system tray?

Add it as exception. Will upload a new obfuscated executable. Sorry for unconvenience.

Write me a private message i will send it to you

What about Virustotal detection ratio?

Not detected as virus/trojan. Using GetAsyncKeyState and Windows API calls. No stub.

will it ask for any activation key to install?

No. Thanks for asking

check screenshot too much trouble please issue refund

Please set a AV exception until i found a good way to obfuscate it. Expect an update in a few days. Thanks and sorry for the unconvenience.

Obiously is a false positive

How to start already hidden?

The year has already changed, and I have not fired any collaborator yet. I need this to solve my problems. Tnkz

working on a solution, write me a private message from my profile page, i will send a download link to you today or tomorrow, just testing some bugfixes now.

I’ve sent you a download link via email. Thanks for being a betatester.

Can I buy the source code from you?

Yes sure, write me a private message using the contact form in my profile page, or use the form here:

I can not run this software due to Virus detection. I don’t use NOD32. I even can not share it because both Google Drive and One Drive detected it as virus.

Please issue a refund!

Did you read the item description before buy?:

WARNING: Some antivirus software as NOD32 may report a false positive, just add it as exception.

VirusTotal scan results:

Add it as exception on your AV software.

You have not to share it, yo’ve purchased just one license.

Hi This key logger item has been purchased and there is appears no documentation to install. Install is not working. Please advise how can we install and use this

Your AV software is blocking it, add it as exception. Some AV software can detect it as false positive, you have a VirusTotal scan link on the item description page, also you have the envato staff quality guarantee that is not a real trojan or virus.

Kaspersky, I added exemption but still no success

Seems your Windows is blocking it. I have sent you an email with possible fix. If nothing works i will give you a refund. Thanks for the feedback.

Just so you all know – it’s a keylogger. It’s going to be seen as a “virus” – it is not a virus. Hacking 101.

Yes, this keylogger uses some API calls like GetKeyboardState and GetKeyboardAsyncState, a footprint for any antivirus.

So it’s being seen as a “virus” because of the protocols it’s asking for. No one needs to freak out over the virus scan. =)

hello there, is it still in use? you havent updated in ages can i monitor my employees with it? id like to run this in stealth mode so it will not show in the taskbar

can i see its demo ? the site you mentioned above is not working anymore

Sure, no need to update since is using Windows API

sorry wesite is temporarily down to rebuild it

im interested to buy full source code.. but i need to know which language you have used to develop it. Is it in C# or Visual Basic? please let me know thanks

visual basic .net framework 4 in Visual studio 2017

Hi, I am planning to purchase this for my company, we have around 15 employee and i want to monitor them

let me know this software will work with window 9,10 and 11, also on mac? what the virus thing i can see in comment plz suggest me this will work perfect or not?

Working on all Windows versions, no mac support, sorry.

Hello, the text I want to record I think they’re writing it in the Tor browser, it’s possible to record it too?. Thank you in advance.

Hola Guillermo, como veo que tiene publicidad de adsense puede darte problemas porque el contenido es dinámico y cambia cada vez que se carga la página, si quieres compra y prueba el programa, si no te convence o no te sirve te hago un reembolso sin problemas. Saludos!