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We are having problems with this plugin. It freezes while loading… In Console Inspector I see this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined

on this pieace of code

unifyPostData: function(element) { var post = {}, text = (element.message) ? element.message : element.story;

post.id = element.id;
post.dt_create = moment(element.created_time);
post.author_link = 'http://facebook.com/' + element.from.id;     <- This line

Could you help me out? Thank You :)

i have found you have used old version this plugin. please download latest version in codecanyon and setup it.

Thank You :) It solved the problem. Is there a way we could speak in private?

Saragna, please answer to your others plugins comments (https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-addons-bundle/11943219/comments) ! 5 hours ago on this one and the other oldest (15 days !) ? You dont care ? Thx

check mail.

I would like to be able to tag specific images in my social profile feeds and then setup a feed to display only images containing the tag or hashtag… Can I do that with your plugin?


I’ve just noticed something that you might want to tweak. The twitter feed is still using HTTP instead of HTTPS. For example, images from Twitter are being displayed with HTTP, and so when the plug-in is used on a website that uses HTTPS, the broken padlock/insecure content warning is displayed.

This works just as well with the Twitter HTTPS

It would be great if you could make this update.


i have updated https issue in latest version. latest version updated in codecanyon. but within 1 day codecanyon approve updated version. so please download latest version ans setup it after 1 day. if you urgent so please email me khunthitesh32@gmail.com

Thanks :-)

I have the new visual composer age builder installed which your plugin does not recognise, does it have to be the builder formerly known as visual composer but now known as WPbakery page builder?

yes visual composer and WPbakery page builder is same. any issue with this plugin?

I’m using https://visualcomposer.io/ and Social Stream does not recognise it as visual composer. Thanks

Visual composer is diff product. i have update name in my addon.


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Does your product support LinkedIn streams? If so, how do we pull those in? If it does not, can we ask that a future update support LinkedIn?

Thank you.

LinkedIn not support this plugin.


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I am trying to get this to work and i am stuck with the Instagram API section. Can you help with this? Thanks

i found you have add wrong access token. please add correct access token. please use this tools for generate access token : http://instagram.pixelunion.net/

I am having trouble with twitter images showing in the stream. Facebook images are showing just fine but the twitter ones seem to be getting the following error: Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://www.mysite.com' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image

Can you tell me how I may fix this? Thank you.

Also on the feed that shows (the facebook feed) I have it set to 10 images but it is only showing 4 images.

Now it looks like sometimes one will work but now neither are showing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

Is it possible to show more than one of one social media in the feed? For instance can I show two twitter accounts in one feed?


at a time one account possible. other page you have set other account.