WallpaperX | iOS Universal Wallpapers App Template (Obj-C)

WallpaperX | iOS Universal Wallpapers App Template (Obj-C)

WallpaperX | iOS App Template for Wallpapers (Obj-C)

Sep 23rd 2016
• Updated to Xcode 8
May 24th 2016
• Removed iAd since it'll be discontinued on June 2016 
Sep 24th 2015
• Updated to XCode 7.x, iOS 9.x

Create your own wallpapers app with WallpaperX, it’s super easy!
This is a Universal full app template, work on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad devices and it automatically selects the right wallpapers depending on the device your on.
Wallpaper images are stored within the XCode project, they don’t get loaded remotely.

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  • XCode 8.x – Obj-C – iOS 8/9/10+
  • Universal – 64bit – Storyboard
  • AdMob banners
  • Super easy to customize (detailed User Guide included)
  • Well commented code
  • Customized MWPhotoBrowser framework

Have fun with WallpaperX, and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page!

We’ve recently found out that some developers have bought our app templates, reskinned them just a bit and put them on sale on other source code markets similar to CodeCanyon, saying that they developed and own such source codes.
That is a serious copyright infringement, developers who buy our templates are allowed to reskin and sell them as apps on the App Store (accordingly to the License type they’ve purchased a template for), but are not allowed to put our original source codes for sale on source code markets, including CodeCanyon. We will report developers who made copyright infringements to the competent authorities. Thanks.