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Hi Author. This game maybe import to android studio?

This game is developed using the free Corona SDK.

Hi Games1up, I have just bought the app, and I have two questions:

- Can we make edits on this game using Eclips and Corona SDK? - In order to reskin the game, all we need is to reskin png files only, as they are, right? no need to make edits in .lua files in images folder?

Thank you in advance for your support

Hello, thank you for the purchase.

-You can edit the Lua files with any text editor.

-You are correct you can reskin the game by editing the png files only. Note: use the original artwork as a layout guide.

Hai Author,

Your Both games are awesome.

I have few Questions:

1. I have no knowledge of programming. If I purchase will you help me in reskining the game. I can edit images.

2. In Future can I sell my game?

Thank You, Vedavyas Paruchuri

Sent Message to you via games1up.com . Please Reply.. Thank You

Got it, and have replied.

I sent a message now.. please reply.. Thank You


onrd3mr Purchased

How can buy graphic.

For reskinning service please contact me at games1up.com

? Buy This Game , ? hope you help me :)

If you have any questions contact me. I got your email and have replied to you.

I sended you e-mail about reskinning.

Hello I have replied.

Please send it again, its never arrived.

Please send your inquiry via my contact form. I’m not sure I got your email. http://games1up.com/

Hi, i prchased, and its awesome game..need info about exporting apk file its giving some error

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I want to add banner ad also help me..

please contact us via http://games1up.com/

hi pls reply, i already sent message vai http://games1up.com/

i have twice. check your spam folder

Nice job

Thank you.