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Great idea, useful software.
Monitor employees is forbidden in my country, but this software can be useful for many other uses.

Good luck with sales !


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

this comes with the VB source?

Yes, it comes with the source code, but remember it is coded in Java. Anyway, simple and readable code.

Thanks for asking!

Im interested in this can you post more info + demo videos

Now more info added and a demo video as well, thanks for the advice!!

please give a video

Yes, I’m waiting for the aproval but yes, the video has been sent! Thanks for asking!

So this is more like a ‘what’s my girl friend doing online’ app ;)

Good luck with sales!

Hehehe, thanks!

Nice Idea dude! I really like this one!

Thanks dude!

Do the employees know they are being monitored or is it hidden? And anti virus issue? Waiting for the video.

Yes, the video shows the counter that is visible for the employee. I hope video gets accepted as soon as possible!

Do you have an extended license also? How much?

What do you mean with extended license? i don’t know what is that, hehe

Ontop this page, just below “Application Licence” you see “Usage Examples – Details” ... Click “Details”

On left side next page you see a link “Regular & Extended” ... Click it … And scroll down to read about “Extended License”

It’s common authors have both licenses here, where the “Extended License” is more expensive.

Check it out if you can add it … Meanwhile I have already bought the “Regular License” but I still might be interested in buying an “Extended License” if resonable priced. Bet you can add it somewhere in your setup things as others done :-)

I will test it out now … If I should need some modifications, will you be available for custom work?


Really great app. Could you give a short description of how to build the source code? I a C++/python coder with very shadow knowledge of java. Thanks

Hey! Thanks for purchasing! You can build this app with NetBeans (http://netbeans.org/downloads/start.html?platform=windows&lang=en&option=all) Simply download it, open the project and press build.

OK, done. Thanks :)

I wonder which folder is the main project file, im using eclips which folder is the main project files I see there is many jar and other stuff

I don’t know if eclipse will recognize a NetBeans project, anyway, main source folder is ‘src’

I am unable to extract file. it looks like i dont have java software. can you pls advice how to install and execute Note I have followed the same instruction but did not get through.