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Very useful. Bookmarked.

Hi, I have just purchased this extension although doesn’t seem to be working for my PHP pages.

Does this only work for very basic html sites?

Yes, I’m sorry. It is impossible to validate a php file because the php should be compiled before it can be validated.

If you would try validating a php file using the w3c validator you get the following error:
Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because its content type is application/octet-stream, which is not currently supported by this service.

I fully understand and my fault for not thinking about this before buying.

A side note it would be wicked if it could work by pointing it to a URL with a server environment so PHP files would not be a problem. Where it could auto search additional URLs found in the first page (like a simple search engine) and validate these.

I guess my own other option is to use something like WinHTTrack

That is brilliant thank you so much.

Hi Jerodev, do you have any update on the version which will work with PHP files?

The current version has support for php files.

I would purchase this if you had support for remote websites. You could even keep it simple and validate pages listed in a sitemap.xml instead of crawling the site.

This is a good idea, I will look into this. But i should be a new program because it would have to validate url’s instead of files.

When you say html files does this also include XHTML ? I write my sites in XHTML 1 .0 strict… will this work on those or not?

The program uses the doctype provided in the html file.

Hi, i have this problem with Windows 7 Ultimate: Thanks

I’ve just tried it myself, and the program works fine here.

Does your directory contain php files?

The three files are in c: \ w3c I tried putting the folder containing the files to test it in c: \ According, then C: \ wwwroot \ inetpub \ According, then Desktop etc but nothing changes

Hi jerodev, solutions? Thanks