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In Text area I need to limit the number of characters, please help.

Hi, are you alive?


Hi, great form builder. I just have a question about the email the system generates. Currently the email looks like:

Form Contents: Field1: Jonny Appleseed Field2: 12, Appleseed Road, London, UK Field3: Yes Field4: 12345678

How can I change so it looks like:

Form Contents: Customer name: Jonny Appleseed Customer Address: 12, Appleseed Road, London, UK Opt in to newsletter: Yes Customer Telephone Number: 12345678

This is just an example. On smaller forms it’s not an issue but if i did a form with 20 fields in it, it would be much easier for the client to keep track of what fields are what.


Anybody there?

Hi. Please email me via my profile page and I will be glad to help you with this.

hey, is it possible that when someone select an option from ‘select’, the associated infos display?

for example if he select option 1 from ‘select’, then ‘text filed’ 1 & 2 will appear but if he select option 2 for ‘select’, then ‘text filed’ 3 & 4 will apear.

is it possible?

Hi. Unfortunately it’s not possible to create that kind of logic in this app. You would need to manually code it after you create the form.

Hi, for a non-commercial web site, can I use the script to provide a “form builder service” for website’s users? Regards, Company-design

Getting a browser message say jquery needs to be updated from 1.5.2 to 1.7, are you aware of this ?

Hello, awesome form builder but there’s a big problem.

To make the validation work i had to link in my page head also uniform.js and jquerytools.js, downloadable for free, i did this and the validation works fine, but it overrides my jquery library (1.9) because i had to embed the 1.7 in the jquerytools package. in my project I have 1.9 tho and all my things are messed up, but if I embed only 1.9 the validaiton is not working, there’s a way to make the validaiton work without embeding 1.7 in the jquery tools library? I need this thing to validate fields also with jquery 1.9! is it possible? thanks.


When I try to create a form and download it all I see is the ‘Loading..’ message and nothing downloads. Could you please let me know what the problem may be?

Thanks in advance.

Are there any plans to update this to include human validation?

Can VFB integrate with an email subscription like Mail Chimp or another email plugin?


Can I use this to create forms and use them to post data to pages?

Please let me know if you have any example so I can purchase this.


Odd, when I updated to jQuery 2.1.1 my form no longer validates. The only version that seems to work is 1.5.2 and below. Anyone experiencing this?


I’m still waiting for a reply to my email earlier this week and an email I sent about 3 months ago too; I edited both main.js and process_form to use the redirect code, added the URL of the page to redirect on form success and all that happens is the user can fill out the form and then the form will disappear and go blank, the rest of the page stays in place.

No success page or redirection. Can you PLEASE help me because I need my Adwords consultant to track how many times the form is submitted through a conversion tracker and accurate results are not possible – I can’t see why the redirect doesn’t work for me. I added the correct URL, I uncommented the lines.. what else can I do?

I guess this isn’t supported anymore, so we’ll now remove all of the forms across the website. It might help to add a notice to say you do not offer support anymore, or change the one that says you do. Might save wasting people’s time.

Thank you.

same sentiment here – I have 2 scripts purchased from this author – and neither had any updates. I too hate to have spent the money on something I cannot use. This will be a good lesson: to never ever buy anything from an author that has zero responses for several months on their item. Usually means, you are out of luck, after you spend time and money on their item. :(:(

Does this plugin have a page break tool?


Can I use this for registration in which the data are saved in the database, can be viewed in an admin interface, and are exportable in csv?


This author should be banned from Evanto

In this code we want to do if we click on preview button that time our form will be save and work as form. When we used some(required) fields in form den we click on preview and full fill the form and submitted from that location our forms data must send to e-mail from which field we used for to email and if we want to save this data then its also save in database using mysql.

this is a link where we implemented form builder code.


if you able to add a payment in registration field (paypal), I will purchase it now , but what does it cost if you add the registration form with paypal ?

Hey guys,

I’ve had this installed for about a year now – however suddenly I went to create a form and when trying to download the ZIP file I got stuck on ‘Loading…’.

So I contacted my VPS provider in case I needed to install or reinstall the ZIP extension, but it’s all present and correct as shown in the /info file for the form builder also.

Any ideas what might be stopping me suddenly from downloading the forms in a ZIP file? Sadly I find this the easiest way; I tried copy pasting the files as shown in the ‘View’ part and my forms didn’t work at all! I’m too noob-ish to do it myself.

Hi, on the feature “post processing control”, I ask if this feature is supported: when a visitor successfully submits user data, I want a download button to appear for them to d/l a file. In addition, I need to be able to receive some form of a success code via php so that i can do other stuff via php. Is this feature supported/easily implementable?