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nice work, glws!

Thank you :)

An excellent study, but it would be nice though pro membership. As site logo and without logo.

Thank you for your advice, it is something I was thinking in adding in the next update but without a pro membership, I will consider your idea anyway, probably a playlist option too is something interesting to add :)

Update when it happens? I will buy for sure.

And do not forget in the fields of advertising :)

Thank you! Will also consider that :)

amazing work!! im going to buy it in some days can you see your email i sent you an imbox regards JM

Thank you for showing your interest, just received your email and answered you! :D

it’s a great script. A few questions I have.

You can disable Heading Title? Can a transparent insert in the bar? Is it possible to shrink the bar height? Is it possible to hide in play, the strip?

Thank you for showing your interest in the script, right know you can’t disable Heading title, turn transparent the elements or change the height, about hide in play I don’t really know what you mean…

hide the player bar you can see here

If the video plays to the bar get over this is to see only the video. Because I needed.

Sorry that I have expressed myself badly, my english is very bad.

Yes the player bar and Heading title hides after 3 secc, and in full screen also the cursor disappears, my english is also not really good so don’t worry about that :D

Great Work! GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Unable to login admin page.

I logged in as admin / 12345.

Hi poro104 can you please send me a private message with your site details so I can check what is going on?

does this use mediaelement or video.js and skins add to that?

The script uses its own js plugin and it generates a custom js plugin file for each video player you download.

nice player,

but i need option in builder to hide and unhide player bar.

does this player play rtmp streams? does this player compatible with youtube vimeo and dailymotion videos?

sorry for my english


Hi, This player hides the bar, but it is not compatible with youtube, vimeo or dailymotion videos.

Hi, Nice Work.
I Need HD Button + Download Button Too. Is It Possible?
When You Give Next Update?

Great script. Does this comes with MP4, mov, flv, etc upload? On you next update can you please add features like tv page, on demand page, plus on the home page can you add a slideshow, auto play video, can user create a account to add movies, shows or video as favorite, can you add site logo and background customize for admin to set site background.

Thank you.

From: Maurice J.

Hello, I have two questions, esté player is compatible with google drive. The second doubt: it is possible to leave the option unavailable for other people to do the video dowload?

Ps: I have to install or use through your site?

Once you purchase the script and you install it in your server. The videos are compatible with mp4, to hide the download button you would have to edit some lines of code.

compatible with google drive file url?

very nice. Wish it plays m3u8 and rmtp file that would have been great and would pay more for it, great work

Nice job, glws!