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is there any android source to sell? you got a apk? if it has i would lite to buy

Hello halibrahimer Thanks for your interest in Wajed! Sure, Our app have android version ( source ) because its build on ionic which is mean its can work cross-platforms ( Android, iOS and windows ). We are here if you have any other quetion

i have 2 more question: is there any options user login register system and i want to add events so any chance to search or cleander that in app show events something like that ? thank you for your patient and attention.

Hello halibrahimer, There is no login, register system. We will add search soon.

Hi there, i have a pre-sale question:

Can user post their news from the app, and the admin will check it from the backend and publish it later?

Thank you.

Hi lovelyirs, Thanks for your question. No sorry! Only admin can add posts.

Hello, can it shown Arabic fonts? and may you make the side bar in the right? Thanks

Hello AbbKiga, Yes sure! Its support Arabic text, Arabic font and we can make it RTL :)

Hi im new to native web. can i upload apk to google play and apple itunes market?

Thanks I will buy once updated

Welcome any time

Also looking for video post

Waiting for next updates….!!!!

Stay tuned, Very soon!

Connection in admin panel is impossibl … wrong password ;(

Thank you very much !!!

You are most welcomes :)! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have another question.

Yes ! i think i come back after for another question :) .. its sure :D

Hi, regarding admin Can u confirm what database this uses if any . thanks

Hello stayob, Wajed CMS use mySQL database.

can u assist with customisation

Contact us on email for more details Info@weAppz.com


Last 20 hours I’m trying to access your demo and I’m always getting error: Streaming for this app has temporary disabled. How long is that .. temporary?

Thank you

Hello ChrisTERiS! We will update it soon. For now you can use the APK to view the demo app.

Comments can be turn off?

Yes sure! We will help you in that.

Hello, will add push notifications messages on the admin area? Thanks

Hello, Currently no.

hi, support youtube embed?

Hello, We will release it in the next update

Hello, When you think the update will released? Thanks

Hello, We are working on it.. Email us at Info@weAppz.com with your needs for the update.

Does it have push notifications?

Hello, Currently no

what do i use to edit and publish the app ? can i add a static webpage on the app?

Hello, can you explain more? and yes you can add static webpages.

does it support video upload or youtube embed yet?

Hi, Its already in our pro version. But we can implement it for you in this app with extra charges.

pro version? is that the extended license version?

Does it support Vimeo embed in posts?

Hi, Currently its not support, But we can do it as a custom development.

Thank you :)

Hello, No you can’t.. Email us at Info@weAppz.com for more details

hello we are already running our newsdesk, now we want to launch mobile app. Can we setup custom backend api for this app??

Hello, Email us at Info@weAppz.com for more details

Done, can you please look into it. Thanks

hey I’ve replied to your mail, can you please respond to it. Kinda urgent here, thanks :)