Vue Mobile | Vue.js Cordova App

Vue Mobile | Vue.js Cordova App

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  • Buy this product to get the project archive.
  • Then extract project, open index.html in Documentation folder for offline documentation or use online version.
  • Read Getting Started guide in documentation.
  • To understand project structure better complete tutorial for creating simple ‘TODOs’ app


Performance of most hybrid apps is acceptable only on modern and powerful mobile devices. When we use relatively slow devices application becomes absolutely unusable. The reason for this are heavy frameworks and slow js code.

We have performed investigation and tried our best to provide the most lightweight solution that still has modern design. We have tried many frameworks and have found that Vue.js suits best for this purpose. Vue is extremely fast and lightweight framework but it still provides all necessary functionality for creating big applications.

Our testing of modern UI frameworks of components (for Material Design) showed that they are great for desktop apps, but too heavy when we use them in Webview of Cordova/Phonegap project. That is why the only option for us is to create components using vanilla css, voiding too much animations and optimizing everything for performance.

We have created a minimal set of components required for an application of any size. In most cases we used simple css, thus all components are easy to modify.

Vue Mobile – is the only Vue Cordova app in Envato market. It will work great on iOS, Android and on your website.

Quality of code

In archive we provide all sources. They complies with official Vue guidelines and give you an idea of good way to organize application.

Application depends only on moment.js and Vue libraries.