Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) WooCommerce Add-On

Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) WooCommerce Add-On

visual composer woocommerce add-on 1

Page Builder WooCommerce Add-On (formerly Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On) allows you to edit products, the cart page and the checkout page using Page Builder.

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You can make your products look really great by using Page Builder elements like FAQ’s in your products.

You can also add options to your products using Page Builder if you also install Product Options for WooCommerce.

visual composer woocommerce add-on with ultimate add-ons and product options

You can also user widgets from other Page Builder compatible plugins like Ultimate AddOns and Layer Slider.

The product pages, cart page and checkout pages can be edited without creating any extra pages.

You can edit your products, the cart and checkout in the frontend or the backend using Pae Builder.

You can also edit the CSS of some of the subelements of items like the cart.

Have a look at the screenshots below or the live preview to find out more about this plugin.


Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) WooCommerce Add-On 1.10
* Hide WooCommerce Breadcrumbs from theme files on products created with this plugin.

Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) WooCommerce Add-On 1.9
* Improvement of CSS when used with StoreFront theme.

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.8
* Improved security

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.7
* Change of language text domain to be compatible with more translation plugins

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.6
* Updates after testing.

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.5
* Added compatibility with Product Options for WooCommerce.

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.4
Subelements can be hidden.
* Cart columns added to list of subelements.

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.3
* Subelements can be edited

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.2
* Added order reviews and rating to products and the standard product template.
* Added CSS/Design options to the elements.

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.1
* Added a new template

Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On 1.0
* Plugin uploaded to CodeCanyon