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can I buy and directly launch to google play?

jeez.. i want to buy this and you dont even bother to answer my question… sucks

you can, but you need to setup your leaderboard in Google Play Services and replace background music

How many level is there ?


intersitials ads at time of game over ?

can i open the app on android studio ?

I don’t know. It’s project is for Eclipse

Is it possible to add time? because players take screenshot and they pass all level easily. If is it possible can you add time please? Thank you.

All possible. I will think about this

I will be pleasure if I add time. Thank you again. Have a nice work.

I asked something from you about application but still you did not give answer. Please I would like to add time for this application, I need this. Could you help me? Thank you.

Check your email. I have send email to you

How do you change music files? I’m a newbie. Please advise.

One leaderboard. Achievements not used in the game

In Google Developer Console it states that app won’t publish unless five Achievements are created. How do I get around by not having achievements, but still want to publish app?

Create a five achievements in Google Developer Console, but it doesn’t means that you must to use them in the game

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Is that possible to still have Eclipse version?

hello, How can I change the name of game ? I see there are many thing to change

And what do you want else? In documentation I have explained a project structure. All source code and string values are with comments. In documentation there are a line ”/app/src/main/res – app resources, such as app icons, graphics, layout files, string values”. Find file ”/app/src/main/res/values/string.xml”, it’s easy.

okay, thanks, i found everything :p just one last question : If i change package name in AndroidManifest.xml then i run it it give me many Error:(119, 72) error: package R does not exist, and have to change back package name

You need also to change a package name in in “src” folder with Java files

Can this be multilingual?

Can I see documentation for this?

Hello Oldenweb,

when I imported the Android project in studio , I get this error:

Error:Execution failed for task ’:baseGameUtils:mergeReleaseResources’. > Crunching Cruncher common_google_signin_btn_text_dark_focused.9.png failed, see logs

Clean the project and try to reopen it again

Hello OldenWeb

How can I change the square?

Or must juster change the color only?

You can change everything by editing the source. But the easiest way to change only the color in the files: block_type0.xml, block_type1.xml, block_type2.xml, block_type3.xml, block_type4.xml

hello OlDenWeb,

how many create achievements & leaderboard ?

Hello i bought the game but sometimes there is a bug where you can’t select a box even if you touch it multiple times

Hello , Can you add a progress bar for the time ? it will be very helpful

Can you add pause option in game? The time is up if the message comes or any notification in the game…