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Hi! Scopes, Is there any option to restrict admin to provide negative(i.e. -200) kind of value in the wallet? And Can we have a wallet history statement?

I purchased the Prepurchase woocommerce plugin and had some trouble. I have attempted to ask you about this on there but now you have closed that plugin down completely. How do I go about getting a refund for this now as you no longer support it

Prepurchase has not been shit down completely. We are making huge updates on the plugin to fix existing issues and make improvement. If you need help with the plugin pending when the updated version will be available, you can email me from my profile page.


can you create a product to add to wallet on front end.?


jjskar Purchased

How can I change the style of the button on the deposit widget? Right now it is a horrible gray square with a bevel that completely contrasts my site’s style. I looked for the CSS, but I couldn’t find it.

Hi, Is it possible to apply a discount based on amounts deposited ?

Could I have a live preview of this plugin ?

Thank you very much.

Hi can I have a reply please ???

You can preview the plugin from the preview link on the plugin page. Discounts can not be applied based on amount deposited.


sorry I told about live preview of backoffice, not front office.

And is it possible, instead of discount, to add automatically some money to deposit according on amounts deposited ?

For example :

User adds 100€, he wins 10€ more User adds 200€, he wins 25€ more


Thank you.


vsjayan Purchased


Thank you for your Great Plugin.

I would like to force every user to add the amount in wallet first before checkout (if no sufficient amount in total). Then he/she need to Pay using the amount in the wallet just like you see in Theme Forest.

Hi, you’ll need to hire a PHP developer to get that done for you. Thanks

Can the Wallet be used for automatic payments on woocommerce subscription products?

Not out of the box. Needs to be customized. Thanks


Prepurchase question – is there a log avaibalbe for the adjustments that admin has done in backend for the user wallets?

BR, Kaspar

No, hopefully in upcoming release.

Is there a possibility to force customer to deposit only 10,20,50,100,500 ? and not the amount they want?

you’ll need to edit the code a bit to achieve that.

please advice, i can edit the code, which file should i edit and what is the code? :)


Yes, users can be funded manually.


Will this plug-in allow customers to do automatic deposit every month?

So what I’m trying to accomplish is, customer sets up a automatic deposit (recurring payment) to his account every month of certain amount and then they can spend that money on purchasing any products in our store…

Will this plugin accomplish the workflow above?


Hi, the plugin does not perform recurring automatic deposit but I believe it can be extended to make the deposits recurring if you have PHP knowledge.


fyurien Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to create a custom currency symbol for Wallet currency that is different from the main currency. So for example main currency is $ and I want the wallet currency to be ć. Specifically I want this to show up under the My Account page where it says “You have $0.00 stored.” So instead it should say “You have ć0.00 stored.” I found the code under woocommerce-wallets.php “

/----/ public function wcw_account() { $user = wp_get_current_user(); $wallet = get_user_meta( $user->ID, ‘wallet’, true ); if(!$wallet): $wallet = 0; endif; echo ‘

’. __(‘Wallet’, ‘wcw’) .’

’; echo ‘

’. sprintf( __(‘You have %s stored.

Buy ĆCoin

’, ‘wcw’), woocommerce_price($wallet)) .’’; } /----/

How can I change the %s to show ć instead of $?

Thank you

remove woocommerce_price($wallet) and use ‘ć’.$wallet

Hi, is there a withdrawal option for users to take their wallet funds back out for real currency? Thanks

No. But you can create a page for that separately.

If user have 300rs in the wallet and the product costs 500rs. In this case is there a possible way to pay 300rs from wallet and remaining from Netbanking/card. Is this plugin supports Indian Currency?Can user able to transfer the balance to other active user? Please reply soon as I have to launch website in this month

It’s not possible to split payment. The plugin supports Indian currency and every other currencies. Thanks

Can user be able to transfer the balance to other active user?

No,not possible. User can fund their wallet or admin can fund users wallet.

I have bought the plugin. I want to know if there is an option to deduct the available wallet amount and pay remaining amount by other available payment options like Credit Card etc.????

Hi, can this wallet combine with another payment method?

No,it can only be used independently. Thanks

Hello, Can you edit the codes to function for my need? I need to setup a site where users can load their wallets but use it to pay on a different site?

Yes, kindly send me an email from my profile page. Thanks

I am developing a app from Woocommerce and I want to integrate the wallet system in my app. So do we have an API endpoint for this wallet

There are no API endpoint for this plugin. However the wallet balance is saved in the user_meta which wordpress has an endpoint for. Thanks


We’re considering your plugin for a project we’re developing. We want end users to be able to purchase credits, paying with any WooCommerce-enabled gateway, and then to be able to use those credits to buy store products and pay for sponsored posts and advertising.

We understand your plugin can handle the credits purchase and the checkout payment. We’d like to know if it’s possible to integrate it when saving a post (i.e. to charge the user the cost of posting it, in credits).

Let me know if I’m not clear, I’ll try to explain it better :)



Hi It’s possible to integrate it when saving it to a post. The wallet balance is saved in the user meta and you can call a function to update it with a certain amount when the post has been saved. Thanks

Thanks a lot! Two more questions:

1- The gateways enabled to deposit credits are the same enabled in WooCommerce, right?

2- Does the plugin provide some kind of transaction detail, where the end user can see a listing with all his/hers deposits and withdrawals? (When I say withdrawal I mean when spending credits in a purchase, which can be made in the shop or manually by calling the function you mentioned)

Hi, Yes the gateways is same as the WooCommerce gateways. No the plugin does not store the transactions.

This looks like the plugin I’ve been looking for. Can admins manually load credit in a user’s wallet?

Hi, Yes admin can fund the user’s wallet. Thanks