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Can the themes built here be used in with other content management systems? And if yes what kind of CMS platforms are supported? Thank you

For the templates to be used in other cms platforms you would have to make the appropriate adjustments. The application can be used as a content management system, in terms that you can save the exact templates and the content can be modified to reflect the changes.

Does this require a MYSQL database? Can this be installed on domain or does this need to be installed on a local machine?

Hi there, the application requires a MySQL database and can be installed both on domain and on local machine

Can you have multiple users?

Hi, yes the application provides multi-user functionality.

Hi, is there any user login, registration form and admin area for manage the users?

Hi, there is a form on the main page of the application for managing user creation login and registration.

But this software has not admin user so I cannot manage the other users. Any visitor can create an account and use the software without my permission.

Other question. The software has not any reference in footer or settings or other part about codecanyon, a website or the author/developer of this tool? There is not any credit or Copyright ? I want to ask because I dont want to refers my visitors to any other site.

Other question: How my users could download the templates if the templates are not accessible because they are saved in the server of my website?

The multi-user feature has not any purpose because users cannot export the templates :( .

I am sorry but I just have requested the refund in the codecanyon help center because the exporting feature does not work for my users. In case I need to change some settings let me know if not please refund this sales asap.

The software does not download the template in the local computer of the users. This is the only one issue.

Please refund asap.

The current implementation of the export process, was to export the templates in the server in the downloads folder. I can implement an update so that this process will involve downloading them at the same time at the local computer.

Please refund the money and I will wait for the next version, thanks

Ok i have issued your request. I’m also making an Update for the Application in which the Export process for the Templates will involve exporting them as well as Downloading them for the users in their local computer as zip files.

Hi, I like your product and we are willing to buy it for a bigger use. I have a couple of questions:
  1. Is it built on html css and bootstrap? or are there any other technologies involved.
  2. We are planning to install/implement this application on salesforce force.com /heroku platforms. Any idea if that’s doable?
  3. I see one of the comments saying that the software needs ‘my sql’. If we were to host it on heroku, we would not be able to use mysql. is there a workaround?
  4. Is it possible to upload our own custom html templates and edit them using your product?
  5. Can we download/copy/clone templates built by this software? we would like to create a library of templates and images and forms etc.
  6. How is the google quality ranking of the end result code?
I apologize for loaded question but we’d really appreciate your guidance here. Also, if you have any documentation on the architecture/installation/editing, it would be great, we are willing to pay extra for that support.

thank you.

Hello. I bought this app today and recorded on your own server. I set up a MySQL database. Everything is OK, but when I make a user registration and then want to create a new project, you will see only a white page. Thank you for your help See: http://automyckycr.cz/visual

Hello. I bought this app today and recorded on your own server. I set up a MySQL database. Everything is OK, but when I make a user registration and then want to create a new project, you will see only a white page. Thank you for your help See: http://automyckycr.cz/visual/main.php

Is this solved? I visited the page /visual/main.php and it shows up correctly. You should be able to create new project after selecting a user registered.

I reproduced the issue and found that page /visual/main.php doesn’t get the userid of the logged-in user. I’m uploading an update for this it will be up in about an hour.

Great One, welcome to Envato Family

Could not install, but went to /initialize.php directly and installed perfectly… Thanks bud!!!!

Great Script!! :) Just wondering if/where I can turn off error reporting. I am getting some minor errors that maybe you can help me with. Such as… Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/ilnelitemedia/public_html/visual-creator/template4.php on line 18

and a few others. If they have no effect on function, please let me know where I can turn off error reporting. If these are significant errors that will compromise function, pleas direct me on how to correct… Thank Youi

i’ll send you the corrected

Your Corrections do not work either—SAME PROBLEM!!!!


Hi, Can i create own Blocks for the drag and drop Area? Can i insert and safe custom css and scripts?

Hi, yes you can insert custom css and you can also create your own blocks that you can save as templates.

Hello. Please, can you help me with the problem that has occurred? The point is that if I want to download the created template, it will pop up an error message “Got error: error”. I have an application installed on my server. OS: LINUX (UBUNTU) 64Bit – MySQL, PHP 5.6. Thank you very much for your help. Petr Tuma

Hello, can you tell me if this issue appeared now, before you could download the templates? To understand the issue , can you see any error log messages in the current template file you have opened to download, or to the script download_template.php that is called with Ajax ? If there aren’t any error messages in the logs for these files, check the logs of your Server, it’s possible that you need to change directory permissions for the downloads folder of the application so that your users can write to this directory

Hello there portuguese translation?

The application interface is in English. The templates can be created in any language you want to.

Convert PSD to Webpage is standalone or include, that can not see option at Demo?

Can Import existing Webpage (HTML, CSS, JS)?