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for testing please use :

email : password : 123123

Lysy, the scripts are not the same, cross check before making any comment. they are totally different.

What is the link to test the system ?

please use this link for demo :

and login as admin with email : password : 123123

You might have taken the Reseller hosting where you have hosted your app. Your website redirected to the below URL.

Check and update the correct one.

thanks for your message and that problem solved you can make new test at this link

This software has nothing to do with a Warehouse Management.

Hi, Can I disable invoice part? I have another software where we use invoice system. We just need inventory management System (except invoice).


Hi, I can’t find setting on your script! Can I change company logo and name (product manager >>> Inventory System)?

Also want to know if we can change look & feel (color) so that we can match with our company branding color/interface.



I would like to get in touch with you.


email sent.

hello , after install i can login , what is the defaults logins to system ?

Hi. I just came across this script, which looks really nice. The company I work for is looking for something similar. The thing is your script doesn`t have a few of the features we would like. The first one would be the possibility of custom fields based on categories. For example we have a lot of hard drives on stock and would like to have fields like interface, capacity, buffer size, rpm etc, but only for the hard drives category. It would be ok even creating these fields manually in the database as the categories won`t be changed once they are created. The second feature would be multiple locations – our stock is split between our locations and we would like to be able to know what item we have, in what location and in what quantity. The third function would be the possibility to import items, either from csv or excel. I am a web developer and would be ok with modifying the script, as long as these options are a possibility. And also would probably need some support where I will encounter problems.

Thank you.

which was the framework that you used?

new user creation doesnt work

which was the framework that you used?

Hello, is it opensource, can it be modified? Thanks

Notice: Undefined variable: error in C:\wamp\www\warehouse-management-system\login.php on line 69

This message is showing on sign in page and there are some error message. After login as admin at invoices tab – invoice list error message “Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$statue in C:\wamp\www\warehouse-management-system\invoices\index.php on line 47”

Please help to solve this problem

This system has too many errors in it. Please dont buy this. You will regret your entire life for wasting money on this system. Scammer!