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Can i show the best commenters of actually month? Widget without avatars?

Hi. The plugin can display top commentators for last 30 days. Widget displays commentators with avatars.

not good for me ;)

Like this! How would this behave in a responsive design?

Hi. Each commentator box is a float div, so number of columns/lines in a grid depends on width of content area. If it is changed, number of columns/lines is changed too.

can this recognize comments from plugins like disqus, intense debate, or livefyre?


No. It works with WordPress comments.

works with unregistred users or only with registred users?

Hello, you can see the product after the posts of

It’s embed with this shortcode [walloffame period=”days” exclude=”myname”]

Please, help to display only 6 results ¿I’s possible?

Hi. I didn’t catch exactly what the problem is. I visited your website and couldn’t find Wall of Fame there. Please explain.

Wall of fame is after the posts

Hi. It’s clear now. :-) Did you set parameter “Number of honored commentators” on settings page?

Oooops!!!! I’ sorry & Thanks ! King regards from Barcelona

Is it possible to add caching to this tool so it only recalculates the wall every X seconds?

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have plans to add this feature.

This is pre-sale question,

Would the commentary will work with buddypress login users? And or link to users profile on click?

Please advise, thanks,

Ok, if it doesn’t connect to the buddypres login, How can assign or recognize each login member or their post then?

If the members made comments on any post or page within the site. ya, it shown on the demo photo comments [8] he/she made. Does it have any links at all to the comments so other members can read their comments? Perhaps any links at all to where if any, not beside that facebook popup from the demo?

Please advise, thanks

There is no such feature.

This is a good idea plugin to see each members comments and cool layout.

Bummer, this plugin is like buying a car without A/C, Seats, engine and can’t drive it, but only have the tires and the car shell..

It will be a cool plugin if have all that…