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Hi, is it possible to configure a length limit to post title? (in changing PHP code). Too, how simply add two differents “Post layout with carousel” on the same page, with different size of images? Currently, i must add a class to the second “Post layout with carousel” in CSS of VC to change the size of images, because your default style for images isn’t applied.

yes post title length change using PHP code. and image size option available in setting. image size available in your theme default. also check image size for wordpress https://rudrastyh.com/wordpress/image-sizes.html

I want to change image size for svc posts only on a specific page, as previously, your default size image on settings of svc posts add-on won’t work.! I have defined 200×200 W and H, but images keep original size with more 600px width.

Hi there, I sent you an email a few weeks ago about not having any padding between the words and the borders in my post carousel. Haven’t heard back yet. Thanks

check your mail.

Hi, when I select “Query construct” and add the name of a custom post type inside Individual Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types field, this custom post is not found.

If I select directly the category of all posts from the custom post type inside “Categories” field, your plugin doesn’t find any posts.

Is it possible to display only the title and the featured image of the post and change the order of content: Title first and then featured image?

it’s solved

Hi, I suggest adding the option to change the order of content information for each svc-posts-layout. For example : get “header” before “article”( featured image). thanks

Dear Author. I have the following error: Array to string conversion in /home/hdfzoo/public_html/devemszhu/wp-content/plugins/svc-post-grid-addon/addons/post-grid/post-grid-shortcode.php on line 1544

Please assist me resolve this issue. Turning off debug mode is not an option! I am looking for a resolution.

please debug mode off.

please check your mail.

Hello! I just want to cancel the calendar and pencil icons from the metadata in style 4, post type. In what way is it possible? Thank you,

Elena elenaliviapennacchioni@hotmail.it

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin. i will give solution.

Hello. I bought your plugin and would like to know how to use a specific carousel post template. How do I email a print so you can help me?

I await.

Thank you.

please send mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com