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hi i have a booking.com account to my hotel and i have a wordpress site too…i need to sync booking dates, this plugins make 2 way sync booking dates? Many thanks!

Hi, I would like to change the frequency of syncs between airbnb and my wordpress site. Which file in the plugin do I need to look at to change that?

Hello? I put two tickets in and have heard nothing. Can you please respond!

Pre-Sales Question:

To whom it may concern,

I have extensively researched your WordPress Plug-In, but have some unanswered questions.

My website rents out several Tennis Fields at an hourly rate, where customers can book one or multiple time-slots. Thereupon, they can create private or public games. As a result, the booking solution needs to have a list of bookings that the customer made. They can then invite their friends to a private game. For a public game, I want users to be able to create an event from the front end that others can sign up for.

Does your plug-in support the following components?

1. One calendar per field can be created

2. Once a time slot is booked in one field, that time slot shows as unavailable for others to book

3. Customers can book one time-slot

4. Customers can book multiple time-slots

5. Customers can select add-ons during the booking process such as water or a ball-boy

6. Customers have access to their booking history/upcoming bookings

7. Customers have a profile page

8. Customers can cancel or modify their bookings

9. Bookings can be paid via PayPal/Credit Card or select pay later for customers to pay in person at the venue

10. Upon completing the booking process a custom page can be enabled to redirect the user to their profile page within the website

11. Signed-In Users can post the booking details on their private group page

12. Users can create an event from the front-end

13. Public events have limited number of seats

14. Public events have a waiting list if the seats are full

15. Automatic email notifying admin if a booking has occurred

16. Allow automatic email to customer to confirm their booking

17. Only allow a confirmation email to be sent to customers when admin confirms the booking

18. SMS reminders for customers 3hrs before their booked time-slot

19. Customers can write comments and give a rating for a public event

20. Google maps can be integrated into event details

21. Recurring events can be created by the admin in the back-end or from the users on the front-end

If the feature is not included in your plug-in, can it be combined with another WordPress Plug-In or is custom development needed?

Thank you for your time and clarification.


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Hello, i have installed ur plugin (PRO versione) on a B&B Website, and now i have to create a WP user for the client to handle the calendar and the reservations. But all the users of wordpress, except the administrator, can’t see the dashboard of the plugin. There is a way to show to my client the dashboard without create a user with administrator privilege?

Thx a lot

Gianluca Governi

Does your plugin support hour blocks yet?

Does the plugin offer different payment options for each calendar? I want to lost multiple properties and am looking at the payments going direct to the owners. Is there an option for pay on invoice?

Cheers Mike


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Hello, with the left/right pagination arrows, the last grouping always shows up as empty no matter what combination of columns, rows, and “display number of months” is put in.

In other words, if you have a 1 column, 2 row calendar set to display 5 months, you get: - Default: months 1 and 2 - First click right: months 3 and 4 - Second click right: months 5 and 6 (even though set to 5 months) - Third click right: empty, calendar div collapses - Fourth click right: months 1 and 2

If you click the left arrow when viewing months 1 and 2, you get the empty, collapsed calendar div.

I tried every combination of rows and number of months and I always get the last page empty.

I want to use this plugin but sincerely hope it is supported as I’m seeing many questions unanswered here.

My question is does this work at all with wpml language translation plugin?

Everything seems to work except I’m not receiving an email of pending booking when I do a test. Any ideas how to get that working?