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Hi, I am looking for a booking calendar for a hotel whereby the customer can only check in and check out on Mondays and Fridays, so the only days that would be clickable on the calendar itself would be those specific days.

Would this be possible with VR Booking?


Thanks for your interest. It is possible with VR Booking, but you might need some customization of the calendar.

Please let me know if there will be additional questions.


I hope you won’t mind my question, but I am trying to make sure a plugin will function well for a recent client of mine. I have a management company that has 6 apartment buildings and need a simple search where people can come to their website and search by rent $$ range, # of bedrooms, # bathrooms, location/neighborhood, and pets allowed using pre-populated drop down fields. Are the fields customizable, where we can change the wording, make them drop down, so people can choose these items?

Thanks in advance for the assistance

Perfect. I am quite familiar with the CMB plugin, and have used it for meta boxes in the past, so this is perfect. Thanks for sharing this information!

Sure! Please let us know if there will be additional questions.

Hi, I have downloaded the plugin in the zip format but cannot get it to install. I get a repeated error:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Please help

Hello! Please provide with access to your admin via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket and we will install the plugin for you.

Hello, I have few question about VR Booking 1. support season price? 2. how many property I can add? I have more 500 items. 3. possible website guest – add new property? 4. dashboard (panel) for owner


klavik85 Purchased

1. How config season prices?


klavik85 Purchased

1. How config season prices?


klavik85 Purchased

How make season prices?

Booking is not working again. 3rd time now. When making a booking on front end its giving this message:


Thank you for your request, one of our staff will respond shortly.

But no any booking details, nor booking recorded in system

If making booking directly from sistem (backend) it does recored the booking but no any confirmation mail sent out nor to client nor to system admin.

Resubmited, confirmation seen on screen :”Thank you! Your message has been sent successfully. We will contact you soon.” but no usual confirmation received in mailbox.

yes, thank you – we got the credentials



Big fan so far of your program, however I’m in a situation dealing with a high volume or Airbnb bookings. (Syncing works great). However, I’m struggling to bring an untech-saavy manager up to speed on confirming my bookings/ or organizing them. I was wondering if you had any good suggestions for calenders that will allow me to sync up my website bookings with Airbnb and have the full info. Often times, they discover their website bookings by noticing blocked out dates on the Airbnb app calender (which is the only thing they check regularly). While, the VR booking is relatively easy for me to see/filter results and confirm information I’m struggling to imagine a way to successfully export a master calender for each room that she can check with info. (Airbnb doesn’t show much info from the iCal sync just greys out the dates).

Thanks in advance

Hello! Thank you for your comment. You might want to check our channel manager solution for rentals https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/channel-management-rentals

HI I installed the 2 in 1 plug in but the PMS is not showing up. I see the VR Booking Plugin options. Any advice?

Hello! Thank you for purchase. Please refer to the documentation for correct installation http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/

Here are the steps: Using the WordPress installer Go to Plugins > Add new Click Upload Select the vr_booking.zip file Click Install now Once the plugin has been installed click Activate Plugin

Also, please make sure that you have added at least one property and the rates. Please let me know if there will be additional questions.

In “search-result” page the “sort by” doesn’t work.

Hello! Please make sure that you added all necessary parameters for the property: http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/property

do you have a system where clients can add there own property instead of me entering it in?

with offline booking does ical still work?

I need the capability to list thousands of properties, can I do that?

Hello! For thousands properties where clients can add their own property themselves, you will need a different solution: https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/

Hi, My country is not supported by any payment gateway. Is there any option to charge for bookings using credit card, but in way to store cc details at DB on my site so I can manually pre-authorise or charge the customer card at my agency POS machine?

Hello! You need to discuss this with the credit card processing companies. If you will have agreement with processing company, we can make the integration Thanks!

Hello, I installed VrBooking on a new website but I still have some problems, so I need your help.

Test site is available at: http://www.creattivo.com/clients/spacebility/check-availability/ You can access to admin area by http://www.creattivo.com/clients/spacebility/wp-admin/

username: vrbooking pass: vrbookingtestaccess

Problem 1! NO MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE When I test booking engine inserting 4 adults and 0 children for 2 rooms, for example, I always have a “we do not have available appartments for these dates” message error. That’s incorrect because there’s no booked rooms and accommodations are available. Same error if I try 3 adults and 1 children or other combination with more than 2 people/1 room.

Problem 2! FILTER DOESN’T WORK IN SEARCH RESULT Filter works fine in http://www.creattivo.com/clients/spacebility/check-availability/ so I can easily filter room by price etc. If i perform a search (example 2 adult, 0 children, 1 room) I have a perfect list of available properties, but filter doesn’t work at all. I verified all property details and It seems ok.

Thanks for any help.

I changed user pass for security reasons. Please check your tickets to find new login and pass

Hello! We received your ticket and will get back to you. Thank you!

I have two presale questions;

1. Is there any way to assign recurring payments? For example, if I’m renting an apartment and want to charge my tenant monthly, can this be done? If not with this plugin, could the plugin work with any other subscription or recurring payment plugin in order to accomplish this?

2. I’m wondering if this plugin allows for numerous “property managers”. For instance, if I have three property managers, can I assign each of them an account and then assign tenants to each of property manager (so that property managers can only view the tenants assigned to them)? If this isn’t a stock option, would it be possible to integrate with a plugin like WooCommerce Multi Vendor to achieve this?

Lastly is there anyway to demo the admin interface of this plugin before buying?


Hello! Thanks for your interest. For these functionalities we have different solution: https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/ We have a partnership programs that might be of your interest: https://rentals.myhotelzone.com/affiliate-for-developers

Hi there, I’m unable to get anything to display at all even though I’ve added a property, But I only want to use the booking calendar functionality anyhow. We will only display the availability calendar and won’t be accepting any bookings. Is this possible?

Hello! Have you added the rates? You can provide us with access to your admin via this form https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket and we can check where the issue is.


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How make season prices?

Hi, here is a link to the relevnt section of the documentation: http://vrbooking.myhotelzone.net/documentation-vrbooking-wpplugin/#!/pricing


My client wants a website like this: https://motoshare.nl/

i noticed your beautiful plugin and i wanted to know if i could build a website like the example.

Thank you


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Hi, I have some problems: - when I try to search for properties, the search is very very slow. - On the search engine, on the input field “Location” I see 12 but the properties are only 6 (translated with WPML so there are 6 properties in english and 6 in italian, but on the search engine the number of properties must be 6 per language) - I can’t change Properties Permalink

Can you help me with these issues? Thanks in advance.

p.s. I’ve requested another time a quote for a customization here as you told me https://www.myhotelzone.com/submit-a-ticket but I get no answer. I asked a quote to get 3 paypal account, each one associated with different properties.


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Updated to latest version, print page showing footer an d header its happening with both invoice and confirmation print oits.

I found a mistake in calculating prices. Given price is way lower than what it should be when renting periods are longer.

See screenshosts: https://i.imgur.com/WCwmcBb.png

this is correct calculation https://i.imgur.com/eEz5AwI.png


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Some more testing found the issue with numbers. In price rates every field has to be filled, ie filling all 7 days and week price but leaving out the weekend (friday+saturday) rate will lead to wrong calculations, system even having all day rates and week rate covered still searching for weekend rate.