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Hello, could you plz show us an example to Jewelry both of (neck or arm or hand ) ?

Hi sanayar2008, We have added a example of jwelery on our demo site, we are also available to do further customization and product image set up for the vMirror buyers for additional charges. Thanks, Code Squared

Hi, I’d like to know if it is compatilbe with prestashop 1.6. Thanks in advance

Yes its possible you have to add a custom attribute to the product and render the Virtural Try Button on the product pages and add our vmirror js files to your prestashop site. You will need to get support of a programmer to integrate this and we are also available to do these types of integration for additional charges. Feel free to contact us for further information. Thank You

Can this let the image be saved?

Currently image of the person is stored in local/session storage (configurable). And product image shown on top of it. But it can be modified to generate an image, and save it in to computer.

Does this app work on mobile devices cameras as well?

I’m attempting on IOS 8/7 on a 4s/5s and Android Lolipop on a samung Galaxy s5….

Funny now it seems to work on Android however not working IOS with mobile Chrome.

Check whether you disabled/always deny the camera permission on chrome.

How does it work? Is it compatible with Word press? Can more specs,caps and jewels image be uploaded and tried? Can we even upload shirts and T-shirts or do you have separate modules ?

>How does it work? Is it compatible with Word press?

This is a javascript library so you should be able to integrate this to any website by adding this library & appending initilazation code to your products.

>Can more specs,caps and jewels image be uploaded and tried?

Do you mean uploading images to our demo site?

>Can we even upload shirts and T-shirts or do you have separate modules ?

Yes you have to change outline for shirts, t-shirts, etc. you do not need separate module.

See for installation & usage instruction

Yes, I want to know upload different kinds of dress, jewels,caps and specs. It that possible? For uploading T-shirts, you said need to change outline. What does that mean?

Yes it is possible. You have to call this library after uploading items to your site. This library only provide fit-on like feature.

Outline image is used to user to help position he/she on the camera. For example Outline image for spects:

Outline image for jewelries:

So you need to add outline image for shirt / t-shirt so that users can position themselves in the photo taken by the library.

What you need to do is add a button to your product listing. Change overlay (outline), image, fallback-image respective to your product.

<button class=”vmirr-tryout” data-vmirr-title=”T-Shirt” data-vmirr-overlay=”images/t-shirt_outline.png” data-vmirr-img=”images/my-t-shirt.png” data-vmirr-fallback-img=”images/placeholder-body.png”> Try T-Shirt </button>

I bought yesterday his script, but it is not working in google chrome. I tested both windows, as in mac. In the cell it did not work. All I could do work in Firefox. You can verify?

Issue with Safari is not https it lacks supprot for Stream API. Thats why we did not include Safari as a compatible browers list.

This script based on readly available technology, which is relatively new but it handles compatibility issues regarding that technology. As we need to keep this simple we did not include flash as a fallback.

Because your current app only works on flash and as I understand you need a solution that supports both flash and newer html5 right?

Can you please test following demo on your web browers and let us know whether it works?

in link addyosmani:

Desktop Windows: * Chrome, IE, FF, Opera – OK * Safari – OK ( in flash)

Desktop Mac * Chrome – OK * Safari—not start

Windows Phone * IE and Chrome -(send message: No camera detected) but camera exist,

IPhone Not work.

Sorry for the delay. We will get back to you soon.
If you like a custom solution please send us a email to

Hi can you please upload tshirt mock-up so that i can buy asap.

Simple and awesome

Thank You :)