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Hi there. I don’t see any changes after downloading this add-on. I sent you a message to info@spindleapps.com. thanks for your help.

Should’ve read the comments before purchasing. Like many others here, I see no change or additions to the responsiveness options after activating the plugin.

Hello, I’ve installed the plugin but I don’t see any new options. I working on Visual Composer 4.12.1. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi , I was wondering, if I buy this plugin, can i chose different behaviours on which portfolio style is show depending on the device i am using.

For example: in desktop Meta “below thumb w/ links on hover”, and if it is on mobile “Meta on hover + entire thumb link”


Hello I bought the addons installed and updated visual composer latest version do not see any extra work, how to do?

I await your instructions swift to solve this problem. Thanks good job


I’m getting this error message when i try to activate the plugin…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_add_param() in /var/zpanel/hostdata/ntfc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vc-responsive-inner-columns/vc-responsive-inner-columns.php on line 35


Thanks for reaching out to us about your issue. This error occurs when you haven’t installed Visual Composer yet. Install Visual Composer and then activate the plugin and you should be good to go!


Is it possible to add [row,inner row, inner inner row].. I have seen only row, inner row…

Appreciate your quick reply Thank You

I want the PC of each line shows the four icons, the mobile shows 2 icons per line, but the settings do not take effect, please help!

My theme is thefox, tested, in this theme, the plug-in does not work, to find a solution

I just purchased this and installed it but there are no further responsive options for columns available. Everything looks the same. I’m using the latest version of Visual Composer. Can you help?

Hi, I try to ajust something like 4 columns txt block in Desktop and 2 columns txt block in Mobile. I use Artbee Jupiter Visual composer. Is your plugin compatible?

Hi. Does this Exension also allow to have more nested rows? Row->Inner Row/colums->Inner Row/colume? Currently it’s only possible to have 2 Row->Inner Row. You got a tip on how to achieve this? thanks!

hello, when i make it so that you can only view it on mobile and not on desktop it leaves this big expanse of space – on the desktop – http://jetwaytravelgear.com/mobile/

the theme is blend. and theyve taken off the part that says its only responsive (built in to visual composer itself)

how can i get the large space to go away on desktop and only show on mobile when i need it too???

Hi there, Ive purchased a theme that came with your plugin and im having difficulties with the layout. The issue is when i edit the layout of a page on a imac screen and saved everything. The website when viewed is showing differently on my 15” laptop, there are gaps between the columns and the content is overlapping over each other, its perfect on the imac but so wrong on the laptop or any size smaller. Its really doing my head in and need to make some pages. Please help. Thanks.

Hi! I need to create five colums totally responsive row so I buyed your plugin. But I cannot find the solution. Can you help me? I updated Visual composer to the last version.


How can i create an inner row that is contained, and the main row is full width?

hello, I have this plugin set to not display on computer, but display on mobile, and on the desktop instead of making the row invisible , it leaves a big space where the row should be hidden . http://test.tritterfeefer.com/demo/ does this plugin still work?


verbal Purchased

Requesting a refund

“Item doesn’t work the way it should”

I see no additional options as described in the screenshots

Hello, how to set full width background color for inner rows because inner rows can not expand the full width

But this already exists on it, doesnt it? How is this any different? (WP Bakery Live)