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Awesome! Bookmarked. GLWS!! :)

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Super work my friend :) Very useful!!! wish you luck and many-many sales

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First one to buy… Woo-hoo! I’m excited about this plug-in. Can’t wait to see it at work.

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hi, i don’t get what is the walk score … can you explain please ? regards

In simple terms, walk score defines score as per the location of listing on map and amenities near to it, for ex: businesses, parks, theaters, schools, public transit and other common destinations. It is useful especially for real estate and other services, job related classified listings as the viewers can see how close are important amenities to an address of the listing, The Walk Score algorithm awards points based on the distance to the closest amenity in each category. If the closest amenity in a category is within .25 miles (or .4 km), we assign the maximum number of points. The number of points declines as the distance approaches 1 mile (or 1.6 km)—no points are awarded for amenities further than 1 mile. Each category is weighted equally and the points are summed and normalized to yield a score from 0–100. The number of nearby amenities is the leading predictor of whether people walk.

Just a quick question- Do we need to buy the API from Walkscore or is it included. I think this is just the code to implement the walkscore and than we have to buy the API. Confirm

You don’t have to buy API access from Walk score and can use it for FREE. All you need to do is signup a key from their site (http://www.walkscore.com/professional/sign-up/free) as mentioned in the documentation shipped with this plugin. The demo also uses their free account.


in admin options no see Walk Score API Key

send the folder walk-score

There’s a ‘Help’ folder that comes with the plugin package and you can refer to installation instructions. Walk score plugin should be enabled through ‘Walk score’ menu and not admin options.


‘Walk score’ not showing the menu


sorry, I sent the folder to the root and not to plugins. Sorry again

No problem.

All of the scores are 0 in the demo

Not really. The 5000 listings on demo were auto generated so many of them are in remote areas. But the listings in cities have higher walk score. For ex: http://codiator.com/real-estate-made-simple/commercial/other_commercial/id-115--donec-vulputate-mattis-magna-pellentesque-ultricies-augue-porttitor-sit-amet-aenean-imperdiet-dolo

just purchased with real estate made easy. Real estate plugged into Wordpress with no issues. Walk score says their is no valid plugin. Please advise

Thank you for purchasing. Walk score plugin can only be used with one of the scripts mentioned on item’s detail page so please refer to installation instructions inside ‘Help’ folder of the walk score plugin. And if you’ve already embedded the real estate script in your WordPress then you’ll also see the walk score there.


Just buy the Walk Score Plugin, I have everything like full address,latitude,longitude which we can pass to your script. but there are one probleum i want to use this in my core website & u r script is made for wordpress plugin, can u please provide me the core script so i can implement that script on my core website.

Thank you

Did not clear yet. Here is the url where i have setup the map script http://demo.checkdemo.info/real_map1/ username: admin password: master@123

I want to intigrate walk score script there . so now can u please tell me the way so i can link with that.

kindly please tell me the way for intigrate script there or if u can add this on my given link then please add

I’ve already explained it. If you want me to implement it then that will be a custom job and you can pm me.

I cannot install this plugin. Do I need to use a specific theme?

Hello.. am using another real estate site from real estate simple, and am already bought the plugin so is it possible to use the plugin with my site ?

is there any special installment way ? its not accept to be installed from admin panel as other plugin!!

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hi, As mentioned clearly on the item’s detail page: ( http://codecanyon.net/item/walk-score-plugin/8043608 ), this plugin is only meant to be used with the following php scripts: Classified Made Easy, Real Estate Made Simple or Auto Trading Made Easy

Does this work with Realia theme? If so, how does it integrated?

Hi, As mentioned on item’s detail page, it can only be used with Classified Made Easy, Real Estate Made Simple, Auto Trading Made Easy scripts.


I want to use this plugin without the other 3. I can’t install it.. There is an error message that says : no valid plugin. Please advise.

Is it compatible with the new wordpress version? I dont understand please need help.

Hi, As mentioned on item’s detail page: http://codecanyon.net/item/walk-score-plugin/8043608 this plugin can only be used with the following 3 PHP scripts:

Classified Made Easy, Real Estate Made Simple, Auto Trading Made Easy


ciwguru Purchased

Hi can I get a refund for this product, I did not realize that I had to purchase a separate script to use this. Otherwise I am not able to use it at all with my current wordpress site.


ciwguru Purchased

or is there a way to use this with wordpress so it is not a waste of money. From the other comments I have read it seems that a lot of other people have done the same thing I have. It would be great if you could make this into a wordpress plugin too. I would definitely be for that.

Hi, It is clearly mentioned on item’s detail page and the item picture: https://codecanyon.net/item/walk-score-plugin/8043608 (Please read in bold). You can open a refund request.

hi, pre sale questions: - what is the shortcode? - does it work on https?


Please read item’s detail page as it is not a WordPress plugin.

Hi, Can I add this plugin as an asset? Which coding language is it in? Can it work on an Omni update interface run website like this? www.lsu.edu Thanks!

Hi, It uses php.

Hi! I’m very interested your code, This Code can work on bootstap website?


Hi, This plugin can only be used with one of the following scripts on codecanyon: Classified Made Easy, Real Estate Made Simple, Auto Trading Made Easy

Hi there,

I purchased the plugin but seems that it is not compatible with my theme – WP Rentals or some files are missing there.

Can you please either explain how to install it or make a refund for this.

Hi, As clearly mentioned on item’s detail page, this is not a WordPress plugin this plugin was specifically designed for one of these classified php scripts:

Classified Made Easy, Real Estate Made Simple, Auto Trading Made Easy