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Presale question, is it possible to add a custom text area on a product ?

Hello. Yes, our plugin already comes with CUSTOM TEXT option. You can add text to any place and as many options you want. If you have more questions feel free to contact us

Hello , i want to make custom made silver bracelets with this module , i can do that ?

Hello. Sure, you can make it. Do you have ready pictures? We can build something like this for you on our web site. Let us know please and thank you

So you need photo for a cord , or leather breacelet without stone or silver , and some silver or stone elements , right ?

Yes, correct. You can send us some file to our email. Thank you


I was wondering if it were possible to create something similar to this – http://loaf.com/products/crumpet-sofa/select/colour

Not as complex as the example I would need 3-4 rows showing different fabrics from different ranges. Once selected it would colour the sofa inthat colour.

Many Thanks

Hello. Sure, if you have images you can make it without any problems. If you have more questions feel free to contact us K2-Service Support Team

Presale question: i was testing your pizza product, but i need a way to “Undo” option if the customer add wrong options or made a mistake. Is it possible?

Hello. Yes you can upload “empty” png file with icon and they can “undo” the option, for example without any meet for the pizza.

Same problem, how do we undo ? Can we upload png for extra ingredients ?

Hello. Yes you can upload “empty” png file with icon and they can “undo” the option, for example without any meet for the pizza.

Hello, I’m actually looking for a plugin that will suit my need to custom my products, but the thing is I have many products and I already tested one plugin that looks like your, but the thing is that All the images I put for the different component are one over the other as you can see on this screenshot : http://hpics.li/850e1c7 so the customer can not choose the fabric, color etc.. Do you think with your plugin it will work ? Thank you

Hello. Our plugin will definitely will work for you but you will need to have the PNG files ready for it. If you have more quesitons feel free to contact us

Hi, I’m interested in the plugin, can you use it for a photo printing shop ???? If not, you have something that can serve for people to upload their photos the cut size and choose whether they want in matt finish or shine.

Thank you so much

Hello. Unfortunately our plugin will not perfectly work for what you are looking for. Thank you

Hello, one week i’m waiting for support (email), can you fix bugs i sent you please ? Thanks .

Hello. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our tech department will take a look on your ticket right now. Sorry again and hope for your understanding.

Few technical Presale questions, this is for pizza shop 1- can you have a variation of the each topping with different prices based on size of pizza and options to choose if that topping will be for left half, right half or whole pizza. and do you have the ability to add different prices for a halfs and different images for each half like in this pic https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By4uBKd9NbcGTlZTcFBzYy1DVjQ ?? 2- can the customer see a list of the ingredient they added as in the pics above 3- can you structure variable sizes pizza product to have pre-selected toppings and the ability to switch or add more toppings ? per say A Margarita pizza has a 4 sizes variations and should come with 3 pre-selected toppings ( Mozz cheese, tomato and basil) with the ability to deselect one of those toppings and add another topping or add more toppings to it. thanks

Hello. All the options you described will work in our new version of the plugin – WITH CONDITION RULES. New updated should be avaliable for download in 2 weeks. With conditional rules you can choose which pizza comes with preselected toping etc… If you have more quesitons feel free to contact us

just to clarify; How about having different prices and images for the same topping depending on whether you get it on a left half,right half, whole pizza or even extra toppings can you do that ??

Regarding the prices for different side of the pizza (if the topping the same… etc..) – we need to do some custom work in conditional rules. You can contact us directly and describe all the options you want and we will let you know if we can make it for you and what will be the custom option price. Our email – plugins@k2-service.com Thank you

Hi, I’m thinking of buying. I want to ask a few questions. The customer needs to add custom picture to the product. Can he do that? I want to make the module that I give the link below. Is this possible? http://www.formatasarla.org/beta/

Hello. With out plugin you have ability to add custom picture (as many as you want) to the product. Unfortunately link you provided not working. If you have more questions feel free to contact us

Is it possible for users to upload an image?

Hello. Yes, in current version users can upload an image. If you have more questions feel free to contact us

Hi , very nice plugin. My Problem : i dont see the choosed Information in the orderd Email. I see only the Name of the product but not what the customer choose

I had a email template from othe rplugi. but i dont seh the basic image after add to card) only the options as image

Hello. Can you please contact our support team at plugins@k2-service.com and we will find the solution for you. Thank you


sylk89 Purchased

Hi there,

I’m about to purchase your plugin but i have one question, will your wonderful plugin work with composite products from woocommerce and WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options as i’m currently using both plugin on my site?

Thanks in advance.

Hello. Can you please contact us directly yo – plugins@k2-service.com Thank you


sylk89 Purchased

Hello I’ve sent you an email to that address. looking forward to your response.

Hello. Thank you