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Good idea, congratulation!

Thank you!

is it possible to add custom text fields etc..?

Hello. Not at the moment but we are working on it. If you need it ASAP we can make it for you as a custom job. You can contact us directly or let us know here. Regards K2-Service Support Team

I have emailed you guys back twice and still have not received a reply?

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will back to you soon. Thank you

Wish you great success with this plugin!


Thank you!

Nice work, creative and unique

Thank you for the feedback!

Can I do this for iPhone Cases ?

Thank you for the prompt response. Could you please link me to video where I can see how the iPhone process works just for better understanding!

Unfortunately we dont have the video but we will add DEMO customizer with phone cases. Thank you

Hi There is an example of using customizer for Iphone cases http://wordpress.k2-service.com/customizer/iphone-case/ You can add many different components, groups and options

We can provide you access to admin panel if needed Regards K2-Service Support Team

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

Thank you!

Very nice work !!!

Hello, Are you able to use this with product variations? For example using a red/blue/yellow bicycle frame and managing the inventory for each variable?

Hello. Unfortunately with our plugin you will not be able to do that. But we can make make it as a custom request. Regards K2-Service Support Team

Does your plugin works even out of Woocommerce?

Hello. You have to have Woocommerce installed.

good sales =)

Thanks =)

Hi! ¿can i use this for a custom jacket ? even suit ? with different lapels and lengths ? regards

Hi again, where you able to make the demo ? Regards

Hi, you can test customizer for suits on our demo site. http://wordpress.k2-service.com/customizer/suit/ (we added simple icons from open stocks)

We can provide you access to admin panel if needed

Regards K2-Service Support Team

Hi ! dont worry about the icons! thanks, i see you organized them by color (the jackets but i cant really exchange for example the buttons on the lower part and after a specific combination added replace the whole color right ?

Does this use attributes and variations? Can i use this number values? i have to have numbers 1-100 and i didnt see dropdown option for that

Hello. Unfortunately plugin not supported the variations yet. If you want we can make a custom work for you. Please contact us directly to – plugins@k2-service.com

Can you adapt this for doors and change frames?? handles??

Hello. Yes, you can use our plugin! Our plugin will work perfectly for your needs. If you have more questions feel free to contact us Regards K2-Service Support Team

Hello! Nice plugin It can upload picture to wrap on product area ? ( such as shirt, case , cup ,etc)

Hello. Thank you! Upload picture option will be avaliable soon. Or you can offer premade pictures for customers and use it today.

I suggest Check out page should improve. May be show final custom picture with big image , custom element display with grid style or Can I edit custom checkout page by backend?

hi, you can give me access to admin panel to view the backoffice? thx

hi, please contact us directly to – plugins@k2-service.com thanks