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Hi we got different frames which is differ in sizes, will this work with your plugin.? like this http://store.ruff-cycles.com/customizer/ruff-cycles-customize-your-bike.html

Hi If other elements will be on the same places – it will work or you can prepare different options for different frames and then use conditional rules

Thank you for your question

Is there demo content provided with the plugin to see how it works?

Hi You can test our plugin on our demo website http://wordpress.k2-service.com user: demo password: demo123

You can also export customizer from demo site and import them to your site Thank you

Hello, I’ve sent you an email, please check if it arrived. Many thanks! Julia

Hello. Our answer should be in your mailbox.

Thank you ;)

Do you plan to make a responsive version? It does not look very good on a mobile screen.

Email sent, I did screenshots. Unfortunately for some reason the base product image does not fit to screen, I can see only around 30% on my mobile (Android) screen. Waiting for your support, thank you!

Hello Thank you for your request. We are investigating that issue and will provide you update as soon as possible.

Thank you

Many thanks! Can’t wait :)


chayill Purchased

I’m interested in purchasing your great customiser and have a few questions. I’ve had a look at the demo and want to know if its possible to have a front end template customised with an additional column between the filter component column and the view port. So basically, three columns instead of the two in the vertical template. With the left hand side column still being a vertical side bar with the filter components listed as per your current templates. But then instead of having the filter options listing below the component titles, having a central column which is a ‘wrapper’ for the selectable filter option icons. Once selected the result can being seen in a narrower View Port which would have to be narrowed to accommodate the new central column. Is this possible? I hope my explanation is clear.


It’s possible, we can do that as custom quote. but we need to have some example or mockup for better understanding what we need to do (Let’s continue this conversation via email)

Thank you


maciek8 Purchased

Hello, I’ve sent you emails six days ago, please check if it arrived. Many thanks!


maciek8 Purchased

I still have no answer from you.

hi sorry, I have just answered you Please send us list of issues you have with plugin and we will help you asap.

thank you


chayill Purchased

Hi, as requested I continued our conversation via email, sending the mock-up of the customisation required some days ago. Please respond. Before the new year I need us to continue the conversation, so as to have a definitive position on when you can work on it and the cost. Thanks

Hi We apologize for the inconvenience We will continue conversation on 2d of January.

Thank you !

Can the user set their own dimensions and does this app allow for charging by the Square Foot.

Hello Customer can not set his own dimensions for text and images. Manager of the store can set dimensions and position of each text/image area

You can test that options on our demo site http://wordpress.k2-service.com/ login: demo password: demo123

Thank you

Hi there, i need windows configurator/calculator simmilar to this: https://www.bew24-fenster.de/fenster-konfigurieren.html is this possible with your plugin? Please take a close look on the given options


Hi You can add any images as you wish. It could be sizes or colors but you need to display al important information on option icon or (and) option image.

Thank you

so as i understand i can add text fields(dimensions fields) as a option to choose? the main point is the client to have possibility to set the dimensions on the window he needs. As you can see there is different types of windows so every needs different number of text fields

no, you can add separate option for each size. for example, first option will be 750X1500, second option could be 700×1500

You need to predefine all possible variants. Text fields for sizes are possible only as custom quote now.

Please contact us via email plugins@k2-service.com

Thank you

Hello – Great looking plugin. I have a client that wants to try and use this to customize a Tote Bag. I am wondering if it is possible to have the user upload a logo image, and then the customizer shows the logo repeating on the straps of the bag. So I would need the ability to draw a line/section so the logo looks like it follows the bend on the strap. Is this possible?

Hello Thanks, for now it’s not possible to repeat logo on some area. You can upload image to defined area of your product

Thank you for your question.

Will this plugin run properly on WordPress 4.9.1? Thanks

Hello Yes, sure. You can test it on our demo site http://wordpress.k2-service.com/ demo demo123

Feel free to ask us any questions. Thank you

hi, can i use other fonts besides google fonts, thanks

hi You can use only google fonts now.

thank you

Hi. I just purchased the plugin and would like to know if there is a manual, video or other resource where you explain at least how to use properly this tool, the basics functions and the installation?

Thank you.

Hi. I just resolved the problem of the parts of the image. But I have other issues:

1. Again, i don´t have the option for include custom text, i can only visualize the image option. 2. The price is not being updated, although i specify the base value and then the specific prices with which it increases. 3. The default image is being superimposed over the footer, it is not respecting the limits of the template.

In this link you can also view more: https://www.ladralo.com/customizer/personaliza-tu-plaquita/

Thank you.

Hi. Forget the comment, i just resolved all reinstalling the plugin correctly. Thank you very much.

Thank you

Love the whole idee off the product, only for me import is not working (what ever i try it’s doing nothing) everytime it reports import OK. , Another problem with adding components by number 3 i’m not able to add any more options… ? or components


We received your email and we will try to help you! Tank you!

Thanks, if import is working correctly it saves me really a lot of time (or clone of components that will do the trick) for the rest love this plugin…...

Thank you!

Could you please send us screenshot or error message on email plugins@k2-service.com (just reply on our email)?


Is there any way you can resize the small preview buttons?

hi Do you mean buttons on customizer archive page and customizer single page? You can change size of that buttons in css

thank you

Admits visual composer ? Can cart , checkout be customised as well ?


everything should be ok, you can try free version before. Feel free to contact us on plugins@k2-service.com if you will have additional questions.

I can longer import/export the configurator as of the most recent update. How does one go about doing that?

thank you, we will be on touch with your web guy via email


LordWill Purchased

It’s been 2 days and still no response! Please respond to the emails. The mobile look doesn’t work, the additional option pricing isn’t working and breaks the amount whenever any option is clicked. You need to please respond to my web guy so you guys can fix these issues. We’ve tried using a default theme and still doesn’t work properly. Used only your plugin and WooCommerce and the amount still breaks! The newest update also removed many features the old had. This plugin isn’t working properly and is even broken on your demo sites.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will answer for all requests as soon as possible.

Ou demo site works fine. Please download the latest version of the plugin.

Thank you.

Love this so much, rated 5*!

One question though: Is it possible to embed the customizer on a page rather than having to go via the ‘customize’ button? I’ve tried using iframe but the ‘add to cart’ button doesn’t work.


Hi You can find ID in url of customizer edit page http://prntscr.com/iwzrii

sherkx Purchased

hmm that’s weird, I can’t get it to show up. The “customizer_widget” div is appearing but nothing is inside it. Any ideas?

Did you download the latest version of the plugin? please write us on email plugins@k2-service.com

thank you