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Hi there. I’ve bought the plugin and it’s working great …. except for the fact that I have it set on hourly sync, and it’s not syncing. It’s the same if I set it to daily as well. Please let me know how to remedy this. Thanks!

Hi there, if sync isn’t working automatically it is likely an issue with your hosting plan. Please contact your internet host to see if they allow cron jobs, if not auto sync won’t work (99% of hosts have no problem with this).

Cron is enabled, but it’s not executing. Is there a script where I can set it manually in Plesk?


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Hi, The plugin is in conflict with avada theme mobile menu, is there something I can do about that?


Thanks, anweb

Conflicts do sometimes happen, but we do have some options just email me and I can help you out

Hi team,

Does the syncing with Airbnb happen in both directions? So if someone books on Airbnb, the availability on my website calendar is automatically booked off (upon syncing schedule), and if someone books on my website, then the availability on my Airbnb calendar is automatically booked off (upon syncing schedule)?



yes, you can sync in BOTH direction, both to and from Airbnb, VRBO etc and your own calendar

Hello. I am receiving no reply or support by emailing you so trying to reach you this way. These are my messages sent to your email almost 2 weeks ago. calendar page to my booking page that concern me before I incorporate the Stripe payment option. I do only get these two warnings when clicking on a date on the calendar. I also have the booking shortcodes below the calendar but these links do not display the php line warnings when sent to the booking webpage, only when clicking on the calendar. I do have both rooms linked to Airbnb ical so not sure if maybe this has something to do with it? I’ll attach my Calendar webpage for you to see the php line warnings.

I am getting a few warning errors that links from the

PS After typing all this, I think it has to do with the seasonal rates I have inputted for each room as when I click on the Nov dates (low season) for either calendar, no warning signs. When I click on the Dec or Jan calendar (high season pricing), Vola! Warning signs.

Hello Aaron. Not sure if you have received my previous email. I do have the pro version 2.3.1 installed . Look forward to your reply soon. I have pasted the warnings below that I receive on the booking page.

Warning: Division by zero in /home/beege1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp_vrcalendar_pro_2_3_1/Includes/Classes/Entity/VRCalendarEntity.class.php on line 838

Warning: Division by zero in /home/beege1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp_vrcalendar_pro_2_3_1/Includes/Classes/Entity/VRCalendarEntity.class.php on line 806

Hi there , before i buy, wanna ask, how many calendar can be imported by this plugin , is there unlimited ? Thank you

hi, yes this version supports up to 10 calendars


Demo pages don’t seems to work.

Question – does your plugin support two way sync with Airbnb and others?

yes working on getting that updated!

Demo is updated, please check it out!

Hi, I am interested in this booking plug-in. But just need a quick clarification. Can I use this plug-in by itself, like does it have it’s own management system or it’s only sync and manages 3rd party sites like AirBnB?

hi there, yes it can manage bookings on its own, you don’t need an airbnb integration

Hi – I am so sorry but I made a mistake and mistakenly just purchased your plugin. Could I get a refund, even partial?

Sure just ask Envato they have a process for that

Hello Sir! Thanks for your plugin, i bought it a while ago and have a problem: Powered By Vacation Rental Calendar Sync – could you please help me to delete this one? Thanks a lot, regards, Gina

Yes no problem, you can remove easily by going to settings menu and turning it off there

Hi there. I’ve bought the plugin and it’s working great …. except for the fact that I have it set with the multiple seasonal price, but when i save the setting, the min night return to ‘blank’ , Thanks a lot – sempelouse

Hey, sorry about that, I have fix for this that will be released shortly version 2.4.1 please stay tuned

Calendar isn’t accurate with what is actually posted on VRBO. I don’t have time to troubleshoot. Could I please get a refund?

The product fails to function correctly with the dates back to front for the UK market. refund requested

Hi, i have bought the item, I did not find installation documentation in the download folder, can you give me a link to the documentation thanks


hello no response in 24 hrs

no response in 4 days