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Hi , i working with this plugin, is all ok, but i have 2 problems:

- the table is not responsive the template is responsible. - when click for open the advanced settings, this option not see correctly, not is posible the scroll down for save or insert button

Please considering update the plugin

What is your resolutuin , the plugin should work fine on a 1024×768 minimum.

What do you mean by responsive, a horizontal scrollbar appears when the resolution is smaller than the table.

Hi, I updated to the new plugin version 1.7.2 but I no longer have the VT shortcode button on the WP edit window. I’m using the latest version of WordPress 4.1.1.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Joe

Yes, it is listed. I also deactivated all the other plugins to test for a conflict. Then I deactivated the table plugin and reactivated. Do you want to take a look?

Yes, create me a temp login and send it via the form on the profile page.

Thank you. Just sent info via the form on the support page.


How can I can image size, I prefer to use 240×135 dimension.


Okay that would nice for next update. But what the current image size should I use now? I saw it’s square one.

As i said already you can’t change the image size within the plugin. You can only manually change the shortcode with the correct image url.

okay, thanks.

Hello, I have been looking for a plugin such as this but I have a few questions.

I would like to change the background color in the header of the table, in your demo its green and I see you can choose color from there, however, can I write the hex code for the color I want somewhere?

Can I make links somehow for some text/numbers in different cells?

Hmm, well, I have more questions, but cant you provide a demo and let us try it? Possible for some customization from you? For payment? :)

Go to the demo site , there is info on how to login in the demo installation.

Custom colors and links are supported.

I see there is an img/link button, but it seems that there is still no way to add a link to an image. Am I missing something? This is rather essential for me. That said, great plugin.

Replied via email.

Please update the plugin

The merge cells not function The button for advanced options not see all options Not responsive

I install the last version 1.8

Merge and advanced options should work fine, I need a temp login to see what is the problem, it may be something specific(third-party theme/plugin conflict).

I don’t know how to make a table responsive, I’ve looked at many examples and they are all different (have different issues) and I’ve decided to put a scroll only on lower resolution devices.

i am interested to purchase this plugin but please answer my following Question. How to create table button payment url . without using already publish other product id ,sku . ? Customer just select package and checkout now….. if customer view our order then customer return to table page and if customer switch currency them automatic change table currency

i am already using following currency switcher

I don’t think that would be possible.

pre-sales question: can i try the demo site? using testier and password ‘tester’ is not working.

It’s fixed, I don’t know what happend.

ok, the module is pretty neat, anyway how to make on hover animation? and how to make an odd and even row in 2 different cell color?

You can have row color on hover. To set it and odd and even row, click the “Styles” button.

I am considering buying Visual Table Formatting. Can you please tell me if I can make the background and borders transparent? Also, is it possible to the width and height of the cells?

Yes, this is possible. You can set cells height globally and width per column basis. Info on how to try the plugin here –

Pre-purchase Q: Love the look of your table plugin, but I already use WPBakery Visual Composer. Will your plugin works OK alongside this? (I have looked at their tables plugin but I need the option to merge cells, which theirs doesn’t do yet.) Thanks.

Hi…. Can we make such a picture?


That table looks too customized, you can test the full featured demo here

The user/password combination of the demo does not work.

And the last update on Code Canyon is from August ‘15, the last update of the light version from December ‘16. Is the Code Canyon version still supported?

Try it now, yes it’s still supported.

updated 2 years ago?

It’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress and offers many functions.

How to customize the font size?

That’s not possible.

it is possible to fix a column or row ?

You can set the width in pixels or percentages of columns and import csv text, demo here

I didnt find the place to import cvs files

I said text, paste it in the edit field at the top, type ; as separator and click the data button.