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Looks interesting, GLWS :)

Hi, I own a similar plugin already (bought on codecanyon) and what im missing from it is an easy way to find the VC sections created when you have a lot of them. The dropdown menu on the section VC elements get ultra long etc… Could you activate categories or other taxonomies to fix that? Thanks!

That`s a good idea! Or maybe a select2 input in which you could search a section by name.

I will definitely add that in a future update.


is it like templatera, so i use one section on 10 different pages and if i make changes in the section, it’ll be automatically reflected on all 10 pages?

I`m not sure what templatera is, but you got the idea.

fantastic work ! Very good :)

I noticed you said you didnt know what templatera is – you might want to check it out to ensure you are not reinventing the wheel, as templatera is an addon created by the Visual Composer team themselves, and it sounds like you have gone to some effort to reproduce the same thing?

this is amazing idea…, I compare to templatera, but templatera does not integrated with widget section… and this plugin can enter the widget section by providing a customization template to the widget, therefore we can have endless design for sidebar and footer?



I’m not sure how to ask for help other than ask you to test on ultimate addon, massive addons too as it always either adds funky padding, something not just working right … so i abandon using it

going to check

are you testing with ultimate addon active?

i also noticed that once I use your plugin inside a row as a nested row, the primary row that contains your shortcode no longer is able to show the ultimate addon background anymore

I feel this plugin is not tested with ultimate addons which is a key essential for VC and most people will use it

This plugin is only compatible by default with Visual Composer and Visual Composer plugins that don`t change or modify core VC elements (like row format, default css and html structure).

Ultimate Addons changes the way rows work by adding various options and I am not able to overwrite their changes because it won`t work as it should.

As I said before, you seem to be the only one having these kind of problems. Try the plugin with a clean WP install and check the compatibility list again. If you have any issues I will gladly help you out. But atm there is nothing I can do for you, since it`s all about Ultimate Addon.

I am really sorry that this plugin won`t fit your current needs.

a shame indeed, I thought this will have potential, but your rigidness to stick to what you think should be and not the reality will really limit it to people like me buying and regretting… really sad

Just purchased this plugin and I can’t get it to work. Everytime I add an element to the page and hit update/save and reload the page, everything is gone!

Hello and thanks for purchasing. What do you mean by “everything is gone”?

The template items that I’ve added are no longer there. Goes back to a new fresh page. Looks like it doesn’t work with Yoast SEO

Send me an e-mail at with all details, including an account so I can test this.


I have now used it in the widget footer and it duplicates 3 times showing 3 of the same thing in footer… its really all getting nerve wreking and I feel from your answers before its more of the same… its not your fault

Send me an e-mail at

I thought I have your e-mail right.

I have sent the plugin again.

please can I uggest you spend some time testing the plugin properly, I;m now not able to call some actions through the plugin so its quite defeating

problem I have gone too far using this, cant switch to the one I was using before very nerving

This eliminates all inconveniences for maintaining a site build 100% with Visual Composer. Before, we had to go trough all the pages and update them manually when wanted to change something on a section that appeared on multiple pages. Now it’s easy peasy and just edit in one place. Great work! This is a must have plugin.

Your item crash Visual Composer. After some use, VC rolemanager is reseted at no use.

I`m working on a fix for this one. Open a ticket so I could send you the new version as soon as I have it done.


I have sent the fix to Codecanyon. Soon there should be live on the website.


Hi, I’m looking for a way to nest some pre-made elements I will use again and again into my website. But by section, do you mean a block or an entire row ? Because I want to be able to insert my elements in a column, not an entire row.

Hello and thanks for your interest in Visual Composer Sections.

You can place the section wherever you need it – a column from a row, an entire row and so on.

Let me know if you need more info.


When you have a widget area on a category page, then try to place a VC Sections widget in that area, it doesn’t add the inline styles to the page.


It should add the inline style only to the vc section not to the entire page.

Is this working as it should?


No, it does not apply the inline styles to a widget area that is located on a category page.

Hello! plugin still alive ? supported ?

Hello! Great plugin! I would like to see a few improvements, namely: Support Multidatabase (network) The ability to manage templates in the admin panel MultiSite (network) An example of how the plug-in Code Snippets. For this revision I’m willing to pay in the private way.

I’m not doing any improvements on my plugins right now. But I’m pretty sure this is working already on a multi wp website, although I never tested.


Seems like VC Sections has stopped working with WP Bakery. Any updates coming?


You are the first one reporting this. I will test it later on and let you know if I find any incompatibilities.



Please send me a detailed e-mail with the issues you are having with my pluin at

I just tested the plugin with the latest WP Bakery version and everything seems to be fine.


How to make available WPBakery builder on VC section for editors (WPMU)? They don’t see WPBakery builder on VC section page.


Maybe WP Bakery keeps different settings for different user roles.

Can they control in WP Bakery the “Role Manager” section?

Otherwise an admin will have to enable vc sections for editors in there.


Yes, “Role Manager settings are the same as for admins. Only Network admin can see the WPBakery editor on the VC section. Even site admin can’t use WPBakery editor on the VC section.

Please send me an e-mail with credentials at so I can check this out.