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Hello! Is it possible to set only positive vote? I don’t want users voted negative

Hello! You will need to modify it removing the negative vote button. Regards

Hi Rustamus! Need Vote It Up, but but the eternal question …about positive only vote. Can you help me with modify code after purchase Vote It Up? Regards

Hi thanks for your question but I don’t currently have time to help you customize the plugin. It’s currently sold as is. My best

Hi Steve,

Nice script and all works fine except… Is there a possibility to make it responsive so you can also comment on a mobile phone? Tx in advance

Hi, didn’t test it on a mobile. Will check, cheers.

Thats a lovely little script. Very happy and very easy to install. Thanks Agus. :-)

Thank you for your words Paul.

hi can i set a zoom or a lightbox to view the images bigger?

tnx a lot


Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean. Regards.

i mean to have a ZOOM of picture when click on it on gallery…

Sorry, I’m not selling a gallery.

is by ip? and if the User change ip of the machine?

Yes, it’s by ip address.

All of them can not vote. Only one vote guest can make.

How could this be?


Sorry, don’t know what you are experiencing. Be sure to install the script properly. It’s been downloaded hundreds of times. Regards

Two pre-purchase questions please. 1. Will ? be able to change the colors of the page or the number of the rows? 2. I’m planning to use iframe. Will it be OK if I use your code in a page that will be into a frame of a different Site?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, this is not a page, so it will work with the color you use for the background. Not sure about the iframe. It will work if the php side is on the same site the iframe is, yes.

Thank you for your reply

Hello, the script looks nice. I’ve noticed you haven’t updated the script in a few years (including the updates you said you would but haven’t), anyway is there a way to hide the results but place the results on txt file (just for me) as I’m thinking of running a picture competition for my little group?

Yes, but you will have to do it using css.

Your answer doesn’t make sense?


I just installed your script. It work well but It doesn’t work as it does on your demo..

Also, when I browse your demo on mobile (iphone), I can vote but not on my test page..

Can you send me your demo source code by email?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I read that some people had problem with the automatic refresh of the numbers just after voting and that’s my problem too. (on your demo it’s working). If I refresh my browser, the numbers are then updated. Thanks

Sorry, still can’t see what you mean. Have you solved it? Can you please provide more details? Best


How can I make it done in WordPress? Any hints?

Thank you in advance.

Just purchase the script trying to integrated it with my local site but having issues. So Whenever I add the

<?php // Assuming that this script is uploaded to the base directory of your website you can // import the VoteItUp script by adding the following line of code: require_once dirname(FILE) . ”/voteitup/config/WebPro_VoteItUp_Configuration.php”; // The line below is needed in order to use the script as all interaction with the script // is done via the instance stored in the $voteitup variable. global $voteitup; ?>

It breaks up my site. The site will not show anymore. Any suggestions on how to get around this?

can i use this on videos i upload, in my page

Yes, wherever you want to use it.

can the posts be sorted like unijokes.com? They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

can the posts be sorted like unijokes.com? They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

That’s not implemented, yet.

Hallo, I have a question to ask, you can vote more than once ?? .. why not just voted for over a chance to vote again, there is a long time to wait to vote again?

Thank you

Just once. Yes