Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce

Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce

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Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v4.2.5

Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce! The ultimate warranties and returns management system for WooCommerce packed into this great and easy to use plugin! Best value on the market! Assign single or multiple warranties to your products, create forms and warranty presets, ‘Included’ or ‘Paid’ quick warranty types included, set warranty period, add warranty thumbnails, enable product returns and more! Manage all your requests in a single page, change request statuses on the fly with one click, send an email to your customers directly from the request manager pages, add unlimited warranties to a product, easily sell warranties with your products, add warranties to your variable products, enable easy overview of warranty requests for your customers, allow multiple warranty requests and guest warranty requests using just an email and order ID. The Warranties and Returns plugin for WooCommerce comes with all the features you need to easily and professionally handle your warranties and returns for your products.

Demo Customer Account!

To access demo account and check warranties data for ordered items please login with the following credentials. Once logged in you can check any order and see the demo warranties, returns and requests. The My Account page where you can login is HERE


Powerful Warranties and Returns Manager

Easiest manager available. Manage requests in just a few clicks. The Warranties and Returns requests are handled in a separate menu of your Dashboard, with dynamic notifications about new requests. A very intuitive system lets you process request in mere seconds, with all options easily accessible and editable, together with the Request Status switcher. Manually select to mark the warranty or return request as Processing, Completed or Rejected. Send a quick email to the requesting customer directly form the Request Manager, complete with an Email Template manager.

Warranties and Returns Requests

Get requests from your customers. Create custom request forms! Use the automatically created Request Warranty page or set a different one. Create custom warranties and returns request forms using Text, Paragraph, Checkbox, Radio Button, Dropdown or Address fields. Edit any field and add more options to your request form.

Add-on Paid Warranties

Create paid warranties, as well as included. Unlimited possibilities! Add as many paid warranties to your products! Each will be presented in a different way with thumbnails and descriptions available. Set up the Warranty type for each product independently. Add quick warranties or a preset warranty. Pick Included or Paid warranties and set the included period type to Days, Weeks, Months, Years or for a Lifetime. Create warranty descriptions and add warranty thumbnails to each!

Preset Warranties

Create preset warranties for easier management. Use thumbnails and warranty descriptions. Choose between Included or Paid warranties, set the included period type and amount and set the period to Days, Weeks, Months, Years or for a Lifetime. Create as many paid warranty options per preset. Add any warranty preset to any product on the single product edit page. You have complete flexibility! Unlimited presets available. Set descriptions for each preset and assign different thumbnails that will display on the single product page. They fully integrate in your stores style and design!

Warranty Statuses

Easy request statuses. Manage statuses in a single click. Change the request status from New to Processing, Completed or Rejected and send an email to your customer! The page also contain a link where you can manage the order and issue a refund if needed and also use it to change the Warranty status with one click. All of the necessary options to handle your warranties and return requests, quickly and professionally are at your disposal.

Multiple Warranty Requests

Enable multiple warranty requests for your items. Once the previous warranty is complete the next one can be requested! The request will be available during the warranty period you have set and which can be configured in Days, Weeks, Months, Years of for Lifetime. No matter what type of product you are selling, you will be able to give your customers the adequate warranty options. Manage all order request in a familiar, user-friendly UI.

Guest Orders Warranty Requests

Guest orders can also have their warranties requests. Guests will use order ids and their email for verification purposes in order to make a request. Once the guest send the request, manage it from your dashboard and review the whole order and customer information. Change the guest request status in a single click from New to Processed, Completed or Rejected and send them an email, right from the request page! Your customers will love the ease with which you handle their Warranty and return requests!

Request Customer Quick Email

Quickly send emails to request customers. BCC and Email templates are available! Load and save email templates on the fly directly on the Request page! Reply to the warranty or return request by email and get in touch with your customers immediately, informing them of their request status or just let them know you’ve received it. Super fast and professional. Use the BCC address field on the plugin page to keep your boss, colleague, or business partner in the loop about the warranties and returns.

Variable Products Warranties

Variable products are fully supported! Set a different warranty preset for each of your product variations. As many warranty options per product as you want. Seamlessly integrated into the default WooCommerce Variations interface, the plugin lets add a different warranty preset for each product attribute variation, or add a quick warranty, either included or paid. Unlimited possibilities for your variations are available. Each product attribute variation will display a different thumbnail and description, relevant to it’s assigned warranty!

Multi Item Order Warranties

Manage multi item order requests in one single parent request! Process each product within the order warranty request separately. Set the Request Status for each product within the order individually and change the status to Processing, Completed or Rejected. All the options for the full management of your multi product warranty requests are on a single page and a click away! Returns are also available for single or multiple items or products within a single order.

Request Warranty Form Builder

Create your own request forms! Drag and drop editing. Use Text or Paragraph elements, Checkboxes or Radio buttons, Dropdowns as well as Address field elements to build your Warranties and Returns Request forms! Add as many options as your customers need to best let you know what’s wrong with their purchased products using the available form elements. Set the form elements as required and create additional options for each form element. Drag and drop the created form elements to arrange them as you like.

Order Details Warranty Overview

Easy warranty management for your customers. Manage available Warranty and Return requests on the My Account page. Your customers will be able to access all of their available Warranties and Returns directly from their Account page. Once a product and it’s warranty have been selected, the customer is presented with the created Request Form with all of the options created with the plugin’s Request Form Builder. The customers is also given the option to request a return if enabled. Once the request is submitted the customer can also track the requests status of the request, handled by the shop administrator.

Seamlessly Integrated with WooCommerce

You won’t know it is there! Seamlessly integrated in the interface for the best experience! The plugin integrates into the default WooCommerce user interface, like a new tab on the settings page, into the product details section on the product edit page or in the variations tab for Variable Products, as well as introducing a new menu item to your WordPress Dashboard for managing your Warranties and Returns Requests, with dynamic notifications about new requests and a dedicated page for creating and managing your Warranty Presets!

Translation ready! WPML Support!

Plugin is translation ready! WPML is fully supported! Translate the full plugin easily using the WPML translation plugin into as many languages as you want on your website. Add Warranty descriptions and terms as well as Request Forms in any language! Easily sell or include warranties and returns anywhere on the globe! Also available are .MO and .PO files. Fully translated to Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian!

Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce - 3 NEW CHANGELOG

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+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.1.5 - 24. January 2019.
- added support for WooCommerce 3.5.4, WordPress 5.0.3

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.1.3 - 2. November 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.1 support

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.1.2 - 25. October 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.0 support

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.1.0 - 10. August 2018.
- removed automatic updates and registration! to get automatic updates from WordPress Dashboard use the Envato Market ( plugin
- updated admin panel to 1.0.7
- updated and improved plugin documentation
- fixed warning: invalid argument supplied for foreach() in woocommerce-warranties-and-returns.php on line 3971 and 4928

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.0.5 - 24. May 2018.
- updated admin panel to 1.0.6

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.0.4 - 5. May 2018.
- updated admin panel to 1.0.5

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce 4.0.3 - 21. April 2018.
- fixed strings containing escaped html codes, esc_html__ and esc_html_e bugs/issues
- updated admin panel to 1.0.4

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v4.0.2 - 31. March 2018.
- fixed admin issues in general
- fixed admin settings load

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v4.0.1 - 18. March 2018.
- fixed purchase code/registration issues
- fixed wcwar plugin breaking svx settings

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v4.0.0 - 9. February 2018.
- added completely new admin panel! developed to suit the performance and precision standards of all plugins! you will love it <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" /> expect quicker load times in all WP pages!

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.1.3 - 20. December 2017.
- fixed automatic updates

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.1.2 - 21. November 2017.
- removed admin translations

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.1.1 - 17. August 2017.
- fixed issues in warranty presets edit-tags.php page, notices, errors

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.1.0 - 20. June 2017.
- added plugins scripts option to fix quick view issues
- fixed warranty and return my orders submission bugs
- fixed WC 3.0.x-3.0.8 compatibility issues
- fixed quickview warranty
- fixed \n in requests
- fixed set_price price when using presets
- fixed all scripts

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.0.1 - 17. April 2017.
- WooCommerce 3.0.0 support

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v3.0.0 - 13. June 2016.
- added automatic updates! update the plugin directly from WP Dashboard! just register your copy with your purchase code!
- added full translation files for spanish, french, german, dutch and italian language!
- added custom single action installation options
- added single product page heading select option
- add emails disable option
- added quick email variables
- added return description text field
- added guest quantity on warranty and return requests
- improved documentation and added specific theme installations
- fixed all issues with single warranty pages and themes
- fixed css/js fonts loading issues
- fix guest warranty/return problems
- fixed labels and filed selecting
- fixed Notice: Undefined index: post_type in /woocommerce-warranties-and-returns/woocommerce-warranties-and-returns.php on line 2278
- fixed admin javascript translations
- fixed up info boxes
- fixed single warranty/request page wrapper issues

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v2.1.0
- fixed warranties validity periods
- fixed more reported bugs

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v2.0.0
- added full support for WooCommerce 2.4+
- added full support for variable products warranties in WooCommerce 2.4+
- added default warranty support
- added admin warranties screen manager
- added default warranty request status upon submit
- improved my account warranties appearance to fit any theme style
- improved admin UI for products and variable products
- improved guest warranty requests
- improved warranty alert messages
- improved single product page warranties appearance
- fixed translation bugs
- fixed a few coding bugs

+ Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce v1.0.1
- added wpml-config.xml and fixed the issues of WPML supported post IDs
- fixed price not appearing on cart page if no warranty is set
- fixed posts missing template
- fixed comments missing template

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