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Hello, I want to add a local payment gateway. Please help me through this.

Hello! In order to integrate payment gateway you need to follow the guidelines and specs provided by the specific gateway. We do not have much to do here)

No but is there any option to add another gateway? I cant find an option to do so

Actually, the plugin is integrated with Stripe and PayPal, So you should integrate new gateway following gateway API instructions.

Hi, can you release the dates so we can test booking process? Everything is “booked” by 2050, lucky you :)

Hello! Thank you for your comments)) . The dates are released with default settings, so maybe something went wrong with the installation?

Hi, You have very good app. Can we add / change search fields like No. of Guests, No. of Bathrooms and Beds? Please reply asap

Hi I have purchased your app and done customisation but why it has limitation for 12 projects?

Let me know how to remove limitation?

Hello! Correct, the plugin allows up to 12 properties https://codecanyon.net/item/vr-booking-2-in-1-booking-and-pms-in-one-wp-plugin-for-property-rental-businesses/18509467 If you would like to increase limitation up to 36 properties you will need an add-on https://codecanyon.net/item/property-addon-for-vr-booking/19210172 Please let me know if you will have further questions.


VovaZ Purchased

Hi! I have translated to .POT the file into Russian, but on the website he all the same in English. How to correct? I selat everything as here http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/localization I copied files of booking-ru_RU in wp-content/languages/plugins and wp-content/plugins/vr-booking/languages All the same Russian doesn’t join.


VovaZ Purchased

Everything has turned out, works! Thanks!

Hello! Ok, great to hear that )) You might also be interested in this: https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/


danc77 Purchased

Need explanation in with a booking system. I.e I have a property booked from 11 to 18 august after that property is free to be rented from 18 to 25th august and next booking starts at 25 august. If a client try to book period from 18 to 25th august this is message given on front page: Sorry, this apartment is not available for these dates. Please try another dates. However Im able to book it from backend with these dates. How to solve this?


danc77 Purchased

Could I get any reply on this? Plugin is not working properly in front page. Available dates are unable to be booked.


danc77 Purchased

Additionally on backend works as expected.

Hi, Am I correct that the plugin allows up to 12 properties to rent and website members can not do their own bookings? Regards< Prolet

Hello! The plugin is for 12 properties and if you need more you can buy an add-on https://codecanyon.net/item/property-addon-for-vr-booking/19210172

Hi I purchased your plugin today, I have installed it but I have some questions. 1. I have already made a Terms & Conditions page prior to buying your plugin how can I make my page the T&C instead of yours? 2. I have made Rate Plans but cannot assign them as no calendar appears to select the Rate Plan etc. Hope you can help.

Have installed the plugin followed the instructions from the documentation. The booking link does not connect to the booking page. Any help? Here is the link to the draft page: http://res184.servconfig.com/~retreatcabins/property/cabin-1/

Hi, please provide us with your WP admin access via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket so we can look at the issue

User = zadmin Pass = 0A{DP(1MARd

Please change the access details and provide them via the formhttps://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket for the security reasons. Thank you


totoni Purchased

Just bought the plugin, and can’t get it to work. Getting all kinds or errors :( Can you assis me?

Hi! please follow the documentation http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/installation - Go to Plugins > Add new - Click Upload - Select the vr_booking.zip file - Click Install now - Once the plugin has been installed click Activate Plugin If you will still experiencing problems, please submit a ticket using this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket


VovaZ Purchased

Hi! How to send email to customer list?

Hi, In order to send an email to a customer list, you need to integrate your website with email marketing systems (e.g. MailChimp)


moovfr Purchased

Hi, I am considering buying your plugin. I have some questions. - Can I only use the ‘book now’ option and the PMS to integrate in my existing website? I only have 1 holiday rental. - Can I determine different values for minimum stay per season? - what is the difference with mini-hotel?

Thank you for your answers

Kind regards, Marieke

Hello! Yes, you should be able to use BOOK NOW function only. Please check rates that plugin support: http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/pricing Please let us know if there will be further questions.

Hello, thank you for your reply. I can link directly to the property page with the book now function.

Now, on this page I would like to just show departure and arrival date fields, Could you please tell where and how I can delete de number of adults and the number of children field?

For the minimum stay you directed me to the pricing tab. Here I see that I can set promotions for stays with a certain number of days but that is not what I mean. In holiday periods I don’t want people to be able to make reservations for less than 7 days and in other periods not for less than 2 days. Where can I set that?

Thank you again for your replies. Kind regards, Marieke

Hello, I want to use Houzez theme with your VR Booking plugin. After activation theme, I can not add property. Plugin menu property not show in admin panel. How fix this problem.

Hello! Please provide us with access to your wp-admin via this form please submit a ticket using this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket and we will look into the issue. Also, please note that we do not work on weekends.

I submit ticket 3 days ago. And send now.

You did not provided us with your wp-admin access via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket . Please do so and we will look into issue.


VovaZ Purchased

Hey. 1. In Russia, the week starts on Monday. How to adjust the calendars in the plugin to be like us? 2. How to set the Deposit is not in%, and the amount for the first two days of rent?

yes, you can change the payment mode as you described -

In Russia, the week starts on Monday. How to adjust the calendars in the plugin to be like us? How fix this problem?

Please provide us with the accesses to your website via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket and we will fix a calendar issue for you.

Hello. I need an Availability calendar and search form for a website I am currently building. Through my research I have narrowed down to you and a couple of other authors.

With you – I think I need to buy the following from you:

https://codecanyon.net/item/vr-booking-2-in-1-booking-and-pms-in-one-wp-plugin-for-property-rental-businesses/18509467 https://codecanyon.net/item/availability-calendar-addon/19723350

I see there’s a limit on a number of properties – but you replied to a customer in “Comments” to say that you could change that to “Unlimited” once he bought the plugins.

So can you confirm the following for me please?

1. That you can change it to “Unlimited” for me also, once I purchase.

2. Whether I can add extra search fields also. I will need to have the following searches

- Town/Area search (drop down select)

- Resort search (drop down select)

- Feature search (2 types – both tick boxes)

- Number of bedrooms (drop down select)

- Number of people (drop down select)

- Availability search across all listings (date from and date to)

Your urgent response is appreciated.

Kind regards


reparde Purchased

1 month ago I asked you for help. 25 days ago you said you’d respond. Yet still I have no answer. What is happening please?

Hello! RIght, you asked for customization of the plugin. Your request is in queue and we will get back as soon as we will can. Apologies for delays.


reparde Purchased

Another 6 days and still no messages from your dev team. I am very angry that I purchased your two products in good faith yet you seem to have no desire to provide a follow up service.

Can you at least please help me URGENTLY unlock that property number limit? Then at least I can be working at my end.


can we make this like SAAS website ..?

like a marketplace …?

Hi, not with this plugin. for a marketplace check this solution https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/

Hi, I am thinking of buying this plugin to use it as PMS. I see there is an add-on in order to use it for up to 36 properties. Can it be used for more than 36 properties?

Hi, currently 40, but I’d like to know if this can be used for say up to 300 properties, as I’m looking for a long term solution. Sorry, I don’t understand what this means: “Regarding PMS – you will need to switch it to show the properties”? My second question was if with this VR Booking plugin I can view all the rental properties and their reservations on one calendar, the same way the rooms and their reservations can be seen on your Little Hotel plugin.

I bought the plugin, but I see that there is no multiple calendar view like this: https://s3.envato.com/files/220679065/Preview_screenshots/6-cro.jpg...

Hi, the link you provided is broken, sorry. Please submit a ticket using this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket , so we can check what the issue is. Thank you!

I am having a lot of issues with your plugin. Ranging from simple fixes to major issues. I am going to list the major issues because I have taken care of most of the small issues, but large problems that break the plugin is beyond my scope and falls into the support category.

1. I cannot search beyond 2 people. No matter how I do this, 2 people, 1 child or 1 adult, or 2 children. If I search 3 or more, the plugin fails and throws back 0 results. This is a deal breaker.

2. Rate Plans and Promotions is not working. If I click Assign Rates, choose a cabin, then hit the blue Select nothing happens and I cannot assign rates. Again, major deal breaker.

3. The PMS system you have displayed is completely different than the plugin. As the previous user stated you cannot view all the properties on the calendar like this: https://s3.envato.com/files/220679065/Preview_screenshots/6-cro.jpg The reservations Calendar section is completely missing. You only have Rates and Availability.

The plugin is not very friendly with most themes, but this is an issue I have already taken care of for the most part, but I need some assistance with this.

Hello! Please provide us your accesses via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket. Thank you!

Please can you advise which plugin editor file I need to edit in order to change the text “Book Now” to “Enquire Now” on the button that appears on the single property page?

Also – is it possible to remove pricing from everywhere in the plugin (front end and back end)? There are too many variables and these change daily to make putting the work into changing them all the time viable. I’m happy to keep a standard price against each property… but I don’t want people thinking they would pay that price. All the correct details will be available in the property description anyway.

Thanks in advance

Hello! We added the translation for the BOOK NOW button in the updated version of the plugin. This version had been submitted to Code Canyon and hopefully will be released soon.

Great. Thanks. And the pricing?

You will need to customize it according to your specific needs.


We are considering the purchse of your plugin. Do you think it would adapt to the following scenario - 1. Rental of storage units 2. Long term rental – perhaps up to 1 year at a time or month by month 3. Multiples of the same type of unit so perhaps 50 small units, 25 medium units and 25 large units will be available and the customer chooses the size of unit they want from the ones that are available. 4. It will just be 1 location Thank you for your assistance