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pre-purchase questions : 1.Does it Support RTL ? 2.If I’ve a website already , can I attach it to my website with live articles and content updates without uploading it twice ?

Hello, 1- Yes we can make it support RTL. 2- No.

A query, where I can change the home letter for an image, greetings

Hello, Please email us at Info@weAppz.com for details


I want to create a social network with Ionic. I intend to use PHP with MySQL on the backend. Does this app have the structure I need?

Hello, No it doesn’t have.

A query like adding a splash screen to the app, I get to buy the app, greetings

i need to buy ? hosting site ?server. if yes which thanks

Hello, We can provide you a hosting for Wajed. Email us at Info@weAppz.com for more details. Best regards

so we need to pay to hosting also ?


in your cms can we generate signed apk with keystore or we get only source code and we must go to android studio and signed with studio.

Hello, You will get source code and you will need ionic experience to generate signed APK.

is there push notification from the admin, if not can i add any?


Sorry push notification is not supported yet. And yes you can add onesignal.