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For ChrisL18 and for the french community : j’ai effectué les traductions de plugin. Il faut copier les fichiers vr-calendar-locale-fr_FR.po et vr-calendar-locale-fr_FR.mo dans le dossier “languages” du plugin. Ca fonctionne excepté quelques itms no traduits. Demandez-moi les fichiers par mail.

Hi we need to change the format of the date. It is currently set to American format. It should be DD-MM-YYYY in the email which is sending after booking. We want also to hide the time on this layout. How can I do that?

we still waiting for 2 weeks….

This feature is coming in the next release, please check back for version 2.7

Hi, I am having a strange issue with deposits. It was initially showing but now I cannot get the deposit information to show on the booking form and the bookings are just going through with the total amounts showing. It is also not registering for which emails to send out and is sending invoices requesting the full amount instead of the deposit amount even though the deposit box is ticked and the values completed. Can you help please?

Hello I got this problem: each time I try to open calendar it change dates in few seconds please see http://www.tenerife.me/booking-page/?cid=4 to have an idea, can you help me? thank you.

Ok i solved..theme conflict!

OK thanks for letting me know!

waiting for response up

What can we help you with?

Can you specify weekday/weekend rates for seasonal prices? In the admin demo I don’t see this option.


I’ve setup and activate the plugin on my website.

My issue is the calendar style looks all messed up. And the carousel doesn’t work.

You can check it out right here:


Please advise.

Hello please contact us at www.vrcalendarsync.com and we will see what the problem is. It is likely a conflict with your caroseul plugin

Hi Guys, nice Plugin. I have a aquestion: is the 2 way Sync also possible with sites like booking.com , Homeaway.com or only with Airbnb?

Yes 2 way sync will work with any sites that use ical / ics format

Hi, is there any update on the bug I have noted? I have seen the deposit section appear intermittently but I can’t consistently get it to stay activated. I have disabled all plugins and couldnt find any obvious conflicts. The site it is activated on is www.barraholidaycottage.co.uk

Hi are you still having an issue? Please update to the the latest version 2.6.1 when it is released by Envato and let me know if its still a problem

Hi i have purchased the vr calender plugin pro from themeforest…now i see there is new version..but how can i update it? when i download the new files, then it seems to be another version of plugin (no pro) and it get installaed additionaly to the 2.3.1 version pro.

i want also to translate the whole things with wmpl..will an update then still work with the translation?

thanks in advance

New version is awaiting review by Envato

Hi once more,

now i have translated few strings with wmpl string translation…but there a still strings i cannot find for translation… e.g. the “Total” string as well as “Thank you”

here a example page https://fachwerkhaus-michelstadt.de/wohnung-malerwerk/

but the most imoportant thing is, that i can only translate the Email Templates by changing them in the calendar – Email Template Sections…but only for one language when i try to translate them in the wmpl string translation then nopthing happens…

i think i don`t know how to do it the right way…any help would be appreciated^^

cheeers martin

I want to integrate redsys into vrcalendarsync, is it possible?

Sorry not sure what that is?

does it synchronize only calendars or prices too?

Only days and dates, not prices (its not ics format)

We sync the calendar with homeaway but when we check the reserver dates still showing, also in the email template we get no dates, instead we see 0000-00-00 also in the dashboard is not showing correctly

give me your contact details, please


I already contact with you in the contact form before but you never reply

Hello, I am looking forward to buy this pluggin . I want to ask in the bookng section , does it supports seasonal bookings? I mean i want a 1st price from 01/02/207 – 01/05/2017, a 2nd price from 01/06/2017 – 01/09/207 etc.

Yes, you can set seasonal prices as many as you like!

Hi there The feed always not wroking after i choose the “sync” on the dashboard. And the most important , sometimes sync is successfull sometimes it doesn’t.

Is there any special setting to do in the hosting server ? (e.g curl, ioncube, etc) ?


The sync is set by a cron job, if it is not working on time, please contact your hosting company and see if they block this or if it needs any special permission. Otherwise, perhaps check if there is a conflicting plugin, like a security or firewall type plugin. Please disable all other plugins and see if the issue goes away.

Hi men , with the plugin you can book per hours and half hours? Or only per Day?

Thanks, Regards


firefly33 Purchased


I have VR Calendar installed, so far it’s been good but it needs an update and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to update it from. Please advise how to do this. The VR Calendar license sync in Wordpress plugins seems to have stopped working.

Also, in the admin dashboard, the VR Calendar only shows to administrators. I need to have an editor be able to manage this. is it possible?

Many thanks,

I have some issues too.

First of all, the author doesn’t reply to emails. I’ve sent several ones but he refuses to answer.

Second, there seems to be a conflict with WPML string translation. with string translation deactivated, i can change settings in the calendar and save them, but as soon as I enable string translation, settings are not saved anymore.

Anybody have a solution?

Also, for updates, you seem to need to upload a new version and then disable the original one, as the directory names include the version number. Not very convenient.