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This is an AMAZING code product.

I’ve used a beta version on a $70,000 website project. The free form layout on the Product Detail Page is one of the key components to the project.

So if you want to stand out in your offering to your clients, get this plugin and get creative with your e-commerce websites.

I’m very excited about publishing this plugin on CodeCanyon after putting so much work into it.

Thank you for your comment and good luck with your website project.

Good work! Glws!

Thank you – I’m doing well on positive comments so far :-).

Awesome plugin!! Finally the ability to make a great looking customized checkout page! This is what I’ve been looking for :)

Yes – you can have three columns on the checkout page with this plugin :-).

ya, I love how I can now put in product info on the checkout screen, and things like my 30-day guarantee, etc. :)

I’ve added a Visa/Mastercard image to the checkout page in the demo :-).

Just a quick question – will this work with any theme?

I’ll update the plugin for you if it doesn’t work with a popular theme.

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This is a Visual Composer add-on.

How does it work, how much control do you have over the design, button color, things like that. How do you make it replace the default theme for woocommerce? It would be great to see a demo of the back end or a video.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I’ll update the plugin so that the button colors can be edited. This plugin only overrides the content of pages (rather than overriding the theme) so it should integrate well into themes.

The aim of this plugin is to allow every WooCommerce page to be editable by Visual Composer including the shop.

Thanks for the quick response. I will keep my eye on this and pick it up soon, especially when you add color control, and shop control.

Do you have backend demo?

If you send me a message using the contact form on the profile page then I can send you admin details of a website where the plugin is installed.

Ok i send. Thanks

I’ve just done a quick test to see how this works and will be continuing in the morning, but I have to say that I’m impressed with its simplicity in showing the new look. I had it working within seconds of installing.

Just one question though. I am having to create the page as I want to see it on a new page, then copy/paste into the product page. Is there some way that I can add the different shortcodes on the product page itself, via Visual Composer?

I looked at the VC settings, but didn’t see a way for this to be done, but I’m guessing it can be for this to work in the best way.

When you create or edit a product, you can click on the Backend Editor button (which is part of Visual Composer) to edit the product using Visual Composer :-).

Thanks. I looked around and Visual Composer and saw where that is done, I should have seen that before, so simple.

No problem :-).

A couple of questions.

1) How do I change the CSS for the price on the product page?

I’ve tried various options, but the price seems to stay the same size.

2) Is there a way to get the plugin to show the tabs at the bottom of the page?

I use the tabs for various information on each product page, but I only seem to be able to add the ‘Additional Information’ section to the bottom of the page, which doesn’t include the reviews or any of the additional tabs that have been included.

On a final note, I’ve tried various options for adding sections to Woocommerce where I want them, and this is the best one so far for simplicity.

Thanks, but make sure you have a nice Christmas without worrying about things :)

This will save you a job.

I’ve taken another look at trying to figure out the CSS for the price and now have the answer.

#top .price { font-size: 40px !important; }

Thank you for letting me know about the CSS. I’ll add this fantastic feature wearing a happy Santa’s hat. Merry Christmas :-).

Thank you and Merry Christmas :-).

Hi there,

how are you? I hope good!

Just a pre sale question: with your great plugin, can I remove quantity and price of products from table into the cart?

ty in advance Stefano

This could be a good idea. I’ll add this feature to the plugin :-).

Great, tell me when you did that, I’ll buy it!

I’ve bought this and it works awesome, but it breaks the column layouts of the Woocommerce Visual Composer widgets. No matter what you specify for columns, if the plugin is enabled it is forced into 2 columns of products.

Total WP theme being used, VC and theme up to date.

Could you send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email?


First of all, this add-on is excellent. However, for some reason, my single product image is not resizing and comes out really small. It doesn’t seem to follow the Woocommerce Product Display Settings.

Could you send a link to a product with this problem so that I can fix this for your theme?

Would it be possible to get this to work with the Templatara plugin? I just get code when I use this in there. Thanks.


Could you send wp-admin and ftp details to a site which has this plugin installed on it to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email? Could you also a description of what is not working in the email? Thanks, WPShowCase

No problem, I’ll get that sorted

Hi. Is it possible to create new costum fields on the form, placing images on the shipping detail page and insert a calender, so people can choose a date for delivery ? Thanks, Peter

These features have not been added yet.

It looks like the Visual Composer Woocommerce Add-on may have compatibility issues with Templatera.

When I edit the template, the WP Add-on elements show up as shortcodes in a text block as opposed to being the usual element blocks. Not only that, but these elements are missing from the choices of elements on the Edit Template section, whereas they appear normally when I’m on the Edit Page section. These elements also appear to show up fine as element blocks on the Edit Page when I load the template via a Templatera element.

Yet despite that, publishing the pages results in that articular page being broken in a way that it uses a default template, with the long list of Fatal Error messages as the bottom of the page.

I got rid of these errors by deleting those WP Add-on shortcodes on the Edit Template page, but at the cost of having no means to add those WP-Add on elements.

If there is a way to solve these issues let me know.


Sorry, the site is currently local, so I can’t send you a link right now.

Don’t worry. I’ll test this plugin with Templatera and update it.

Thank you sir.

does the plugin have style settings or do you have to make all the changes in the css file?

I’ll let you know when this functionality has been added to this plugin.


mrintala Purchased

Hey! Does this plugin allow me to add user login and checkout fields on a cart page? I want to users to do checkout on a cart page.

Also, do you support any checkout field manager plugins?

I could edit the plugin to allow you to change the cart page into a checkout page.

I plan to add checkout field manager functionality to this plugin.


mrintala Purchased

I purchased the plugin and i was able to edit cart page. Checkout -page doesn’t work the way I was hoping. There is no login for old customers and I would like to hide order review before ‘submit order’ button. Also, i noticed some issues with the styling. My headlines are all red now.

The login form should appear at the top of the checkout form.

You can hide the order review using this CSS: .woocommerce-checkout-review-order-table, .payment_methods { display:none; }

Please send the url of the page where the styling is incorrect.

Please add support for your Product Options for WooCommerce plug-in. I would like to be able to add product options to my custom WooCommerce layouts.