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Any chance of a similar script for non-Drupal?

Also, would it be possible for you to add a 5 second delay to the initial filter menu? The problem I see with this is those who just want to search for a term without these extra parts, might be distracted or put off by the advanced features.

I do not use Drupal so I am unsure how much of this is your own work and how much is default – as its a plugin. So would soemthing simialr be achieveable in a bespoke solution without Drupal?


ok, i’ll try to add a delay.

For non drupal users, you can use the library as/is. My module only integrate the library with one of most used drupal modules, Views.

look http://documentcloud.github.com/visualsearch/

I need help to install this module. How do I have to rename the visualsearch-master file? Which files I need to copy inside?

Hi! thank you for purchase:


Hi! I have tried to do one view, but I do’t get any result. Could you send me a basic example? A list of titles. Thank you very much

no problem, give me your email via PM.

Question for the developer team : what about compatibility with “Views Saved Searches” module ? https://drupal.org/project/views_savedsearches Thanks !

after installing the module, the librairie and configuring the view, I get this message and the exposed filter doesn’t show.

Notice : Undefined index: field_name dans views_visualsearch_exposed_form_plugin->pre_render() (ligne 55 dans /home/clikmed/public_html/litmedmod.ca/sites/all/modules/views_visualsearch/views_visualsearch_exposed_form_plugin.inc). Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() dans _views_visualsearch_get_entity_type_from_field() (ligne 49 dans /home/clikmed/public_html/litmedmod.ca/sites/all/modules/views_visualsearch/views_visualsearch.module).

Could you help me please.

Hi! please, send me email to dgastudio@gmail.com

Okay I got this but I just find out how to go on with it as I enabled the module and added the library to libraries folder as instructed but it seem not to work so help on how to make it work I urgently want this to work please for the clients sake

please, send me a email, with your website url, to info@dgastudio.pro

I can use Arabic language for this filter

it’s utf8, so, doesnt matter.

Live Preview example is not working on this web. I want to see a drupal 7 example before i buy.

sorry, fixed

Thanks for enabling the site.One more thing,if the search doesn’t contain any values it it wont show anything. That is fine. but once i clear the search box (by pressing X mark) i cannot re-enter a new search without refreshing the page.

How can i put the search box only, in the header of the website, and when I press find button, take me into new page to display results, like the main search?

hi. try to disable autosubmit and ajax in your view

Hi, do you have a tutorial? because I’ve installed the VisualSearch and it’s activated, but I don’t see, how can I activated in any page??? could you help me please!

contact me via email dgastudio@gmail.com or skype, alexei.eshchenko

Nice job! Well done!

The Preview page is not working. Would you please fix? I would like to see it in action. Thanks

Hello! Could you please fix Live Preview page? Thanks!

I would like to buy it but i want to know if it could work with search autocomplete from drupal?https://www.drupal.org/project/search_autocomplete

or with finder?