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  • Wallpaper 4k is a Wallpaper system Application which run under Android platform that used for your wallpapers application with PHP Admin Panel system can manage unlimited wallpapers and categories. This application is build with Android Studio and we used Material Design components with clean and quality code for best performance with beautiful UI Design and already integrated with admob and facebook ads.

Admin Panel Credentials :

  • Username : admin
  • Password : admin

Android App Features

  • Show wallpaper based on wallpaper category
  • The app support Thumb folder (that means app load 10 times faster)
  • Google Admob Integrated (App Open,Banner,Interstitial,Native Advanced)
  • Facebook Ads Integrated(Banner,Interstitial,Native Advanced)
  • Startapp ads (native,interstitiel,banner)
  • Unity ads (interstitiel video,banner)
  • Live Wallpaper video and Gif
  • php admin panel support bulk upload
  • Dark and Light mode
  • Send notification through admin panel
  • Set As Wallpaer, Save or Share Wallpaper
  • Add to Favorite Mode
  • OneSignal Notifications
  • Latest UI With Material Design
  • more option in admin panel
  • User can download wallpaper
  • total views of each wallpaper
  • total downloads of each wallpaper
  • Check Network Availability
  • On/Off Push Notification Option
  • Clear cache option to clear cache
  • Option to set wallpaper to Home Screen or Lock Screen or Both
  • Pinch Zoom and Double Tap Zoom on Wallpapers
  • Manage Ad details from admin panel
  • All Device Combability
  • You can also change frequency on interstitial ad to show after number of click
  • Android Studio Code (Recommended Android Studio Version – 4.0.1)
  • Easy to add new image or category
  • Easy to reskin
  • No Require Programming Knowledge

What You Get :

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Admin Panel Code
  • Explainer Video (Step-By-Step Guide)
  • PHP 7.4 recomended
Change Log : 
 ===== VERSION 6.2 (02-10-2021) ===== 
The update is for the admin panel only
- License removal and verification through purchase code only
- Accelerate the response of the admin panel
- Minor bug fixes
 ===== VERSION 6.1 (03-09-2021) ===== 
- Update library Admob to Last version
- Update library Fcaebook Ads bidding to Last version
- Optimise php admin panel
- Fix minor bugs.
 ===== VERSION 6 (23-08-2021) ===== 
- Remove Facebook Ads from  admin panel
- Add Facebook Audience Network Open Bidding (AdMob & AppLovin)
- Add New Ad Network (AppLovin)
- Wallpaper loading strategy has been changed and made faster
- Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral
- Update Gradle 7.0
- Update latest gradle & library tools
- Fix minor bugs.
 ===== VERSION 5 (01-08-2021) ===== 
- UI/UX Design Improvement
- Change and improve the wallpaper download process to avoid errors
- Added progress bar when downloading video-type wallpaper
- Dialog added when there is no internet or an  error in the network
- Added a brandnew option that show users how wallpaper will look like on the screen device 
- Optimise wallpaper size on full screen
- Added interstitial ads when downloading wallpaper 
- enable or disable Native Ads for All Activities by one option
- Fix the limited  number of  uploaded wallpaper on php admin panel
 ===== VERSION 4.4 (01-07-2021) ===== 
- update for some devices that have Android 11 + .
- feature add ; set wallpaper from another app in the option menu. 
- feature Add that makes the wallpaper full screen in activity settings. 
- Stable wallpaper when banner ads are shown on wallpaper detail.
 ===== VERSION 4.3 (12-06-2021) ===== 
- ADD Thumb folder for category.
- Speed ​​up the application to download wallpapers.
- Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 4.2 (07-06-2021) ===== 
- The admob open Ads appears immediately after opening the app for the first time
- UI/UX Design Improvement
 ===== VERSION 4.1 (01-06-2021) ===== 
 - Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 4.1 (22-05-2021) ===== 
 - Update all libraries to the latest version
 - Adding text formatting to privacy policy on admin panel
 - Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 4.0 (09-05-2021) ===== 
- Add video live wallpaper.
- Adding of Startapp ads (native,interstitiel,banner).
- Adding of Unity ads (interstitiel video,banner).
- update Admob play service Ads to 20.1.0
- Fix minor bugs.
 ===== VERSION 3.3 (27-04-2021) ===== 
- Thumbs folder add so admin panel creates separate low resolution thumbnails automatically when you upload images,that means app load 10 times faster
 ===== VERSION 3.2 (23-04-2021) ===== 
1. adding of admob native ads
2. adding of facebook native ads
3. Add App Open Ads (admob only)
4. auto-size admob banner ads depending on the device
5. UI/UX Design Improvement
6. Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 3.1 (17-04-2021) ===== 
1.php admin panel support bulk upload (multipe uplod image)
2.Dark and Light mode add
3.UI/UX Design Improvement
4.Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 3.0 (09-04-2021) ===== 
1.Adding Trending Wallpaper
2.Adding Random Wallpaper
3.UI/UX Design Improvement
4.Remove Floating Button and replacing it with fragment
5.Save all control settings
6.Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 2.0 (22-03-2021) ===== 
1.Live Wallpaper support (GIF format)
2.Option bar adjustment
3.UI/UX Design Improvement
4.Fix minor bugs
 ===== VERSION 1.0 (04-03-2021) ===== 
first release

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