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Pre sales question. Do you have to edit each product, or can you make a universal template? Ie… if I have 100 products, it would take a while to edit each one.

It’s a Visual Composer plugin so you can create a Visual Composer product template with this plugin.

So you would need to create the template, then edit every product and apply the template?

If you know a better way of editing posts and pages using Visual Composer then you could probably use that method to edit products (with this plugin).

Hi Guys,

I am trying to use your plugin to create a page layout. I currently use WooThumbs for displaying product images, however when I add the Product Images block in VC, it uses the standard WooCommerce image display and not the WooThumbs that gets used as default. Do you know how I can adjust this?


Thanks I have sent you an email

The wp-admin url in your email does not work.

Hi There, I have just tried the link on two computers and it allowed me to log in. Could you please try again: http://uk21.siteground.eu/~fingerprints/store/wp-admin

Would love to see a backend demo of how it works. I tried some other addons. Unfortunately, with these addons, I had to create a “page” for each category and each individual product and then design it using Visual Composer. So I had a normal wordpress page (with product layout) and a Woocommerce product page. Very inconvenient. Can I use Visual Composer directly on the Woocommerce product pages with your addon?


You can use Visual Composer directly on the Woocommerce product pages with this addon :-). There is no admin demo but you can see screenshots of the admin pages in the normal demo (for example, at the bottom of this page http://vc.wpshowcase.net/product/sunglasses/).

Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi, I just have a pre-sale question, does your plugin allow one to do a one page checkout process. Im looking for something where after the customer selects a plan they go to a page which has the single product on it the billing details template and the order review/place order form. I was intrigued by your example of checkout page which seemed to have a billing form, a shipping form and a order review form. The PBakery visual composer doesnt come with these woocommerce tabs as standard so are these unique to your plugin. Will your checkout page example be sufficient for what Im looking for. Id want to remove the shipping form from the checkout page and replace with the product in question which was selected for purchase. I look forward to reply, thanks, Alex.

Hi Alex, One Page Checkout is not part of this plugin at the moment. Thanks, WPShowCase

So far I am really liking this add-on and I am using with your other options add-on. However, for some reason, my single product image is not resizing and comes out really small. It doesn’t seem to follow the Woocommerce Product Display Settings and I can’t figure out how to have it use the space available.


Still working on our layout – as I will make this one a template and apply as such, but that image thing is driving me nuts! Thank you!

The product image sizes do not update when you change their size in WooCommerce (which is a useful feature for large websites with lots of images). You need to regenerate the thumbnails – instructions on how to do this are just above the thumbnail sizes on the product display settings page. Another alternative would be to add an Image Gallery widget instead.


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I bought, downloaded and installed the visual composer woocommerce add on, Upon trying it out, the only thing I can edit on the product page is the description. How do I get it so that I can edit the entire product page layout like in the advertised pictures. Currently, it still uses the storefront layout… the only thing visual composer editable is the product description

You should be able to add Visual Composer components to the product description.

Hello, I have the popular Zephyr Theme installed. Unfortunately, when I edit a product I do not see the “Backend Editor” for visual composer. If I change the theme, I do see the visual Composer editor buttons.

How can I get this plugin to work with my theme?

There is no email with your username in it.

I just resent the email with my username (Milkman76) included.

The plugin does not seem to be compatible with your theme.

I have just installed Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On. But It doesnt appear anywere. Please advice.

Visual Composer appears on the product page on the test site. Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page if you’d like me to have a look.

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I also need the website url to be able to login. Would it also be possible to have ftp login details?

pre-sale question: can customize variables design, price, etc?

If you also purchased https://codecanyon.net/item/product-options-for-woocommerce-wp-plugin/7973927 then you would be able to add product options to the product and move the product options around the page. The prices are easier to edit with product options (you can change the price of each option) but there is no way to change the price of combinations of product options.

but is not formerly Visual Composer, isn’t it?

What do you mean?

nothing at all, is an error of drawing the mockup, on the right ones ara variables: paper size and kind of paper

I’ve answered your other comment.


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im getting several errors after i add price or add to cart elements to a product page for example Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_price_html() on null in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/price.php on line 26 Do you know where this error comes from and how it could be resolved? Id really like to use your plugin to customize product pages.

Best regards Steffen

Thank you for your message. The plugin is not compatible with your theme. When TwentySeventeen is active, there are no error messages.


ephiance Purchased

Hey thank you for checking. Do you know a workaround how to make it compatible? Otherweise id have to ask for a refund since there is no use for me then as the site is already completely built upon that theme.

BR Steffen

Hi Steffen,

I do not know of a workaround. Refunds are not given for incompatibility with third party themes.

Thanks, WPShowCase