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I’m in a step from purchasing editor, but I need editor exactly like UBLThemes wrote + multiple editor instances. Is it possible?

Consider about integrating file browser for picking up a pictures and/or links etc. This guys have: http://codecanyon.net/item/azexo-composer-page-builder-for-html-templates/8074732 ....

Hi there,

I’m afraid the purpose of VS Builder is a bit different. For the moment you can’t have few instances of VS Builder on the same page, it’s more a standalone application and it’s adapted to create themes and custom components which makes sens for html themes developers. VS Builder needs almost the entire space of the browser’s window because it must assure the true css media queries behavior. Now we are working on the VS Builder configuration object and we are open for any feedback or suggestions.

To make you closer to VS Builder and it’s possibilities we’ve prepared for you a download package of the new documentation, it should answer the most of your questions.

One more thing, for the moment we are not panning to create some integration with server platforms. Feel free to ask, if you have any other questions, or if I’ve didn’t answered these one.

Thank you for being interested in VS Builder. Cheers

Do I need to keep vs builder installed on a page or can I just exported a generated code & use it on any hosting & import it again to edit it ? Does it just add the css & html I’m 100% using for the page ? Or ever all like on bootstrap, that I got a css file with thousands of codes that I dont event use anywhere on my page?

Hi there,

Q: Do I need to keep vs builder installed on a page or can I just exported a generated code & use it on any hosting & import it again to edit it ?
A: VS Builder is a standalone JavaScript application, so you can create your page locally, copy the generated code into html and css files and paste those files on any hosting. But you can’t import the code and continue editing previously exported code. VS Builder has an output, but not an input of code.

Q: Does it just add the css & html I’m 100% using for the page ? Or ever all like on bootstrap, that I got a css file with thousands of codes that I dont event use anywhere on my page?
A: You can use VS Builder in 3 different ways: 1. Core + Framework (bootstrap or foundation). This is what pure VS Builder means. At this level you can create responsive layouts very fast, and export the corresponding html and css code.

2. Core + Framework (bootstrap or foundation) + Custom Components. At this level you can create some custom components that will use the default classes of bootstrap or foundation.

3. Core + Framework (bootstrap or foundation) + Custom Components + Theme. At this level you can create some custom components that will use the classes that you’ve described inside your theme (theme.css).

So to be more explicit when generating the code, VS Builder will include those css files in the <head> of the page (framework’s css files and your theme’s css files). Now appears the question, what kind of CSS is generated in that case. And the answer is: ‘the custom css is generated’. VS Builder will export just the css that was needed while you’ve customized some component by giving it a different ‘font-size’ from that one which was defined by the class and some other properties you’ve changed that the theme classes doesn’t cover.

BTW we’ve prepared a complex theme with 39 components for VS Builder called “Octa”, so you can use it, or you can create your own theme and components from scratch.

Hope that was the answer to your questions, feel free to ask if you have any other questions.


Is there a way to save a project for further editing later? Kind regards, Hans

Hi Hans,

Sorry for a late answer. Unfortunately for the moment VS Builder hasn’t such a feature. That’s because it’s a JavaScript application and we don’t have any access to any data bases. There was an attempt to save the current state of the VS Builder in the browser’s local storage and it worked fine, but it needs a lot more attention and tests to be made. So I think that’s not a feature that will come in the near future.

Thank you for being interested in VS Builder and of course feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Cheers

I bought the VS Builder today and here is my first little review with my problems and suggestions.

I bought the VS Builder, downloaded and unpacked it. And seen.. for me it is totally useless in the way it is offered. Here are the issues I had with the builder compared with suggestions I have:

- no unminified files of the Builder (Javascript & CSS minified), which makes the builder totally useless for people who have to extend the builder for their usage.

- Why you don’t have a changelog so we see what you updated?

- More detailed documentation for developers, as I think this are the people you are aiming for with the product.

- Add input-method for the Builder, when u can export JSON, why you don’t make it possible to import JSON to the Builder so you can continue previous made themes

- Improve the config… there is only a hardly limited amount of options we currently have… way to less.

That are the points I mentioned on the first view trough it.

I would have expanded the product by myself but with only minified files I can’t work and the product is fully useless for me… :(

Hi Andre,

Thank you for your quick answer. Sorry if I missed something.

1. We keep the code minified for some security and copyrighting reasons. The long answer for that questions was for explaining that if the source code is minified that doesn’t actually means that it’s useless.

2. Yep, we’ll keep it in mind to have a changelog on the product’s page, that may help somehow customers to understand what stands behind the VS Builder.

3. Linked to the first question

4. Yes, you have reason, no database needed for that. I just wanted to explain firstly why things aren’t so simple as they seem to be. The main problem here is that in the structure of VS Builder are a lot of recursive objects that can be easily exported but is a bit more complicated to be imported and create the same relations between objects. As I explained to Hans, we have implemented such a feature, but it needs more attention and should be well tested.

Thank you!

Hey vsart, thanks, everything should be cleared now.

So in the end the customer don’t gets the unminified files even if he paid for the product and which they are a part from?

Every other product have them included too, I don’t see the issue here, sorry.

May be a good example for that situation would be this one:

“When you buy an iPhone, inside the box you get a guide on how to use the phone, but you won’t find an instruction on how to disassemble the iPhone, use it parts and create your own phone for sale”

Sorry for inconvenience

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Hi Kjradv, unfortunately I can’t read your message, all I got is a lot of question marks. Here is a screenshot of what I see: http://joxi.ru/82Q7qYvujMj0rd

Please try to send it again. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks for the update & the SAVE function!!

You are very welcome. That would be a pleasure to hear from you, so feel free to use our support service to send us suggestions. And also if you like VS Builder please give it a nice 5 star rating.

Thank you!

Hello, what means the triablo directory in package ? if i buy triablo, can i edit it in vs-builder or ?

i cant find anything in documentation

Sorry about that, it was a mistake. We are trying to build Triablo on VS Builder, so we’ve paste it into the package accidentally. For the moment that’s just an empty project. It will be removed in next update.

Thank you!

ok, no problem

I am very interested in this product for responsive and customizing components, adding components, I noticed the demo is not fully responsive, is this something that must be configured, hence the demo does not scale down past 400? I know foundation has many ways to scale, so I wanted to see if that was the case. I think you have something very promising here, (this type of front end I think is about to see a lot of growth in the market)

Hi Reelstuff,

Thank you for being interested in VSBuilder and I’m really sorry about our demo page. The problem is that VSBuilder is loaded inside an iframe that stops it from scaling correctly down past mobile devices. Here is the direct link of the demo. And also I have to notice that on the demo page is presented the very first version of VSBuilder for some copyright reason, but now VSBuilder is already up to it’s 2.0 version with a lot of handy improvements. And of course if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Hope that helps, Kind regards

Hello Vstart, Vsbuilder is great. Congratulations Vstart team. i think image uploader is important missing future, when do you add image uploader to script? how i can make translation? greetings from istanbul, Turkey. Thanks,

Dear Vsart, thank you for your kindly support and quick reply. I hope you add file manager & translation ability to vs builder a.s.a.p. i think in first step : you can add only file browser for find image files and after select iamge file, it set file name and path to vsbuilder. later you can add file upload and file manager ability together. Also i suggest you, make some predefined page layouts, row and column layouts for user can choose (some buttons rows 4+4+4 / 3+3+3+3 / 2+2+2+2+2+2 etc, and other predefined bootstrap elements). My another suggestion is color scheme presets would be great future. example : http://bootswatch.com/ because this templates are like industry standards for users and developers. if user want to use predefined layouts or color schemes from bootswatch. it should be easy to set. if would you interest my suggestions i can share later in here or via p.m. Because i am very interesting with site building systems and template/theme buildings systems since 2005. i have tested and used many scripts and systems (builders and composers). sorry for my poor English level :( King regards ersineser,

Hi Ersineser,

First of all I would like to thank you for your gorgeous feedback and for your time. That’s really very important to us and it’s highly appreciated. Your suggestion list is awesome, I really liked the point with short predefined layouts. And of course, you can send us your suggestions using our support service. All your messages will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Thank you one more time.

PS: Your English is very good so don’t be sorry for that.

Thank you for your kindly response and compliments.

i am waiting next update.

i wish best of all to VSart team.

I couldn’t agree more with Ersineser, PLEASE add image uploader ASAP and translation ready system later on. Overall your script is awesome, bigups for a good work!

Thank you Gregazigon for your proposal and kind words. We will keep in mind it for sure.

Kind regards

hi, i have problem Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘advancedOptions’ of undefined on vsbuilder.min.js:1

Hi Kjradv,

Could you please make a reset (click on the left top corner on reset button on press CTRL+SHIFT+R) and tell me please if the problem persist. Please note that the reset will remove all the saved date from the localStorage.

Kind regards

These guys have awesome support. They have been helping me work with their product for the past day or so and have been very proactive in helping me fix my issues.

Thanks again!

Thank you very much Carlo for your kindness.

Great job! If there was a way to save a project to load it later, you would have a product that would make all other builders here obsolete.

Certainly have you in my bookmarks for review at later date.


Thank you Texasbiz for your kind words.

Actually VSBuilder has the ‘save’ functionality implemented and it saves all the data to the localStorage of your browser. But considering that the browser’s localStorage has a space limit, you can save one project at a time, so when saving a project you’ll overwrite the previous one. But still, VSBuilder has the option of overriding the ‘save’ and ‘load’ methods, so that you can save/load all the data to/from an external database, so then you can easily save multiple projects at a time.

Thanks again for being interested in VSBuilder.

Hi, i am planning to purchase VS Builder. but, before purchasing i would like to know, if i wanted to purchase unminified file(s) of vs builder how much cost i have to pay.

thanks & please reply me soon.

Hi there,

Thank you for being interested in VSBuilder. Unfortunately the unminified version of the scripts can’t be bought for any price, as for some corporate reasons we can’t sell it.

Thank you for understanding.

have a few questions? 1-is responsive. 2-can I create my own component. 3-you can change a component. 4-can open header with a video. 5-can I use slider in the header

Hi Fotoruma,

Thank you for being interested in VSBuilder. Here are the answers to your questions:

Q: Is responsive? A: Yep, it is responsive.

Q: Can I create my own component? A: Yes, you can. I would highly recommend to take a look at its documentation before buying. It may give you a good impression of what VSBuilder can actually do. You also may need at least some basic knowledge of JavaScript in order to do complex customization.

Q: You can change a component? A: Yes, you can do that. VSBuilder comes with a default theme called Octa and it includes a package of predefined components, those we have used in our video presentations and you can easily edit them.

Q: Can open header with a video? A: Not sure if I correctly understand your question, but if you asked if it’s possible to have a background video in the header then unfortunately that’s not possible, because there’s no such a component for that, however you can create your own custom component with such a functionality.

Q: Can I use slider in the header? A: Well, it depends. If you want to add a logo and the menu over the slider then this will not be possible with the actual components. But if you want to have a separate row for the logo and menu like in this demo (this is a page built using VSBuilder), then this is possible.

Hope I’ve answered your questions and hopefully it’s an useful information for you.

Wish you a wonderful day.

Warm regards


The html and css code is all in one file?

I mean is it possible to copy the code and past it into one page or post so the design will show up in a post?

I can not upload any files into the system i use. But i can past code. And that is why everything html code and css has to be at one page or post.

So does the generate function generate one big bunch of code in one file or is it spread to multiple files.

Greetings Loek

I see we meet some difficulties to understand each other :)

Let’s do it step by step. So, after adding and customizing some elements in VSBuilder’s interface and pressing the ‘Code’ tab, VSBuilder is going to generate the ENTIRE HTML code for that page and here’s an example of generated HTML code and here’s an example of generated CSS code of the same page. So you can easily paste the generated code into a blank HTML page and also inside that page add the CSS inline like shown in the screenshot. However the code you are going to paste depends on some JavaScript and CSS files. So if those required files will be at their relative correct places then your page will be displayed correctly.

Please excuse me if I haven’t got it correctly even this time. I just don’t want you to buy VSBuilder if it doesn’t match your needs.

And take this video link please and watch it live how the code was copied into a blank page and basically how it works.

Warm regards,
Vlad Sargu

Hallo Vlad,

Your service is great even as your reaction time. Heads up for this!

However as i understand it now, in my example, i would also have to have additional java script and css files at a different location on the site.

But i do not have acces other than ONE page and not to ftp server or anything else for that matter.

I’m afraid, though it is an interesting builder, it is not for me. But thanks again for the great service of explaining! (and your time invested)

Greetings Loek Woudstra

You are very welcome Loek.

Thank you for your kind words and honestly hope you’ll find the best tool for your project.

Wish you a wonderful day and of course don’t forget to SMILE :)

Kind regards,
Vlad Sargu

hi! is there a way to limit the window size? ie. i need to display for 1920×1080 screens only.

if not, is there a way to limit the layout (and the layout sizes) to only a few ones pre designed by me? i mean, the user select a layout and then he drops widgets to the layout.


Hello Soyelnacho,

Thank you for being interested in VSBuilder. I’m honestly sorry, but unfortunately this can not be achieved using VSBuilder.

Warm regards,
Vlad Sargu

Some questions… 1) What version of Foundation is this based on? 2) How do you choose between Foundation or BS? 3) Can you load existing HTML files for editing that were created with Foundation or BS? thank you.

Hello Silvers,

Thank you for contacting us. Here are the answers to your questions:

Q: What version of Foundation is this based on?
A: VSBuilder is based on Foundation 5.5.

Q: How do you choose between Foundation or BS?
A: On initialize, VSBuilder gets some configuration options, so one of those options is the choosen framework. For more information see the documentation.

Q: Can you load existing HTML files for editing that were created with Foundation or BS?
A: No, unfortunately VSBuilder ONLY generates HTML and CSS based on the built page.

Hope it helps.

Vlad Sargu

Hello Vlad – Thank you for the reply.

You are very welcome :)

Am I able to use this with a different framework or add it to this?

Thank you for contacting us mbianchi27.

Unfortunately VSBuilder is compatible only with Foundation and Bootstrap frameworks and there’s no way you can add a new framework.

Sorry about that.

Wish you tones of luck with your project.

Warm regards,
Vlad Sargu

Hi, looks like your live preview is down.

Dear @fbiss.

Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ll do my best to recovering it back up and running. Please give me 24 hours.

Thanks again for your kindness.

Sincerely, Vlad Sargu