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For the online demo, after I select “english” and start to play, I only see a black screen. I use chrome on windows.

We can’t see this kind of issue. What device are you using? What windows version?

Can the game support different languages besides the one included in the game right now like Chinese, and Korean?

You have to modify the game code and some gfx. If you need you can hire our team to do these changes. Please send a mail to with all your needs.

I bought this game, and i have a few quetions if i can make the game stay lying down, is that possible? because when i import to my android device, the game dont turn and stay small… i take a print, but i cant send here, if i could send by email would be easy

Please send me your shot to

i alredy send, thank you

is there a way to save the score and send the score to a php file ?

Hi, there’s the “save_score” event mapped in the index.html. You can find more info about it in the readme

It’s almost unplayable for me on Firefox, letters are not selected while i drag the mouse around. On Chrome and IE it’s working fine. Is that expected behavior?

We removed enableMouseOver and the overall performance improved locally but not online. Anyway it seems there are some issue with mousemove event with Firefox:

We’ll try to investigate more on this.

I somewhat mitigated the issue with code that selects skipped cells if player drags mouse horizontally or vertically. I will leave it at that for now. Frame rate is still really poor on Firefox, it is obvious during animations, eg. wrong or right word. Probably cacheing would help.

Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll investigate into this.

how to edit this game? using construct 2 or anything else?

This game uses third-party easeljs library, not construct2. If you need any customization please contact us at

can this game use android webview ?

You should use Phonegap to create an apk file.

I would even be able to insert new words and languages?

Please contact us at and give all details like what language you want to add.

Hello, I want to ask, if it is possible to remove, or edit languages and adding new words. I want to do it myself, it is possible? Thank you.

You should create a new js file with your language wordlist and integrate into the project. This operation could be done by someone with basic coding skills

Hi. I would like to ask if the score results are saved in a database like MySQL? Thank you. :)

No, if you need such a feature you can hire us, please contact us at

hi! what does it mean when in a line (_aConsonats and _aVowel) of CGerWorldlist.js are 4 times `R`or 2 times `K`` or so on?

one more question :) how many words should be in a wordlist?

does it include admob or not

no, the game as it is doesn’t include admob. If you want to easily ad advertising you can use our WordPress Plugin CTL Arcade

Is there a way to get this game to work in portrait on mobile? I see a message saying “Please rotate your device”, commenting out that line in index.html doesn’t work

Hi, the game is conceived to be played in landscape mode. The message “rotate your device” is shown in mobile devices held vertically. If you want to customize the game to make it portrait, write us at