Voice Lie Detector Prank

Voice Lie Detector Prank

Voice Lie Detector

Demo Apk file : Demo Apk


  1. Real-time voice scanner & display
  2. Admob integrated.
  3. Buyer will get in 2 different themes.
  4. Looks like a real voice lie detector.
  5. Best image qualities with optimized device compatibility top voice lie detector.
  6. Professional looking and works with all HD the devices in new voice lie detector free. – Best animations and graphics.
  7. Detect actual voice!
  8. Beautiful voice scanner and also beautiful animation.
  9. Real feel in eyes while using voice lie detector scanner free. Voice lie detector is not a replacement for a real voice lie detector. Voice lie detector/scanner app is for entertainment purposes only. Have fun!
  10. App now converted in android studio and it is compatible with android 8.0 OS.
  11. Well Documented. 
  12. Easy to re skin . 
  • How it work : You can find whether your friend is lying by simply asking questions to them and touch the microphone button. The voice Lie Detector starts analyzing the person’s speech and determines whether it’s a lie or truth in this lie detector test. Our voice Lie Detector Test is a free app where YOU determine the results! This app is best used for fooling your kids, pranking your friends and tricking anyone who is gullible enough to believe it! To use this app. Fun for the whole family!

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WARNING: Voice lie scanner is a prank app for fun with a beautiful interface. This application can’t detect lies it’s a very good application used to prank people at home, school or party.


What is new ?

  • App is not woverted in nadroid stuio
  • Android 8.0 compatiblle. 
  • Can work with android phone as well as in tab.

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