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I need android version! have you? if not,help me please?

There is no android version


Is android version available?


Ok, can I have your email?

Hi friend, will you please add these features: 1, count down before the user record. 2.display the subtitle at the record screen.

Thank you.

Hi, these are all additional features, the app is the base any other features up on top of that is a custom work. If you are interested email me at todorov.vg@gmail.com

Hey Man i like this App do you have any plan to add feature so that use can upload their own sound?

Hey, if there are more people who want the to upload sounds I will considered it. Because I have a lot of work on different projects and I barely can find time, but if there are more people I will try to find time to make it. I hope you understand me.

Hi, A Pre Sales Question

Q 1. Want to see the Backend Q 2. I want to upload my own library of songs in my server and want users to listen them via app instead of downloading on there device, Is it Possible? Q 3. Will you provide detailed documentation of how to modify it like change logos and upload tracks etc?

I will purchase right away

Hi, Q1 – The backend is using Parse.com, Q2 – The functionality right now is similar when you select a song it is automatically downloaded to your device when you select another song it replace the first one so you always have 1 song on your device. Otherwise yes you can do it but requires some modifications on the code. Q3 – There is documentation inside the package.

1. hello, how much % similiar this apps with dubsmash? 2. this apps is available for video recording lipsync? 3. What kind of backend and database that you use for this apps? web service (PHP) and mysql? 4. can i use this backend for android and windows phone version?


1. 80% 2. yes, 3. Parse.com 4.Yes

some question again

1. would you provide multilanguage features? 2. could i add features like advertising page? 3. is this UI ability for ipad? 4. if you not provide for these features, how much extra cost for (multilanguage, advertising, ipad)?


1. This is extra feature, 2. This is also extra feature, 3. Yes, 4. Send me email at todorov.vg@gmail.com

Hi, i have looked your video preview but i’m not found that user could to record their own sound and file is recorded by a user then uploaded to the sound board then Any other users can use the file for themselves or they can record new files. could you make this features for the future update? because if you want to add i will consider buy some license. thanks

The user cannot record his own sounds and upload it to the server at this point. If you want to be able to upload your own records you can always hire me for customizations.

Is there a plan to make android version of this app?

At least for the moment no

i asked this developer to add 10 in app purchase and a swift version , i paid to him 50 $ and he sent me a non working code and no swift version , he is a scammer , i don’t recommend him in any way.

If you continue spamming all my items with some spam text which is not correct I will consider contacting Envato to delete your account ! Are you doing this to every author here or what ?

Please… Android version!!!

When do you plan to make android version? It has been over 3 years of its iOs release and I believe you should release android now