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Well done, I like it! :)

Thank you.

First of all… I like your plugins. I bought some of them and the only problem is, that they are not very frequently updated.

For this plugin.. generally it is a good idea but I think the visual presentation is a little disadvantageous (don´t know is this is the right word ;)).

Why ´don´t you create a simple card display? Just google for “FUT fifa” to see what I mean.

I think, football fans ´just need 3 informations on first fiew: jersey number, position and name – maybe, additional, a really small picture in small avatar size (30px or something). Then, let them hover the players and you could offer some more informations:
name, nationality, club, maybe some custom addition informations like bars for skills, rating, worth Your ideas are so nice… and I really like thre drag and drop (if there is a grid to align perfectly)... But every idea could be better with peoples opinion

Thank you for your feedback and ideas Digiblogger,

About the drag and drop editor, there is a grid and the X Y coordinates are shown so you can perfectly align the players. ( you can notice the grid if you set HD 720p in the “Create a custom layout” video )

I’m still working on the demo and item presentation because in my opinion doesn’t look great at the moment but will be updated in few hours.

Hi daext, well, yes the demo is ok. But what I mean is the presentation of the formations. Just do me the favor and google for “FUT FIFA”... you will see some differences. This is, because thr big round faces in your formation kill all those space for informations (as methioned above) that are really needed.

Well, in last consequence, it is you decision. But most people would like to present formations as people are used to see them. It´s a little hard to show details when you only see a face and a name

Cool one. I like it. :)

Thank you sike.

I bought the football formation a month ago and was expecting an update that will not come, that why you chose to release another plugin instead of an update.

Hello futexcel,

I bought the football formation a month ago and was expecting an update

I’ve never received a message from you with a request/idea/suggestion for an update.

If you have a specific request feel free to contact me via my profile contact form.

that why you chose to release another plugin instead of an update

Football Formation is a different product, updates are useful to improve products, not to change products.

Awesome jog. GLWS :)

Nice one :)

really cool!

Nice plugin, working well. But I would like to give other authors rights to create their own formations. Currently they have the user role “contributor”. Is there any way to change the role for using your plugin or to create a custom capability?

Sure, contact me directly via my profile contact form i will send you a couple of modified files.

Done, thank you!

can I remove player borders?

Hello alad1n, please contact me directly via my profile contact form and i will send you some modified css.

Can we remove big images of players and just add small circle with the number of player. 2. Will this info we enter be stored or we need to enter for each team everytime?

I like this style better than footballformation, so it’s not a option hard would it be to modify it ?

I’m sorry oneruffryder but this plugin has been created to work with the images of the players and does a lot of calculations via javascript to position the elements on the screen, to assign the correct dimensions to the elements, to calculate the shadows etc. so i can’t change this easily. I’m working on a new formations plugin that uses high resolution svg graphic, drag and drop editor of layouts and customizable colors with a vertical layout like this one, will be released in less that 10 days. If you need a screenshot of the new product contact me via my profile contact form or follow my profile to stay updated.

The new plugin i talked about in the previous message is now available in the marketplace, check it out Soccer Formation VE.

A brand new soccer plugin from daext is available on the marketplace, check out Soccer Formation VE.

I would like to resize the images to set them smaller or else set the field height to be greater than what it is now. Either options will work for my purposes. Can you please provide me with information for either option? Thank you.

Hello npaulcambull, I just replied to your email.

I would like to resize the images or resize the field to set them smaller. How can i set two lineups together and not one behind the other? Thanks

Hello latarjetablanca, all the elements on the field are handled by javascript and there are not fixed values but proportions, this is due to the fact that the field should be always responsive and adapt to the size of its container.

If you need more technical info on how the dimensions of the various elements are handled by the plugin please contact me via my profile contact form or the support tab so I can point you to the code and give you details if you need them.

Hope this helps.

Presale request was thinking of buying this but i used the pods io frame work and id be doing a query based on his team mates and their ranking in a charity is it possible to explain how the data is feed to the ptich excellent work on this

Hello david37ni, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question, please add more details if you need an answer, punctuation might also help. Thank you.

hi, may i change players picture with real player pic? May i change circle and wallpaper color? Thanks Bye

Ps: great plugin

Hello cittasport76, the drag and drop editor menu is used to create layouts, players are stored inside the formations. Please see the two videos available in the item description, these two features are covered. Hope this helps.

i have purchased plugin, but when i try to install it, system says: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12607733 bytes) in /home/cittaspo/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1127. Why?

Hello cittasport76,

this error isn’t related with the plugin, but with the fact that you are loading in memory more that what is declared with the “memory_limit” directive.

Most of the times this problem can be solved simply by increasing the memory limit with PHP. Add in the function.php of your theme this line:


Change the value ‘256M’, ‘128M’, ‘64M’ if your server doesn’t support ‘512M’.

In case your hosting provider doesn’t allow to modify the memory_limit with the PHP ini_set() function, ask them which method is allowed to increase the memory limit, for example through the .htaccess, through you hosting administrative panel, etc.

If you need more info please contact me directly through the support area or via my profile contact form and feel free to write in Italian if you want, I’m Italian too.


Hello luanfernando, I just replied to your email. Please continue on that thread for technical support.