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Hi, pre-sales question. Is the plugin compatible with Ultimate Addon for VC? I see you have answered a similar question a month ago, I was wondering if you have added the fixes in your last update?

Hi, Thank you for the interest in my plugin, it’s really sad to say that VC Ultimate add-on is not compatible yet with this plugin because they are loading the javascript and css files in non-standard methods. I will notify you once we find a solution for this. Thanks


I just wanted to let you know that I have added compatibility with ultimate VC add-ons.


Hi, May I know whether this plugin can support those “massive addon” or “ultimate visual composer addon” plugin?

The plugin is not test with massive addon, but Ultimate VC addon is not yet compatible with my plugin


I just wanted to let you know that I have added compatibility with ultimate VC add-ons and massive VC add-ons.



n1kko Purchased

I have purchased and using this but it is not working!

Just tell me the name of the element and I will fix the issue :)


n1kko Purchased

It’s the same for all presets. The preview & load preset & any preset that has icons etc.

This issue has been fixed in the latest update, did you tried it?

I’m currently using Socialize theme, it’s a Buddypress theme, and it has this sidebar editor in it. I’m new to WordPress and not familiar with stuff too technical, and have been having hard time understanding the things under Activity Settings, e.g, Include, Object, Action, etc etc.

Right now when I look at the Activity on my sidebar, it shows Author, post title and Date, but I was hoping to add category to the stream, but not sure if it’s possible,and if it is. what codes to add to which box under this setting?

I asked my theme author but he referred me to this page that I can’t really understand.

I’m wondering if you could please give me a hand? Thank you so much.

Sorry for the late reply, I was away and didn’t got time to respond to comments. I don’t have much experience with buddypress and I don’t think this is related to my plugin. You should ask the theme author to customize that for you (maybe for additional fees) Thanks

I bought the plugin and so far so good, but padding does not take effect. Please advise. I’m using it with Dalton theme.

Hi, Are you meaning the design options not working? I think this is because your theme style override the padding. Thanks

unique and great !

Thank you for these words :)


n1kko Purchased

Still not working correct with Massive Addons as the popup for previews & icons is not working. Can you fix?

Hi, I am working on that issue as the Massive addons plugin do not load all the css and javascript required. I will release the fix in the next update soon. Thank you


n1kko Purchased

Great thank you :D

I’m not seeing any VC elements. Just regular Editor.

Wordpress 4.6 Visual Composer 4.12 Visual Sidebar Editor 1.1.0

Please help.

Replied to your support ticket

Hi. Presale question here.

I was just about to buy your plugin but see that at least up to 4 months ago, it wasn’t compatible with Ultimate Addon for VC. Is this still the case, or have you been able to sort out compatibility?


Thanks for the reply.

I suspected that this might be the case, and do understand your reasoning.

I think that because users, such as myself, are so used to adding separate widgets to sidebars as opposed to one big/long widget with one title, that maintaining this functionality will appeal to a wide audience as well as those with existing sites, who don’t want to have to simulate the look of their theme’s widget design, while benefiting from the great functionality of your plugin.

Anyway, just food for thought.


I understand you too,

I also made another plugin for the purpose. Please take a look at

The structure is different from this one, but it achieve the same thing with more flexibility.


That’s good to know. Thanks for the link.


Hello, How do I know if this plugin is compatible with my theme? Regards

Hi. Can tell me which theme are you using? Thanks

“Joyn” (Swiftideas) Thanks

Hi, I have checked your theme, but unfortunately it use a custom made page builder and I can’t support it, current only Visual Composer is supported.

I have made an alternative solution to theme that do not have visual composer Please check it here

That plugin offer much more flexibility and support more page builders Thanks

Hello, I don’t use the page builder of this theme (swift page builder), I have deactivated it and I only work with Virtual Composer. I can’t use your plugin for the footer but it is the sidebar that interests me and I think your plugin is the best to work with Virtual composer. If I only use your plugin for the sidebar, is it possible? Thanks !

Yes, If you use Visual Composer, this plugin is the best choice for you Thanks

ok. And with a license, how long will I benefit from the updates?

With a license you will receive unlimited updates and 6 months support, you can extend the support to 12 month by adding the support extension.


I was making some changes to one of the sidebars in my site and noticed a problem that wasn’t present previously. It’s been a few months since making any changes to sidebars created using your plugin, so can’t say when the problem technically started.

I can enter the sidebar editor, and click to add a VC element (e.g. a row), however, after clicking on the element the ‘Add Element’ popup doesn’t close, even though the element is added in the editor. Additionally, and of most concern, any changes made are not maintained after saving the sidebar i.e. the sidebar reverts to the state before any changes/additions were made.

I’ve check and am not having this problem with the VC editor in any other sections of the site (pages, posts, and other custom post-types), so in whatever way the issue seems to be, at least in part, related to the Sidebar Editor plugin.

Can you advise?


Hi, I can assist you, please send me temporary user login to so I can debug the problem. Thanks


I got this plugin as part of a theme (Gauge) and with the new version of Wordpress it add the LIKE button under whatever I add using the editor. If I remove the content I added the LIKE button stays there. Can you add a setting to disable it?


My plugin surely use custom posts type to enable widget editing by visual composer, the custom post type is “epx_vcsb”, so it seems that your sharing plugin see custom posts types as pages

Yes, sorry, it is the JetPack sharing feature.

A new update was submitted 3 days ago that fixed this issue, but I am waiting for it to be approved

Just bought and installed the plugin. I cannot save any widget area. It does not show any content for current widgets, and when I create a sidebar (footer), when I save, it goes back to a blank page. Using Visual Composer with WP Rentals theme.

I have fixed the issue and submitted a new update, please check the refund comments

New update had the same issues, more in fact, and I will not waste my time here further, uninstalled, send the refund.


hi , how can help me? i install this plugin and change content sidebar with it , when i press update button page refreshed and ” Sidebar successfully updated ” but any content dont save and dont work for me.why? What should I do?


Please update to the latest version released today and if the problem is still there, please contact me via so I can assist you directly


hi pre-sale question

is there any option we can see the preview on what we did from this plugin? for example after we finished build the page with this.. and we want to preview the result..

Hi, Preview without saving is not yet possible, but you can save and preview the change on live site, then if you like the change, you can go back with the revisions system to the previous state

Hi. My theme GoodNews does not offer sidebars in their portfolio pages for some doll reason :( Can your plug-in overwrite these settings, enabling the sidebars just as on any other site in the theme? Thanks Peter

Hi, This plugin edit sidebars, but unfortunately there’s no way to add sidebars i they aren’t shown by your theme. The solution will be to hire a developer to add sidebar to your portfolio page Thank you

Hello, for two days the plugging causes slowness on the web (Wordpress). When I deactivate everything works normal, when it active takes almost a minute to display the web in the browser. Has there been a problem? Until now, it always worked perfectly. Thanks.

Thank you for using our plugin. This issue has been reported by other buyers and it will be solved in the weekend.

You can send me your email address to to get the plugin update

I just want to say that this issue has been fixed in the latest update