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aj2703 Purchased

Not a good start after purchase The plugin does not have a valid header.

Ok, thank you!

I will make sure we will respond to that question as well.


I’m looking for a plugin to utilize on a WordPress site that rents out beach houses.

The plugin must be able to perform the following tasks: 1. Booking option for individual property 2. Paypal payment and.or ability to process credit cards 3. Availability calendar in single property page 4. Combined availability calendar for all properties 5. I think the booking should be for a complete week not single day. So need to implement that. 6. Calendar should show in weeks view with the option of monthly/ yearly view. 7. Option to set dates as pending until payments are cleared and received. 8. Easy to manage for someone with little to no WP experience.

Please let me know if your plugin can do so.



Thank you for your questions. Here are the answers 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes, some customization will be needed though 6. Yes, some customization will be needed though 7. Yes, some customization will be needed though 8. Yes

Please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you.

Getting this error after installing when Adding a Property. https://s3.amazonaws.com/vigesharing-is-vigecaring/tmarshall/Add_New_Property__Rolling_River__WordPress_2017-04-12_23-22-19.png

When I save the property the error goes away.

Using PHP 7.0, with MAMP PRO.

Hello! Please make sure to follow documentation: http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/add_property Please let me know if there will be further questions.

Followed it exactly.

Looks like it shows up when in development environment; looking for PHP warnings, so it doesn’t show up on production. But still, worth correcting.

Thanks for the prompt response!

ok, thank you for this proposal and good to know that you managed to figure it out! ))

Additionally, my terms and conditions and privacy policy links both show up as “I have read and accept the booking” on my Booking URL: https://s3.amazonaws.com/vigesharing-is-vigecaring/tmarshall/Booking__Rolling_River_2017-04-12_23-45-31.png

Hello! You can customize title and content of your booking conditions, inlcuding Terms and Conditoins: http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/booking

Please let me know if there will be further questions.

Do you have preferred themes that work with this plugin? Or can you give access to the one you are using in your demo? Or do you have a boilerplate theme from which to start?

Thanks so much.

Hello! Thank you for your question. We do not have preferred themes. Please submit a ticket https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket and we will get back to you with some solutions. Thank you!

Will do. Thanks for the prompt response!

I have 60 properties – will this work with 60 properties

Hello! Thank you for your question. Please contact us https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket with your project details, so we can advise re proper solution. Thank you!


danc77 Purchased

Bought the plugin.

Couldn’t install because of headers missing. Missing headers sorted, However plugin have serious issues to work

So far these are issues we have:

1. Property page tabs with buttons for property details and book now button are hidden under primary menu of our web page, thus cant be clicked.

2. Main slider on homepage above the search box is flashing, disappearing and then reappearing after the plugin is activated. Rotation of photos in slider is also changed (speed up) once plugin is activated

3. Search doesn’t give out any results. at all,

5. Location field is not reading data from the db every time. ie not showing the available destinations. after we refresh page 10 to 15 times destination is usually shown

6. Testing invoice is not working either. this bellow is message we get when trying to print a invoice after we made a testing reservation

Still waiting for a reply from support for ower 48 hours now

Initially the reply from support was CSS is overwriten, Note that we re using a high quality theme with over few millions installs and no CSS rules changed so far.

ok, thank you!

As for additional properties – you need to purchase Property add-on https://codecanyon.net/item/property-addon-for-vr-booking/19210172


danc77 Purchased

Yes thanks you for reply, the add on was already purchased and installed when the VR Booking – 2 in 1 was purchased

ok, thank you for update

Hi there, is multisite supported?


You can develop a multi-site using VR booking plugin. However, you will need a developer to do commission the task.

Also, you can contact us https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket with your project details, so we can advise re proper solution. Thank you!


satbox55 Purchased

Had the same problem as danc77 with headers. A very clunky plugin difficult to customize past what the author allows in the package. It just takes a site over and makes it very ugly looking. Unless you’re very good at CSS stay away, even then good luck, as the main style sheet has no comments.This plugin is not for the inexperienced user. In addition if you try and sync AirBnB calendars you might get penalized for double booking as the calendar syncs are not in real time. An awful waste of time. Rigid customer support with no flexibility. Not impressed, -1*

Hello! Thanks for your comment. We always recommend customers to strictly follow documentation in the plugin installation process to avoid such issues. iCal Sync never supposed to synchronize calendars in real-time regime. Airbnb, for example, allows up to 2 hours for its iCal Sync system. It is explicitly said in VR Booking documentation http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/ical It is understood that developers, who do not have experience / knowledge of CSS are supposed to rely on custom settings or ask for assistance.