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Hi Few queries before consider buying it 1. Can it be used for multiple hotels under the same website? 2. How many number of rooms can be added and iCal synchronized? 3. Is SMS possible similar to email notification? 4. What is meant by Consolidate up to 5 iCal (ics) links into one calendar and Create Up to 10 Separate Calendars. 5. Is this plugin compatible with Astro theme and Elementor plugin? 6. Can we have a backend demo? http://www.bnbwp.com/wp-admin login is not possible and shows password error. Thanks and Regards

Hi yes it supports up to 10 calendars, and we have other versions that can support more if you need it! SMS is not possible. If you have any theme issues we can help you resolve it. I will update the admin demo again to make sure it works thanks!

I am trying to install VR Calendar at http://villaetoiledusud.com, which is built using DIVI. The plugin is affecting the style of the theme header, which is changed when your plugin is activated.

Please contact us via email – we will solve your conflict for free if you give us admin access

Hi. Sorry, this reply went to Junk Mail. The Admin is TastyBytes, Password is otc460OKR! I have fixed the header issue – but the calendar is still showing every day as unavailable as per my recent email to you.

Hi. I am having problems activating the licence for the VR Calendar – I am using the ‘Purchase code’ from Envato (ending cc3) – is this the correct code for what your plug in calls the ‘License Key’? When I click ‘Activate’ it processes the request but does not activate. Can you help me with these issues please?

Hi thanks for your purchase – don’t worry about activating the Envato version, it comes pre-activated already so you don’t need to do anything!

Hello, Thank you for your work, this is a very nice plugin. Therefore it seems that there is an issue with Stripe integration. When I try to pay, I get the message “Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements. For more information, see https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings." How can we do to conform to Stripe’s best practices? Cheers, Jerome

Yes I am submitting a new version today (may take Envato a few days to review) that will solve this issue with the new stripe integration

Hi – is there a way to remove the price that hovers above the calendar on available dates? We have the booking feature turned off but it still shows up on the calendar. thanks

Good question, we will look into turning that off when booking if disabled in a future release thanks

ok. thanks. I just received an email with an update to the plugin…is this option included in the update?

Hello mate, with your plugin it’s possible : Channel manager (sincronize with API of booking, airbnb,homeway etc ? Your plugin are compatibly with wich theme? Thanks

When using the Rates shortcode, is it possible to hide the Weekend Rates column? Also, in the Nightly column, Nightly is spelled wrong :-)

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

How do I generate or obtain a link that informs Airbnb and booking.com of the bookings made on our site via VR Calendar? I need to find an ical link that informs the other two booking engines what bookings are made on our site that they don’t know about. Please help! Thank you!!

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

Hello, I bought this plugin because it said it will sync with other Ical connections than the one mentioned in text. Unfortunately it does not sync with my channel management system.

Could I please get a refund on this product?

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

hello, i would like to know if this calendar syn with .ical? Thanks.

Hello! Yes it can.


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So Billing; no where does it mention that this is a subscription based product, but if I buy from your website it says it will be a yearly recurring payment of $34. I’m confused! Is this a subscription or one time purchase plugin?

Hello. I would like to show in my website airbnb rooms and to be able for the visitor to book them. I guess your plugin can do that. Except paypal and stripe can i use any other woocomerce payment gateway i have?

Hello, we support paypal and stripe for payment method. we havnt try for woocomerce gateway yet.

Thank you.

Support Team


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Plugin cannot be installed, generate a fatal error. WP version 4.9. Please help! Thank you!!

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

Hello from Greece. I want to buy this plugin but I want to ask you a question before I get the final payment. This is the site I want to connect it, but this theme is hotelbooking and using nd-booking. Who can I sync airbnb, booking links and calendars to the only one room for this place and be able to make booking and from the site? I just want to sync calendars and availability if someone is booking from external links. This is the link I am telling you about. https://ethereumluxurycave.pixelsvogue.gr/

Hello, yes! possibly. as long as it can produce ics link and it will be sync on our plugin, and yes you can do a booking from the site we have some options and settings for calendar and also for the booking process. thank you.

Best, Support Team

Hi, i have a problems with the plugin.

I have this error console google:

You have included the Google Maps JavaScript API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.

Hello, Please feel free to contact us about your issue, click here: vrcalendarsync.com/contact

Thank you, Support Team

Hi, Pre-sale question: is this plugin compatible with ‘Book Your Travel’ Wordpress theme? (https://themeforest.net/item/book-your-travel-online-booking-wordpress-theme/5632266) Thank you! Frank


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Hello, I bought a pro license hours ago but still can’t create more than 1 calendar or clone my existing one, I don’t understand what’s wrong, all I can say is that i had the free version installed before buying the pro version. Let me know as soon as possible thanks, it would be better to talk in private since I can’t give site details in public


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hello again, a quick update: actually the issue is a bit more weird, “sometimes” the “save” button just doesn’t work, the reason could be related to some fields edited or not, but i’m just guessing.

using a debug plugin for wordpress i found this js error:

ReferenceError: google is not definedhttps://www.domain.tld/wp-admin/admin.php?page=vr-calendar-add-calendar&cal_id=1 line 1190

it could be related or not, but i’m seeing that in the “add calendar page” so i thought it was worth mentioning

Hi (Pre purchase Question),

I am working on Chapel website https://rotarychapel.com.au/calender/ with a Booking plugin: Event Booking Pro. Currently due to bugs (plugin not sending emails to anyone and secondly paypal payment which stays at pending mode even if some one successfully pays using paypal. ) and unresponsive plugin author, I am looking for other options for booking plugins.

- I would like to setup multiple daily event timeslots for at least the next 2 years - A user can pay using paypal or pay later option - There should be single slot for all the events (only one booking available). - Every day there will be 4-5 events which people can book with a time slot for 2:30 mins - The event should be able to be setup as a recurring event so the admin will not have to create each individual event. - Each event should be independent with a single slot booking. So that, even though the event is set up as recurring, each individual event timeslot can be booked without it effecting the availability of future recurring events. - There are going to be different prices for each slot eg weekdays will people will be charged $208 and on weekend $400