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Hey, as a happy user of your plugin I just bought another copy to use it on another site. Unfortunately it does not work… at the end of this page: http://www.offbit.com/website/ I provided access to the Backend for you http://www.offbit.com/website/wp-admin/index.php User: support password: wZvZKYtaWWAYFZzCKjec6WZz

please check it. i have setup plugin.


OFFBIT Purchased

Thank you. Did I do anything wrong?

I have set up the plugin and added facebook and twitter but I am getting a loading screen only. D you know what may be happening?

Actually it looks like twitter works but facebook does not. Not with the page id, page name or page id.

why does it take so long to load? Very Bad for SEO. Been waiting over 5 minutes. Is there something wrong? Check out bottom of home page on www.quarterbackacademy.com

please per page decrease. because your social image size very high.

Hi there,

The lightbox popup doesn’t work on my website. I click a social post and the background dims, rotating circle loads beside the cursor, but no post pops up.

Have you come across this issue before?

i found css issue. please add below css in your style.

.mfp-container {
    opacity: 1 !important;

Brilliant, it’s working now. Thank you!

if you like my plugin and support please give me 5 star rating.

Hi. I have setup both twitter and youtube to feed and they are working great. But in the filter buttons only the twitter button shows up, not the youtube one. Do you know how I may get the youtube button to show? Thanks.

please send me your email id. i send to new version.

also i have updated on codecanyon. but codecanyon updated version update within 1 day.

Perfect. I updated and now it shows. Thanks. Great plugin!

Can you tell me if facebook “group” pages exist or just standard pages? Thank you.

standard pages name allow this plugin.


I recently purchased your plugin, I’ve installed it and added it via Visual Composer.

Since doing this it’s broke my page navigation, I’ve removed the VC element from my page and my page goes back to normal.

Could you have a look?

Hi !Is not working and it broke my theme slider, Fevr… la cascadabolivia.com

Hi. I am using an SSL on my site but some of the images feeding are not through https. Can you tell me how I may fix this so that my page is fully secured? Thanks.

Is it possible to get a response on this? I would like to make my main page completely secure. The site is https://www.usafirst4ever.com/. The images that are not secure look to be from the twitter feed portion of the feed. Thanks.

i have checked your social grid. all image loaded completely. facebook image only show your uploaded image. not show other site post share image.

The images are being loaded. That is not the issue.

The images that are being pulled form the twitter feed are not coming in with https. See the screenshot below: https://www.usafirst4ever.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Screen-Shot-2017-03-03-at-9.32.30-AM.png

How can I fix it so those images use https and then my homepage fully secured? Thank you.

showing facebook post isn’t working anymore. see your own demo!

i have checked my demo is working.

I need to request a refund. The plugin never worked for me and we no longer need it. Support questions were never answered either.

please send me your site link. http://www.scottsdalefashionweek.com/social-stream-test/ this link not working now.

The link doesn’t work because the page has been deleted. We didn’t receive any responses or support from you so we couldn’t use the plugin. No responses were give to my support comments 4 months ago. I am requesting a refund.

please apply for refund.

KALLYAS theme in not visual composer. and this plugin is visual composer addon. but using KALLYAS theme support this similar plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/social-stream-for-wordpress-with-carousel/11948779


Since I’ve activated your plugin, it’s broken my header on my homepage? can you have a look at this for me?

Speak soon,

yes please send me your site link.

Hello, I’ve just sent you a link to khunthitesh32@gmail.com is this ok?

yes i got it.

Hi, is it possible to load two or more Facebook pages in the same widget? (e.g. seperated by comma)

not possible at a time more than one load page.

where is this plugin located after installation? I couldn’t locate in in the VC addons

please send me email in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will setup for you.


I’ve just purchased and installed VC Social Stream. But I get an error in Chrome console panel: “Uncaught TypeError: iso_cont.isotope is not a function”

It seems that I have installed the v1.5 and not the 1.6. Strange.


Is there a way to send you the link to the page where the plugin is visible?

Could you please answer me. I can’t use the plugin so far. Thanks

yes please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com


vidal Purchased

Hi, I just bought this great Plugin, however. I thought it would be possible to search public hashtags or show someones else his instagram feed. I tried, but it only shows my own insragram photos. How can we make Instagram public hashtag or search to work? Thanks

this plugin only instagram user photo not working with search tag.

instagram hashtag plugin available here : https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-instagram-gallery-with-carousel/11789303

Hi, this plugin has suddenly stopped showing on my website. The URL is http://jonolester.com (under the ‘Social Stream’ section).

Can you please advise a fix? Thanks!

Hi, can you please update me on this?

please remove your console javascript error. http://prntscr.com/f06kx4


I’m trying to set up the Facebook Stream on a homepage. The Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/ETAustralia/ With the Page ID: 165067106854237

Using either of these does not seem to work when I place them in the plugin.

http://staging.etaustralia.com Is the site that I’m placing them on

this grid only one page 1 grid working.

and you have added full url in page name field. please add only page name like “ETAustralia”. not full URL.

Even with “ETAustralia” or the page ID, nothing seems to show up, all I see is loading page on the front end?

Hi, my social streams don’t seem to appear on my page here: http://createnew.me/

The facebook feed is here: https://www.facebook.com/newwaveseafoodltd/ and I have entered the username as ‘newwaveseafoodltd’ ... also the Twitter feed is https://twitter.com/NewWaveSeafood ... and I have entered ‘NewWaveSeafood’ as the Username however nothing seems to load in.

I was wondering if you had any idea why this could be? The theme is the popular ‘Uncode’ one.