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whats the different between this plugin and this one:


Thank you for your interest in my plugin, the two plugin can achieve the same goal, but I would recommend using as it’s more stable than the other.



n1kko Purchased

If my page has a sidebar page display breaks until I disable the plugin.


Can you send me login details to so I can debug & fix the issue?


hi, question about your plugin:

let’s say my layout of the responsive page is divided into 2 parts: - the content part (on the right of the page) - the sidebar (on the left of the page)

- From the sidebar, there are anchor link. When it is clicked, i’d like the content to be displayed on the content part of the page (preferrable by ajax).

Can your plugin do this?



Your request need custom coding, my plugin offer you the possibility to use all the Visual Composer elements and addons in the sidebar.

You will need a custom pluin to do this


Hi, I use it with the Socialize Theme and when I’m not logged to my site it becomes very slow. Debugged the mysql queries it runs to show the page and realized that there are MANY MANY selects and INSERTS in wp_posts with post_type = ‘epx_vcsb’. What’s happening? Thanks!

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That issue was fixed a while ago, but you don’t have the latest update. see my changelog for details:

1.2.2 – 10 February, 2017

+ Fixed the high CPU usage caused by the previous update + Fixed a JavaScript bug that occurs when using the icons picker


Does this allow separate sidebars per page?


Yes. If your theme have multiple sidebars per page you can edit them all by this plugin.

If not. You can use a free plugin like “clntent aware sidebars” go create new sidebars, then edit them with my plugin using visual composer


Do you know if this plugin is compatible with the theme called Impreza 4?


Well, I didn’t tested it with that particular theme, but it’s compatible with all themes that bundle Visual Composer, it even work most of the cases with customized version of VC.


Hello Im trying to remove roboto font loading in editor. Could you help? working offline and page reloading 1 min


I am not using roboto font in my plugin


Not Compatible With PHP 7

4 | ERROR | ‘object’ is a reserved keyword as of PHP version 7.0 and cannot be used to name a class, interface or trait or as part of a namespace (T_CLASS)

This applies to ERROPiX Plugins Updater also

509 | ERROR | ‘object’ is a reserved keyword as of PHP version 7.0 and cannot be used to name a class, interface or trait or as part of a namespace (T_CLASS)

Can’t use plugins anymore without fixes

All In One Widget is Compatible!


My live preview server is using PHP 7 too and It’s working just fine.

But I know I need to change that class to something else.


Please also note,

The updater plugin has been abandoned because it adds an extra plugin so the idea wasn’t good!

I suggest you delete that plugin from your site


Hello. Will you support this plugin for the next few years?

There’s no reason to not support the plugin, so yes I will do

Hi, I have just purchased your plugin and installed. all good but i cant see the Visual Composser option.what do i need to do ?

What version are you using?

latest version (WPBakery Page Builder 5.4)

yeah got it now…. thank you :)