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I need to get an updated version of this plug in. my version is a few behind the latest and it is causing errors when I update to the new wp. Please email me and I will give you my purchasing information and other email it would have been purchased by since that was done by my designer. thank you. timothyc84@gmail.com


You can send me your purchase information by clicking on my avatar and sending a message that way :)

I have registered for your support site and it will not let me submit a ticket. Can you tell me if there is a toggle option to switch between annual and monthly pricing?


You can edit it plan and edit the text that shows / mo to what you want e.g. / yr

Hi. I have activated the plugin and i have filled all the required files with content. But the pricing table isn’t showing on the front end of the website? HELP?


Can you send your WP login details via my avatar please and I’ll take a look for you.

I’m getting a message showing on the front-end just before each pricing table:

“Notice: Undefined variable: width in /home/michae31/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-pricing-tables/inc/themeva_vc_pricing_table_shortcode.php on line 307”

I registered with Acoda using my Product Key for support but each time I click on one of the forums (I don’t know which one is the correct one) it asks for my product key again… kind of stuck in a loop… can you help?


I’ve sent two emails, are you not receiving them? Please check your spam folder.

Emails got sent to my spam folder—I will try what you suggested.

I just sent you an email

I am in the Backend Editor, I click to add an Element…clicking Ultimate Pricing Table (and others) and nothing happens….hmmm.

This plugin is still supported ? I see that has not been updated from December 2015 and it’s compatible with WordPress up to version 4.1. How about Wordpress 4.5.2 or 4.5.3 ? On the other hand, how many columns can have the compare plans table?


Sorry for the delay. Yes, it’s completely compatible. It’s even bundled with my latest theme “You” – http://themeforest.net/item/you-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme/15175900

How many columns i can use in the compare plans table ?

It uses the same columns as VC, so upto 6. But you can choose to have 1/3 + 2/3 and any other VC column configuration.


I am having difficulty adjusting the size of the “Title” field font. In the examples on http://themeva.com/ultimate-pricing-tables/ the title fields are different sizes and I cannot figure out how to adjust this. I tried entering HTML into that field, but it’s not changing the font size.

Can you please help me figure this out? Thank you.

Any help please?


I am having difficulty adjusting the size of the “Title” field font. In the examples on http://themeva.com/ultimate-pricing-tables/ the title fields are different sizes and I cannot figure out how to adjust this. I tried entering HTML into that field, but it’s not changing the font size.

Can you please help me figure this out? Thank you.


The titles should all be the same size on that page. To change them via CSS, try this for example:

.themeva_pricing_table .pricing-title h4 {font-size:20px;}

Thank you! That works perfectly.


wish to purchase but would like to ask if it supports fields from the product add on plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/

suppose have to input information like your email address or dropdown selection that will be captured.

hi there, i just purchased your plugin, unfortunately it`s so hard to work with, i cant get any near of your demo examples, it would have been nice if you did insert demo example in your plugin, i need the compare option, how can you help me


It is included. Download the zip file from CodeCanyon and it’s within the ultimate-pricing-tables/xml/demo.xml. Import that file into WordPress and you’ll have the layouts as per the demo. I hope that helps? :)


intown Purchased

I have tried to use your support system, I can create an account and enter in my license code but there is no forum for the pricing table plugin.

I have installed the plugin but the table does not display on the front end. http://officemoving.training/courses/

What do I need to do to get this table plugin working?


The theme you’re using hides the CSS has ”.animate” and the Table plugin has the class “animate” within it for when animation is enabled.

To overcome this, you just need to add this CSS:

.themeva_pricing_table.animate {opacity:1;}

Hey there! I finally got around to using your plugin (.. yes I do buy themes and plugins and never use them,what can I say one of those buyers) but I get the following error: Visual Composer Ultimate Pricing Tables “

“Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPBakeryShortCode_T_Pricing_Table::startRow() in /home/bvas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-pricing-tables/inc/themeva_vc_pricing_table_shortcode.php on line 309”

I’ve attempted to sign up for your ticketing system but I can’t find an area dedicated to this plugin in question.

You’re help is much appreciated!


Are you using the latest version of the plugin. That error looks like an older version.

Can you try re-downloading the plugin from ThemeForest > Downloads and see if that works. Thanks

It works now, thanks!

Can I use icons within the lines of each pricing plan, rather than text? Such as font awesome icons? Thanks

Your page on CodeCanyon looks like there are pricing table templates that are easy to install. So, I purchased this add-on and was disappointed to find that there are no templates to choose from. You should edit the “Item Details” so that it is not misleading to potential customers.

Can you please provide the URL for the documentation that explains how to use the templates? I have searched your KB but can not seem to find. Thank you.



My apologies for the delay, the documentation is in the main download file itself. Re-download the main file from Codecanyon > Downloads and you’ll find the documentation within it.

Hello! how to correct the displacement..) http://clip2net.com/s/3CGHCjF Thank you!

Hi! Did not work out…)) http://clip2net.com/s/3CKQ9hf

My apologies, try this:

pricing-content ul {
    padding: 0 !important;

Super! Quick work, thank you!

I just bought this plugin and it is not working, it only shows the coding on the front side, with words, no pretty pricing tables. I can not post in the support forum it will not validate my license


Do you have a link to your page please? It sounds like the plugin hasn’t activated.


bokumo Purchased

Hi, i just bought your plugin and the enable featured plan is not working for me. You know what’s wrong?


Do you have a link to the page that has the issue?

I have this plugin included in in your theme (You theme) which is great btw! Many thanks for that. Could you please tell me why it’s not possible to re-arrange the columns inside the pricing tables? This brings a ton of work when some tables need to be switched with each other. This would surely make a great addition to an already great plugin!

Thanks for your response and have a great weekend.

You too :)

Hi, is there any update on this?

Please i need your help … see this picture ( http://globaldima.com/consultabold.png ) i wait your comment

I just bought this plugin – works great! I’m unable to center align the pricing tables within a VC row. Is there a setting to align center?

Found the setting in the pricing table designer – thank you!