Discussion on WallCraft Wallpapers and Ringtones Flutter app

Discussion on WallCraft Wallpapers and Ringtones Flutter app

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Hello i have problems i installed your project on flutter 3 and dart 2 and had multiple problems. can you please update your app for flutter 3 and latest packages

had problems. with methode names. i resolved it but gradle and ios versin are out of date can you please try to update your app its a beatiful product but need to be updated

sure I am working on this.

Hello, I am willing to buy the extended license but after testing the apk, I found three things that are missing: 1. User cannot view their uploaded content 2. No comment section for wallpaper 3. No user follow system

Do you have any plans to include these features in the future release?

Hi, I have plan to integrate these 2 features (User can view their uploaded content, and comment section for wallpapers) soon. But the 3rd feature will take some time to implement.

hello, I like this app, it has an administration panel, I see that I recently updated it, the demo apk is the new version?

Hi, Yes it has Firebase admin panel and yes the demo apk is the new version.

pre buy questions ;

1 – which flutter version do you use ? 2 – online documentation available ?

I use flutter version 2.0.6. The documentation is available in the buyer files. You will get documentation with the project which helps you setup project.

sorry sir.there are many apps have online if no online document everything is possible.I checked the reviews and a guy talking about your documentation.I send a message him and want document yo see.if he send it I will check it and get a desicion

The project updated successfully and now available for everyone.

I have update this project and now CodeCanyon team is reviewing the update. Soon in 1 or 2 days, the update will be available for the buyers.

Today’s Date is Sunday June 05, 2022

17 days ago author said ;

“Notice: I will update this project in the next 2 or 3 days with some more features. Stay tuned” :grin:

Last Update 10 December 2021 Published 10 December 2021

I was wondering why an app that doesn’t look bad is being sold but I think I’ve found the answer. It’s always useful to look at the comments.

ok I will check after it will available

The project update is approved and live now. You can purchase the project or if you already purchased, you can download the updated project.

Notice: I will update this project in the next 2 or 3 days with some more features. Stay tuned

sir how to set premium wallpapers and ringtones ?

documentation doesnt show it.

Sir I want to buy this app, but I want to try it please give me download link

Sir this is my whatsapp number please massage me. 7667884210 Email:-

if I buy this resource, where do I find various types of images to be used as wallpaper and live wallpaper?

Hi, You can find images from websites which offer free images. Also, this app allows you to build your own network where people upload wallpapers and ringtones and you can manage all this.

I want to you add admin panel

Hi Mangesh12, I am working on admin panel and will soon provide you the admin panel.

Admin panel work completed to notify me I am buy this Quickly

Sure. As soon as the admin panel will ready, I will notify you.

i want to buy ur project, but can u add more feature for ringtones, example: ringtone search, set as ringtone, set as alarm, set as notification, ringtone category, and premium ringtone?

when I build the apk the error is the same,

G:\PROYEK\flutter\.pub-cache\hosted\\wallpaper_manager-1.0.10\android\src\main\java\com\mulgundkar\wallpaper_manager\ error: cannot find symbol
               String assetLookupKey = FlutterLoader.getInstance().getLookupKeyForAsset(assetPath);
 symbol:   method getInstance()
 location: class FlutterLoader

is there any solution?

I chat on gmail no reply, where can I contact? I really need help. the wallpaper on the home does not appear, the ringtone cannot be uploaded. And is it possible to upload ringtones via the backend?

Hi, kindly WhatsApp me on this number: +923097268582

in ringtone none set as ringtone, notification and alarm

Dear sir My humble request to you plz add iron source ads admob is sent me ads serving limit can you add iron source ads

Hi, I am planning to replace Admob with Mopub and Facebook Audience Network. For ironsource, it is not difficult for me to integrate. But the problem is with mediation. I found no help to integrate mediation of ironsource. But I found documentation of Mopub mediation with Facebook Audience Network. Also Now a days, Mediation is very important. That’s why, I am replacing Admob ads with Mopub and Facebook Audience Network as a medaition partner. In this way, the users who will buy this app will earn more from the ads.

My admob account is ads serving limited and mediation is not working on ads serving time

Well when there is ad limit from Admob the mediation partner ads will continue to show. I think there may be problem with the Admob. That’s why, I am integrating Mopub with Facebook Audience Network because Admob limit ads again and again.

I read that you can not use pexel api in a wallpaper platfrom which applies on wallpaper too. is this legal? will this violate the terms and thus putting the app (especially ios) into the risk of termination? Thanks

Hi, Yes your are right. This is not allowed. But in my app, I am crediting Pexel’s photographers and also Pexel. And I personally use Pexels api in my app which is live on Google Play Store from more than 1 year. I think you will not face any difficulty from iOS Appstore too.

I see Thanks. Would you like to send me the link to your app to install it and test it. I would love to see what you did to credit Pexel’s assets. Thanks (in between this is a great work)

Here is the link:

Sorry for the late. And thanks for appreciating my work.

Hello, Nice job.

I see that all users can add content when it is logged into the app. When a content is published automatically, it is put in Premium (90 CREDITS), but the user has nowhere to modify these loaded contents. In addition, I am obliged to repurchase my own loaded images

Hi, The app works like when any user uploads a wallpaper, it saves in “Premium” wallpapers category. The credits that show in your case 90 will be generated randomly and by the application. But you can change this in Firebase console. As a admin of the app, you have complete access. This is just like a social media application where users contribute in the application data and make the application worth use. If only admin can add content, then the admin can only add a few items and then got tired. This is how this app works.

You’re right but how to set premium wallpaper and Free wallpaper bro

You’re right but how to set premium wallpaper and Free wallpaper bro

For setting wallpaper, You have to click on the wallpaper on Home page and then you will be navigated to scroll page. There you will find the options to Set, Download and Favorite. There click on “Set” to set the wallpaper. Here is the link of test APK:

How to add wallpapers in application, And can you add native ads like user scroll wallpapers to seen native ads

If you want to add wallpaper, simply upload wallpaper from the app. There is option of “Upload Content” option in drawer. Regarding Native ad, sure I will add the native ad soon.


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