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Very useful! good luck with sales dude :))

Thanks for your comment :)

Do I need anything else to take a payment and once a payment has been made by card how do I receive it and are there any charges?

You really need mention right now it is currently only for the residents of the country Greece until the viva site is availiable for use in more countries, Nothing about that was stated anywhere and now I cannot use the script until, and if that happens.

Hi, i just bought this module, there is a file missing from the zip, the paymentsgateway.php. In help files there is a paragraph that states:

You can get more information from viva payment page: Viva Optional Parameters Variables. Some of information is taken from their website. (location:/include/paymentgateways.php)

but the file is nowhere!

Hi, Thanks for your comment.The configuration file is VivaPayments.php and it is exist on the downloaded file. Let me know if you need any help. Thanks

ok thanks for the reply!!

The script is not updates and even your demo doesn’t work. Will you fix it and update to the latest API in order to buy it from you?

Thank you

Thanks for warning. Actually there is no problem on script. I have noticed my developer account expired. I just update it with new credentials. It is working fine as before. If you need any help after purchase you can send me an email and ready to give you support. Thanks

I want to buy this module. Can i use it easily to prestashop platform?

Thanks for you, The module does not suitable for prestashop.

Hi, I need integrate a lot payments method as (2checkout, payu, skrill, etc) I can use this script?

Hi, You can use this script if you have a Greece bank account

Hi i want to purchase that script. Its working properly cus on live preview it returns me an error…

Hi, I could not see any error even if you process payment too. Can you tell me what problem that you are facing?


Hello. If i buy this script it will work?

Hello, Yes it works. You need to have required merchant details from vivapayment website. Let me know if you need anything.