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Hey wptpnet!

This sounds like a good idea. VC does have some extra steps it could minimize to improve overall user speed. I’ve never thought of this though.

But I have a suggestion I would like to see.

When dragging and dropping an element (not a row or column) could you automatically make the element settings popup up to be edited? - I think that would be more intuitive and useful than not. - It would e similar to the Page Builder for Themify. - See video demo of what I mean @ https://youtu.be/_AsoMMYqf_g?t=3m36s

Could you possibly add a demo for us to try?

I would like to try and see if it actually speeds up my page building. You’re last plugin helped so much and is so awesome, but I’m an honest guy, and I’m just not sure how fast this might speed up my page building. I know for clients, it would be much easier to drag and drop items than to do the previous 3 steps to select an item. Not a big deal you no demo, I will give it a try when I get a chance though! Worth the try!

New version 1.2 approved, we have new feature “filter shortcode by nam” now :) I will try to support front-end in next version.

Ok, thanks and I purchased now. :) Great plugin! See review/requests below!

Hi, I really wait your request/suggestion :)

One more question. One screenshot is horizontal. Is that what the layout would look like when the metabox is above VC, in the larger area (since we can obviously move metaboxes where we like)?

It is only screenshot to user can preview all section list :) At the moment, we only support vertical list. Of course, toolbox allow user move it to where they like.

Ok, well maybe this can be supported later. (See message above) So I’m not sure if the horizontal is good yet. But I can let you know more when I get a chance to demo or buy it.

Good job on focusing on improving VC usability! Always a good choice for me!

Yes, Thanks a lot for your attention.

Hi, Seems a good idea! Do it work in Front-end mode? can you post a screenshot? Thanks

I was support it from first version 1.0. However, I met some problem when try connect to sortable in front-end. So, I have disabled it at this time.

I promise that will try support it soon. I will try finish all request/feedback same as I made with Save Load Element.

Thanks for your attention.

Hello ERROPiX,

We supported front-end mode. New version 1.5 will be available today.

Regards, wptpnet

Nice Plugin!


Thanks for your interesting :)

Looks nice, but I am waiting to see some more purchases before I buy the product, can anyone that has purchased the menu system give me some insight on how it has helped out and if all is working. Stephen

Thanks for your interesting. You can check video preview, screenshot preview or here: https://youtu.be/evsjFj9Y-QQ I will support you if you have any problem…


You can check review below for more detail about this addon.

Thanks for your interesting.

Just A Review! REALLY Helpful Plugin!

Ok! I wasn’t sure honestly if this would speed up my page creation using Visual Composer, but after trying it, I quickly no longer do I need the default way of adding elements. I quit using it. This process is much easier and faster.

I no longer have to click to… 1. Click to add an element. 2. Find and select that element. 3. Either edit that element right then or exit out the edit dialog to add another element. 4. Drag and drop the element (if a row) to another place.

That takes away 4 steps that ALWAYS have to be done the traditional VC way. This literally cuts my page creation time in half at minimum.

Because I can simply create my layout, rows, image, button areas, etc. first without the hassle of exiting out screens of find elements to select them. Just drag, Drop, then come back to do content!

This Toolbox is definitely useful and needed. You may not completely believe that at first purchase like I did, but within minutes you will be glad you did and never want to go back to the traditional way of adding elements to your VC pages!

And I’m glad the author heard my suggestions and implemented them quickly as seen fit!

5 STARS for the plugins & support!


For bug, “x” icon, disappear dropped: I will improve it soon.

Disable the ”+” button: I think that it would be option to disable because I don’t want change behavior of VC. I respect it :)

For style: this addon am using smoothess theme of jqueryui: http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/

Could you please give me your css? Maybe, I will add option to change style :)

Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks! I sent css via message.

Thanks! I will check soon


When saving a Save Load Element from a page, if you could make those new elements appear instantly so we don’t have to refresh the page to see the new ones, that would be great.

Just a thought! Visual Composer’s Templatera already does this. Maybe there is something you can plugin into form VC already to achieve this.

Reference Link: http://codecanyon.net/item/templatera-template-manager-for-visual-composer/5195991

Oh, okay! I see that it works in chrome. Thanks.

Maybe I will try support it for all, let you know when done. Thanks for your feedback :)

No problem and thanks!

Hi. Just getting started using the plugin. Is it normal that the toolbox covers the Publish button? Ideally I should be able to move it to a specific part of the page and have it stick in this spot event after I refresh the page. Right now it returns back and covers the Publish button every time and so I ended up having to disable the plug-in..


Hi again,

Is it OK for you? Let me know if you have any request/suggestion.


Hi. Sorry I forgot to turn on notifications for my question. I’ll download and check it out today. thx.

No problem. Let me know if you have any problem :)

it looks like a great tool. Can you sort the shortcodes like by my recently used? can this be manual or automatic? I would like most popular used shortcodes at top for easy reach instead of scrolling to find it in toolbox.

maybe you can do 3 tabs – an All tab, Favorite tab, and Recent tab. You could have a setting wheel button when clicked it brings up screen to configure and add your favorites for Favorite tab. But thinking about it I don’t know how Recent will affect performance if it has to check every time you add shortcode it has to find what it is and add it to Recent tab. So it may not be doable.

Great! I will check carefully before make it. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi jinspin,

Sorry for delayed reply on this.

I supported Favorites list in new version 1.8: add or remove any shortcode to list.

Also, we have added some options with new settings page.

Please update new version 1.8 after approved. Let me know if have any problem / suggestion.

Thanks & Have a good weekend !

Hi I just got email about new update. Do we just install the new plugin or do we have to delete old version and install new version?


Please download new version, delete and re-install new version in doarboad/plugin (or extract zip install file & override old plugin folder).

You can download new version via this page: http://codecanyon.net/downloads

And help me rate this item if you like :)

Thanks, wptpnet

Just bought your plugin and tried it. It shows only 1 element per section though.

Maybe we misunderstand each other :-) You have added these options in you plugin settings, which is great. But my suggestion is to make the settings I mentioned as default ones, instead of the lime green background, white titles and small font. So that one has these settings by default, right after installing the plugin.

Ok, I see :) I will check your suggest and update current default in settings page

Many thanks!


I updated some default params in settings page. Please wait and try again after approved.

Thanks :D


The “Favorites” idea is awesome!

I have a request though too.

Some plugins allow to disable the frontend editor. When that option is on your plugin “hide/show toolbox” button disappears. It took me awhile to figure this out, but your plugin is using the same class as the frontend editor button.

hide/show toolbox uses… .vc_btn.vc_btn-primary.vc_btn-sm.vc_navbar-btn

Can you give .vctb_btn_show_toolbox some separate classes so I can disable frontend editor and still have your show/hide toolbox button show?


That will work. Good idea!


We have new version 1.8:

- Updated: css for vctb_btn_show_toolbox

- Supported: disable the frontend button.

- New feature: add or remove any shortcode to Favorites list.

- Move all option to new Settings Page.

- Add some options to change item shortcode button.

Please update new version 1.8 after approved. Let me know if have any problem / suggestion.


Ok, thanks! Will do! Welcome.


The new update is killer! It’s awesome! The Favorites is soooo great!

A couple more things… :)

I requested this but I think I wasn’t clear and we misunderstood each other.

Could you add a collapse Toolbox option?

I find myself not wanting to hide the toolbox but just collapse it. - See screenshot @ http://take.ms/LxEyf

Do you think you could add support for this?

I really hate having to always answer this browser message. Can you add the option to remove it for Visual Composer? - See screenshot @ http://take.ms/rWZcn

Ok, I think I understand.

Can you add option to disable the Confirm Delete Browser Message? - If not, can you provide me a function or a place in VC code to do this? - That is the problem. I don’t like to confirm every delete action. - VC makes you confirm every delete :(

Sorry, it is impossible. So I removed it in new version 1.9 (submitted new version for reviewing)

Please check private mail to know how to remove Confirm Delete message? :D

Thanks! 1 Million Stars! :)

I got notified of new version but when I downloaded it – it was still version 1.5. This was file I downloaded – codecanyon-12813473-visual-composer-shortcode-toolbox.zip


Please download new version at download page at here: http://codecanyon.net/downloads

It works fine for all everyone which I give my comment for them above.


Could you add support for this?

When switching between the Classic Mode & Backend Editor VC Toolbox shows even if set not to show when switching these editing modes.

See screen cast @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz2xOSVBRqc


Bug is fixed in new update. Please wait and try again after approved.

Thanks :D

  1. Salute – Thanks!

Works! Thanks for the update!

Hi there, i just read this entence “In VC Editor, you can not insert an element between other elements.” , so it is not possible to add 3 sidebar widgets next to eachother? Any update planned for this?


You can add it with some steps in VC: add new element, drag and drop it.

However, you only need one step with this addon, drag and drop element from toolbox.