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I’m not happy with this system, and its not what i expected .. Can we arrange something to get the money back?


I purchased yesterday and expected to be able to add the search bar because I read this text on your website…

Add a Search Bar Pro version comes with great tools, like adding a fully customizable search bar to search any or all of your properties for availability, great for those with more than one unit to 1000+!

I’ve bought the pro version through theme forest but now I discover I have to pay an extra $99 for the search bar? Is this true? When I click upgrade I would expect to pay the difference but I need to pay $99?


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Hello. I cannot seem to get the calendar to sync on my website. I was able to have a HomeAway calendar sync from the website, but dates booked on the HomeAway are not showing up on my site calendar. Your help with this would be appreciated.


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Update to this comment: Thanks to the author of this plugin, I found that I had an invalid ics link. My advice to those having sync issues is to first check that your ics URL provides data. If it doesn’t, then there is nothing to sync and it may appear the plugin is not working when in fact it is. Thanks.

Hi there, before buying the plugin, just to confirm, can I see the whole availability of my hotel if I use airbnb? I mean, I handle everything with AirBnB, can I show that data in the site with your plugin? I don´t even need to be able to book, just use the search button :)

Please, let me know asap to buy it if it fits to my purpose.

Best regards, Jorge.

Hi, hoping you can help me out here.

Will your plugin allow me to do the following:

- Set only certain time slots available to book classes (e.g one class at 1pm-2pm. and another at 6pm-7pm) - Set a number of spaces available in each class. - Set payment for booking the class, but skip the payment and book for free if you are a member (my idea is to do this by setting a user role to the user, if this user is logged in and the site sees it is of the correct user role, then payment is skipped and they can book for free). The number of slots needs to go down for both members and non members, E.g number of slots is 20, if a member books it goes down to 19 slots left, non member books it goes down again to 18 etc.

Hope your plugin can facilitate my needs!

I purchased this thinking it was actually https://codecanyon.net/item/vr-booking-2-in-1-booking-and-pms-in-one-wp-plugin-for-property-rental-businesses/18509467?s_rank=5, which has an extremely similar name.

Please refund my purchase. Best of luck on your software!




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It has been 6 days since I requested help with this plugin and no response. My support had only 3 days left and so I had to pay again to extend my support for another 6 months.

I cannot get this plugin to sync with HomeAway, Google or any ics/ical calendar.

Rest assured that I will be contacting Envato to lodge a complaint.


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Update to this comment: I contacted the developer of this plugin by using the contact form rather than here in comments. He responded immediately and apologized for not seeing my comments. From there he was very helpful in troubleshooting my issue. Turns out that I had an invalid Google Calendar ics. My thanks to asm1979 for not only looking into my issue, but also providing a complete explanation of the problem.

Hello, There is the possibility to set seasonal prices and also to set different operating days for each service(not for any employee)? Thanks

Hi there, is Multi site supported??


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I purchased the plugin today. So far it seems simple enough, but for some reason it keeps trying to put the booking calendar on the home page. I don’t want it there but I can’t find out how to remove it. There’s no shortcode on the page to activate it. I tried removing the first calendar and make a new one, but it placed the new one on there and now has some error code under it:

Booking id is missing Something went wrong!!! Your Order is Canceled

[vrcalendar_searchbar_result /]

How do I get rid of that?

Hi there, I´m managing my hostel with AirBnB and I want to show the availability of the rooms on a page, how should I proceed? I don´t find any docs at.

Also, I don´t know how to get the link from my airbnb page, if someone can help me with this…