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hi , its possible to rename customizer in adressline to a other name

Hello. Yes, it is possible, but unfortunately we cannot guaranteed all the functions in the plugin will work correctly. If you will need any additional information from us feel free to contact. Regards K2-Service Support Team

Hi, I’m searching for a product configurator. I see your plugins and this is very fine, I like it. But unfortunally I don’t have woocommerce product but only native porfolio product. Your plugin already work with this kinds of elements? Thanks

Hi, You can use our plugin without Woocommerce and any products. unfortunately it doesn’t work with portfolio elements thanks

Hi K-2, I’m looking for a plugin for book cover design, so I need the ability to add many images, embellishments and fonts for the end user to have. Then the ability for the user to design the cover, then purchase and download immediately, preferably a large JPG and/or PDF at very specific dimensions. Optionally I’d like to see the design held in the client’s account with the ability to modify the cover as needed.(that’s the dream anyway!)

Hello. Not really sure what exactly you are looking… Is there anyway you can send us the link to the similar work? Or provide us a little more information about. Thank you

Hello. Unfortunately our plugin will not be able to cover all your needs. We can build custom plugin for you if you want. Let us know please if you are interested and thank you Regards K2-Service Support Team

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin since June and until then I can not put my store in the air because of this problem. I sent you an email again, can you urgently request this resolution, please?

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our tech department already looking at your ticket. We will resolve all the issues ASAP. Thank you


Mediqfr Purchased

Hi, prepurchase questions :

1 Is it possible to have 2 visible groups of options in a configuration ? For example for the bike, you’ve got the bulhom bar and the drop bar in the bar config. In the vertical template, no problem but in the horizontal one, you have no visible separation between the 2 group.

2 Is it possible to combine 2 configurators on one page with one total price ?

Thanks for your help, i am about to buy your item :)


Mediqfr Purchased

Hello i’ve got a fatal error : Warning: require(/home/www/mediq-cabinet-medical/prod/shared/wp-content/plugins/product-customizer/includes/class-customizer.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/mediq-cabinet-medical/prod/shared/wp-content/plugins/product-customizer/customizer.php on line 54

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/www/mediq-cabinet-medical/prod/shared/wp-content/plugins/product-customizer/includes/class-customizer.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /home/www/mediq-cabinet-medical/prod/shared/wp-content/plugins/product-customizer/customizer.php on line 54

can u help us ?


Mediqfr Purchased

I’ve tried on 3 wp in differents hostings and fatal error everywhere

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our tech team at plugins@k2-service.com

after i have activate the plugin i dont have the “add to cart ” buttons in product overview ( its the woocomemrce standard option unter products ) I think its have a ajax problem

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our tech team at plugins@k2-service.com

Hi, it is a presale question. I want to included the customizer in a varible product like a t-shirt where user can choose the size, as well as the short-sleeved or long-sleeved, or other options.

Thus, is it possible to include the customizer after varible options or the product should be simple products and all the options should be included in the customizer? Thanks

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our tech team at plugins@k2-service.com

Hi, i have a problem. In woocommerce i see the overview picture who i buy but i have no overview picture in my mail. I dont have the image in /uploads/customizer . this folder is empty .

Hi For generating images you need to enable that option in plugin settings. but in any case you should see all customization of your product in mail Do you have any plugins for customization email of something like this?

Please write us on plugins@k2-service.com we will try to help you with that issue


Hi , in the last Month i had 3 times the Problem after a customer oder a Product ( Click on the Order Button in the Designer) That the price in the Cart is double ( example : normal Price is 20 € after click the button in the cart the price is 40 ) -_> Aftzer i refresh in the cart the price is normal 20 ( if i refresh not the order price is 40

Hi please write on plugins@k2-service.com and we will send you latest version of the plugin. It will be available to download in next few days on codecanyon as well. Thanks

Hi, this is a pre sale question.

I am selling plants online and I would like my customers to be able to select different pot and different plant to see how both would look like. In the demo I saw that they can choose colour, in my case I would like them to choose product instead of a different colour of the same product.

After choosing, they should be able to view the total and add to cart.

Is this possible by using your plugin?

Thank you.

Hello. Yes, you can do exactly what you need with our plugin. You will have to have ready PNG files(pictures). If you will more questions feel free to contact us

hello – i am looking for something like this plugin. if i need some customisation that i cannot do with the plugin – so you offer this service?

thank you.

Hello. Yes, we offer service to customize our plugin for your needs. Just contact us and we can make it happen. Regards K2-Service Team

Feature Request – I would love it if you could add colors from the color management as options, and also if you could add options that were either check boxes or radio buttons with a label – so you could do something like component: category: Yes No

Also, it would be great if you could clone components and options, or copy options to another component – for example, if I have a list of components that all have the same color options, it would be nice to be able to clone that component and rename it rather than have to create a new one and re-add all of the colors to it individually.

Thank you for your request. We will think about that features

I can use it as a living room product designer. ? I sell furniture seating group. Do I have the possibility to design the colors of the custom design cartridge online? it’s important for me to buy -

Hello. With out plugin you can make any possible customizer. You have to have images! Is there a way you can provide us a sample what exactly you are trying to do? Thanks

Presale Question : I need it for 1 of my client, who is wanting to have an option to customize the products on his website. They wish to have an option where the end user can put up custom text/logo/clipart/image on the product. Also, the formatting of the text should be possible like changing it’s size, colors, position, alignment etc. So, can you guys help me out with this?

please give replay asap… thanks


With our plugin you can allow your customer to upload custom images or write some text with custom color but currently customers can’t change position or size of area with custom content. Only shop administrator can do this

Thank you

is it possible to see a part of the admin area to see how it works with a screenshot ?

Hello. Sure, you can login to admin panel: http://wordpress.k2-service.com/wp-admin login- demo password – demo123

If you have more questions feel free to contact us