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Hi, we have the same problem as @bluetricycle above-—. i’m using it on here—> missmugethi.com/akili (Our Stories section and events and Announcements.) When I choose the carousel setting then all I get is the spinning wheel. The post layout setting does not suit my needs) ----- I bought the Visual Composer – Post Layout with Carousel Plugin for my website and it has been working fine for over a year. I have not added any recent plugins, but have done all the wordpress plugins, theme and updates available. For some reason I get the spinning wheel and cannot open the window to edit the carousel. Please help me solve this issue with your plugin, since there should be no issues.

Thank You.

Hi again,

I have tried emailing you directly, I need an answer to the firefox issue urgently, please respond or refund.

The load more / show more is not calculating the grid height correctly therefore the show more button is appearing underneath the list line of the grid. This error only affects firefox.

Please help Thanks

check your mail.


taz007 Purchased

Hello, quick question…I purchased this plugin but the pop-up option opens to the post AND also goes to the single post page vs. staying on the grid layout of all posts. Is there something I need to activate in order for the pop-up option to work correctly? I am using Style 2. Thank you!

please send me link where are you setup this plugin.


Is it possible to have HTML in excerpt? thx!

Hello I have a question / comment / feedback about your demo site located here http://plugin.saragna.com/vc-addon/style6-list-view/

I love the style and layouts you provide, and I would have already pushed the buy button. BUT, when I try to barely scroll down, the page then auto scrolls down the page in lightening speed, not allowing me to stop and view certain sections. This was an infuriating UX to experience..

Is this your demo site that does that or does this plugin do that? Can I turn it off? This plugin is simply not usable if I barely touch the scroll wheel and it takes me all the way to the bottom.

This happens on all modern versions of IE, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


having an issue using Style 8 and Style 5 for Posts Layouts. Titles won’t show, is there a reason for this?

i have found your issue. your theme same css conflict. so please add below css in theme style.css file

div.svc_post_grid_s5 article section{z-index:999999;}

Thank you! Will this come in conflict with responsive css settings?

no issue in responsive css setting.

I am developing a site that uses post grids filtered by category to feed posts onto their relevant topic pages. Within some of these topics, the posts are sub-divided by post source (eg Chamber of Commerce) so what I really want is a way to send posts to a post grid that has been filtered by a combination of two categories. If you imagine a venn diagram, I want the posts in the intersection between the two posts, not all posts for either. Does this plugin add that possibility? If not, could you suggest how to achieve it? I think it might be possible to write a custom query to do it but I don’t know how to do them. Each post grid has a filter option at the top to filter by tag (which is where I am inserting the country so that the lists can be filtered by country) – does this plugin allow me to add more than one filter at the top of each list? For example, I would like them to be filterable by country and by source. Thanks for your assistance.

please explain only one think. i have not understand.

Can the plugin narrow data source for a post grid by a combination of two categories?

yes possible only two categories post grid data display.

hello sir can you help me i have an issue when i installed the zip wordpress keeps showing the message: The Visual Composer Post Layout add-on requires the Visual Composer Plugin installed and activated.

it dos not say so in the buy product page now i feel ripped :-(

now i bought something that dos not work. how can we fix this sir?

please send me mail khunthitesh32@gmail.com

Hi, great plugin, thanks for sharing – I have a question and some feedback.

I’m using skin 6 for a listing page but rather than capturing the_excerpt it’s outputting the entire body of the post including content that I don’t want in there, is this fixable somehow.

Feedback wise it would be great if you could support custom post metadata and customisable social media icons.

Looks like a great plugin. Quick pre-sale question: Can the sosial sharing icons be removed? Or customized? Can i.e. a Linkedin icon be added?

Social icon remove option available. And customize possible direct code changes. I have add LinkedIn icon for you. If you buy thus plugin.

Thanks! Just purchased plugin. If you have some information on how to remove twitter and replace with Linkedin it would be great. Thanks again!

please send me your site detail in my email khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will linkedin setup for you.


jivri Purchased

How do I hide the white area above and under the featured image in style 10: http://bit.ly/2DGdCZ1?


jivri Purchased

How to make it work with my theme (sticky navigation): https://digitalforex.com/2018-03-20_09h57_22.mp4


jivri Purchased

Will send you a private message with account details

Great plugin. I’m having a small problem – I’m loading four instances of the widget in tabs, the second instance in tab #2 isn’t identifying the load action and as a result all the jobs appear stacked on top of each other. I have animation disabled in the settings.

i have not received any mail. please send me mail using my profile : https://codecanyon.net/user/saragna

right bottom side message box available.

That’s concerning because someone called Raghunath Gurjar replied to the email.

Hello, my support is expired, but quick question. When I try to make a carousel using products, it is not showing anything…

please send me link.

Can I add custom fields to each slide?

please send me mail khunthitesh32@gmail.com

Hello, i implemented your plugin on this page http://www.promotii-romstal.ro/ and i have 2 questions for support; 1 – can the filter show the selection we made instead of the head of the drop down head of the filters? Ex If in first filter at the beginning shows Tip Pompa …if we select Aer-Apa the filter works fine but shows still Tip Pompa. can this selection be shown instead of Tip Pompa ? 2. On the mobile the filters are oppening the drop down menu but not closing automatically after selection, making the ather filter hidden behind the open drop down of the filter selected. Verry anoing especialy where are more tags or categories. Thank you.


rivercia Purchased

I am listing products as a carousel , but when I search with a keyword, autosuggest bar give me only 5 posts/products. I want it to show all of them. how can I do it?

please send me screenshot.