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Hi sir Please create dokan plugin add-on plugin dokan wallet plugin Please adding this feature.

1) product is purchased using dokan wallet payment gateway 2) history transactions​ details 3) bank transfer charge and fees charged calculator show

Please tell me your plugin price?????

Please sir reply me

Hi,kindly email me from my profile page. Thanks

Hi, It support WPML with Arabic language on checkout page?

Hi, yes it does – Thanks

Hello, I need use your plugin for integrated in this affiliated script this script Allows to install modules isn admin back office, it is possible integration your plugin for pay the commissions to our affiliates?

Thanks Nelson

Hi, Woocommerce Account Deposit & Payment plugin has never been tested with that plugin so I am not sure of the compatibility. Thanks

Hello, This almost matches our requirements, some pre-sales questions:

1. Can we give bonus to our users, for ex if they recharge by 100, they get 120 or 150. Can we set these bonus rules ourselves? 2. Is there an auto discount when the user selects Wallet Payment gateway? 3. Can we update User’s balance ourselves?

Hi, please reply!

Hi, yes admin can update user’s balance. Thanks

Hi, I am wondering would I be able to disable other payment methods in checkout just leaving the “pay with my wallet”? thanks!

Hi,yes that’s possible. Thanks

is this compatible with dokan multivendor?

Hi,the plugin has not been tested with dokan multivendor. Thanks

I have several payment gateway installed on my site and I need to make sure this plug-in is compatible with installed gateway or not. In other words I want to know if I should do something about payment gateways or it can use whatever gateway woo-commerce use?

Hi,you can use the plugin with all WooCommerce gateways.Thanks


glove79 Purchased

Hello, is possible only force payment of products via wallet credit?

Hi, yes that’s possible. You’ll have to disable the rest payment gateways.


glove79 Purchased

Thanks for reply. If I disable others gateways how can add credit to wallet?


glove79 Purchased

Other question: the plugin is compatible with WP Marketplace ( ?

is it compatible with woocommerce 3.0.8 and Wordpress 4.7.5 ? plz Reply

Yes it is.

How many language versions are available for this plugin? Can make purchasing by credit a mandatory payment method with this plugin?

The plugin is in English language only but you can translate to other languages easily.

Can make purchasing by credit a mandatory payment method with this plugin?

No, not currently possible with the plugin.


I want to use this plugin to add the money to wallet. I want a functionality so that user can add money to wallet using the the iDeal payment. Is this is supported by this plugin? If not, what other payment methods are available?

Can i force user to buy product only using wallet?

Also is there any option to add money to any user account by admin?


I have purchased wallet plugin, i have installed it but unable to see any option to add money to wallet. I have created a page and added a shortcode [wcw_wallet], still its not showing aything.I also mailed you about this on your profile 4 days before but didn’t get any response. Please reply ASAP.

I am awaiting your response. Please look into this ASAP. I also requested on your profile page.

Hi, responded to your support ticket. Thanks


I’ve got an pre-sales question. I want to create a webshop where customers can pay only with points/credits which I add to the customer’s account myself. I know this principle is the way your plugin works. But is it possible to make the currency like credits instead of dollars or euros?

Hope you can help!


Hi, you’ll need to request for additional customization at a fee. Thanks


wallwood Purchased

Hello, Are you provide installation plugin ?


Yes, we do. As a separate service. Thanks

Hi, kindly send us an email from our profile page for cost and duration. Thanks


wallwood Purchased

how much typically untill its work properly ?

Please let me know the issues you are having with the plugin. Thanks

Can this be customized to create credit limits? For instance I offer payment plans on my website When they checkout, I force them to pay an initial payment and the rest is broken into monthly payments.

What I need this plugin to do is: 1. I want to “create” the amount of credits in account myself. 2. I want the wallet option to not be available on the initial payment for purchases. 3. The remaining balance is taken away from the credit amount in wallet. 4. Each time they pay on the subscription, I want it to add it back into the wallet.

Example: I set an initial credit amount of $1000. They want to purchase and item that costs $500. During checkout they are forced to use Paypal for initial payment of $250. The remaining $250 is subtracted away from the $1000 that was in the wallet. So now it is only $750 credit available in wallet. Each month they get an invoice for $50. The $50 payment is added back into the available credit. They can make another purchase as long as the remain balance that they are billed for does not exceed the available wallet credit. Where the $1000 maximum was set.

Kind of like a store account.

$1000 credit limit. $500 Item. $250 down payment via paypal $250 left to pay The $250 is subtracted from the $1000 credit limit set leaving $750 in wallet. They are billed month $50 that deposits back into the wallet. $750 left in wallet. Month 1 has a $50 payment making it $800 in wallet. Month 2 has a $50 payment making it $850 in wallet. Month 3 has a $50 payment making it $900 in wallet and so on.

I want them to be able to complete the process but not being able to use more than whats available in the wallet in the same manner. I already hacked the payments portion by using a subscription portion so that’s not needed. Can the wallet be customized to do the rest?

Hi, I can customize the wallet plugin to work that way for you. Kindly email me from my profile page. Thanks