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Hi there. I don’t see any changes after downloading this add-on. I sent you a message to info@spindleapps.com. thanks for your help.

Should’ve read the comments before purchasing. Like many others here, I see no change or additions to the responsiveness options after activating the plugin.

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Hello, I’ve installed the plugin but I don’t see any new options. I working on Visual Composer 4.12.1. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi , I was wondering, if I buy this plugin, can i chose different behaviours on which portfolio style is show depending on the device i am using.

For example: in desktop Meta “below thumb w/ links on hover”, and if it is on mobile “Meta on hover + entire thumb link”


Hello I bought the addons installed and updated visual composer latest version do not see any extra work, how to do?

I await your instructions swift to solve this problem. Thanks good job


I’m getting this error message when i try to activate the plugin…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_add_param() in /var/zpanel/hostdata/ntfc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vc-responsive-inner-columns/vc-responsive-inner-columns.php on line 35


Thanks for reaching out to us about your issue. This error occurs when you haven’t installed Visual Composer yet. Install Visual Composer and then activate the plugin and you should be good to go!


Is it possible to add [row,inner row, inner inner row].. I have seen only row, inner row…

Appreciate your quick reply Thank You

I want the PC of each line shows the four icons, the mobile shows 2 icons per line, but the settings do not take effect, please help!

My theme is thefox, tested, in this theme, the plug-in does not work, to find a solution