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Pre-purchase question: is it compatible with WPML?

Hi There,

Since this is a shortcode plugins and the way WPML works is to create separate page for each translation, so you probably need to recreate the shortcode for each translation.

Regards, Victheme

In memory timeline, the text extends beyond the line

Can you help me?


Hi There,

You can open a ticket at http://victheme.ticksy.com, seems that the content is too tall and the autocalculation is off because of it.

I’ll take a look at it and if you open a ticket at our support system, I’ll post the fix for this.

Regards, Victheme

Is this add on compatible with deploy mikado theme?

Hi There,

I’m not familiar with mikado theme, usually the plugins will be plug and play unless : 1. Theme deliberately disabling all visual composer add on eg. betheme 2. Theme is forcing to unload visual composer grid css

Then it could be problematic.

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UDun8 Purchased

Hi – How do you modify the vertical spacing between the different elements in the history line ? I have played with the grid, it moves things around but not the image on the vertical axis.

Hi, For related supports question, please submit a ticket via this link here https://victheme.ticksy.com/ Thanks!

Hi, have a great day. I like this plug-in, bought it and installed it, and I get an error message. “VicTheme Memory Line depends on VicTheme Core Plugin which can not be activated or missing. I want to know why and I want to know how to fix it. Thank you.

Hi, Have you checked our documentation here documentation.victheme.com/memoryline/ and if there’s still any problem persists, please submit a ticket via this link here https://victheme.ticksy.com/ Thanks!

I will ask you again. I purchased and installed “VisualLine Visual Composer Timeline Addons Pack” and I activated it. The following error message appears and I can not install it properly. I’d appreciate it if you could give me a solution. ...[Error Message …] “VicTheme Memory Line depends on VicTheme Core Plugin which is not activated or missing, Please enable it first before VicTheme Memory Line can work properly.”

Hi, Have you checked our documentation here http://documentation.victheme.com/timeline/ and if there’s still any problem persists, please submit a ticket via this link here https://victheme.ticksy.com/ Thanks!

It is the same person as the above questioner “prsonamu”.

Kindly use our support ticket at http://victheme.ticksy.com

Thank you for your reply. I would like to ask you to confirm that you have accessed our site because it is still unresolved. Url: http://dypc.kr/wp-admin ID: naloveu PW: gppc5096 ...Thank you again…...................^^

Kindly use our support ticket at http://victheme.ticksy.com

Hi, I have found a problem with the installation of the visualline plugin. “Font file” error found when decompressing file. “Eot, ttf, wof ….. svg … ex) You will see an error message when you come to my site admin page mentioned above. I installed it with the package I purchased a few days ago, but the installation fails. I would appreciate your resolve. Please refund the payment or install it directly on my site. Please, please. Url: dypc.kr / ID: naloveu / PW: gppc !! 5096

Or can you send me the plugin program for my site? Email: naloveu@korea.com I want you to believe in the company’s slogan to make your best plugin.

parangbirds = prsonamu : It is the same person.

Hi There,

I would recommend to delete the comment and open a private ticket at http://victheme.ticksy.com since this is a public forum so everyone can access your site.

Also I scanning your site from the outside I cannot find any error and I cannot login to your site using your provided credentials

It is not our responsibility to install the plugin at your site, according to themeforest rule you must purchase the plugin installation before the themeforest team will install the plugin for you.

I would suggest to try redownload the “complete package” from codecanyon and make sure that the download is completed before unzipping it.

Also try to use programs such as winrar when extracting the file.

Regards. Victheme


lkbirk Purchased


I’m considering purchasing this plugin, but before I do so, I just want to know if it is possible to customize the design of the timeline? As it is designed now, it does not really fit in to the visual identity of my website. Is it possible to change colors and such?

Thank you!

Best regards, Stine


Yes, you can change the color, it use visual composer. you can also see this video here as a review for the item http://webdesy.com/visualline-visual-composer-timeline-addons-pack/

Hope it helps!


aglet Purchased

Hey there, is it possible to stream Facebook and Twitter posts through the Timeline as well?

It is not possible to stream facebook and twitter. currently it will only query posts

I want to purchase this plugin, but I read a couple of comments above about the need for a plugin called victheme_core. Do we have to purchase it?? If yes, why it is not mentioned?? And where it can be purchased?? Or, is this included with this plugin. I would appreciate if you let me know.

Victheme core is included in the package, you just need to download the complete package instead of the plugin only file.

Also, is there a way to add a video on the steps???

by “steps” is it the visual timeline or ?

view more option available..? If the timeline content is very large.

Hope you will implement this feature in next update.

We’ll add this to our list and you can follow us here https://themeforest.net/user/victheme/follow to make sure you’re being inform if we’ve made any product or feature release. Cheers!



aglet Purchased

Hey there, presale question: for the “timeline” format is it possible to add in an image as well? Or is it only text? Thanks!

Hi, the plugin is an add-on and utilize visual composer, so yes, you can use image as well, hope it helps. Cheers!

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to use HTML within the content text of the timeline? I’d would like to have links and lists within the content.


sorry for the late reply, it should be possible with the advanced mode

Ciao perchè non mi attiva il plugin mi da questa scritta VicTheme Property depends on VicTheme Core Plugin which is not activated or missing, Please enable it first before VicTheme Property can work properly.

We don’t see any open ticket related to your issue, usually we answered all tickets within 24hrs and marks as closed after inactive for 7 days. Anyhow, what item did you referring to? I can see you’re commenting on Visualline timeline plugin, but discussing a property plugin? we also don’t see any mark here that show you’ve purchased and support for the item. please make sure you have choose the correct item when submitting the ticket and not to forget inserting the purchase code. Thanks!

Grazie mille risolto un altra domanda come posso cambiare lingua ?

You will need to translate victheme_property .po files, best if you use WPML plugins to do this. Regards, Victheme

Hello, I’m reading through the comments, and I am wondering if this the timeline will work with Wordpress 4.8, running the Bridge theme (uses Visual Composer).

Also, I am looking to create a timeline from 1932 to present day, and want to be able to link images and the headline to open up to a new page so that someone may read expanded content. Is this possible? This is not shown in the demo.

Also, when adding a YouTube video, will it open up in a Video Player for someone to view?

I am also new to Wordpress, Bridge theme and Visual Composer. I am wondering if this timeline would be too advanced for me to figure out?

Thanks for your help.

I havent received any bug report when used against WP 4.8 so I guess it is working ok with it.

About the bridge theme or any theme, most of the time the problem is when the theme modified or use non standard version of visual composer, so in general if the theme utilizes standard vc the plugin will work with maybe some minor css adjustment to match the theme css.

As for creating timeline as a “post”, the plugin supports fetching timeline from posts entries it will use the title, excerpt, post date and featured image as the content of the timeline, if you need to embed other fields, then it can only be achieved via custom template.

Regards, Victheme

Plugin is installed and activated and yet it is not showing up as a section in the VC Add Element menu: http://i.imgur.com/zU1Lth0.jpg

Any ideas?

Hi There,

Is the theme modifying visual composer? most of the time this kind of case is due to the theme is unregistering visual composer elements.

You can open a ticket at victheme.support.work and provides us with login credentials so we can examine your site.

Regards, Victheme

And please make sure you’ve extended support as we noticed your support has expired. thanks!

No longer working, I need Help. The links of the assets are not correct. How to correct this? Thanks in advance http://www.groupecat.com/group-cat/history/

Hi There, Can you try to visit victheme core and clear the cache there to repopulate the asset cache?

Also the content_timeline plugin has this css :

.timeline, #content .timeline { /* height: 0; / / overflow: hidden; / / position: relative; */ }

which interferes with our plugin css.

Since Ticksy is having problem, you can try using http://victheme.support.work to submit ticket for this problem. sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, VicTheme

thank you for your support

For some reason the demo website isn’t loading?

Hi, It’s working, you may want to reload the page and it should works just fine, you can send us the screenshot if the problem still persist on your side. hope it helps, thanks.

Yes, it’s working now (though very slow). It was not working at all 19 hours ago.