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Hi, I installed the last version (2.7.2) but it seems a little bit different from demo version here:


The auto sync fetature in demo version has a separate tab with custom options but not in my installed version. If I click on “add search bar” or “multi unit calendar” I got 502 request error. Surfing on the home page of your site there is the same error message:


What happened?

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team


iwerxads Purchased

Hi – we just purchased your VR Calendar plugin – and overall it looks great – however, when I attempt to use the Multi unit calendar, it kicks out an error: “502 Request Error The page you requested generated a server error and could not be processed. You might try refreshing the page. If you continue to get this message, you should contact the site owner.”

please help – we’d like to display a calendar to show availability for all 4 of our units. thank you!

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

I’ve tried activating the plugin a few times and it won’t go through. Can somebody help?

Dear asm1979, I have troubles importing the ical feed from Booking.com. I installed the plugin in two different sites to test the issue. In both sites the ical feeds from Airbnb and Homeaway are correctly imported but the ical feed from Booking works only on one site. This is so strange… I checked all settings in both sites and there are no difference. I sent you an email with the login details to access the site where the ical feed is not correctly imported. I have hundred of unit and I’m really interested to buy the enterprise version from your site. Can you please check your email and take a look on my site?


Demo doesn’t work. Can you fix it?


Dalphin11 Purchased

I receive payment via paypal, but there is no hand shake back from Paypal. The welcome email never gets sent and the calendar must be manually changed to approved even though it is setup for no admin approval.

I see an API for Stripe but not Paypal. What am I missing here? Can’t seem to find documentation on this.


Hi, on the booking page, i want to remove: Total Reservation Amount and just leave only : “Total”, how can i do that? or is there any way that i can do that?

Please I need your help.

Thank you,

Hans Hallan

I ran into an issue with this recently where VRBO’s calendar system was down and when the sync was automatically ran, it deleted all of my VRBO reservations but wasn’t able to resync them due to VRBO’s issue. The problem is then my VRBO reservations were no longer being exported to Airbnb and I got a duplicate booking. Is there a way that you can verify the Syncing calendar is available before deleting the bookings?