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Hi, love the plugin. one problem so far:

I have pagination on, and meta, author & coments hidden.

Once I click through to page #2, all the meta, author & comments features are added and do not go away.

Any suggestions? thank you

Will it be possible to achieve the results show in the image below by this plugin ? https://extraimago.com/images/2016/10/19/5d723a0ecfa2721b170bf08f1c1e0cc2.png


Great plugin, have a pre sales question regarding the plugin. What I would like to achieve is have the categories listed on the blog posts in the masonry view but without any links to any of the category pages.

Is this possible?

Thanks Ryan

Hi, the code doesn’t seem to be working with chrome or firefox … working in safari only on my home page https://musickraze.com

refresh the page in chrome or firefox and the posts disappear

It seems to be a CloudFlare setting, I have fixed it by shutting rocket loader off in CloudFlare


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I have purchased Visual Composer – Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel. I want to exclude the 6 most recent posts in the Build Query. Is this possible? If so, how can I do it. Thank you, EJ Zisk

using visual composer query builder not possible. but individual post exclude using post field in query builder option

The plugin is not pulling the excerpt field. It is creating an excerpt. See this:


Am I missing something?

please send me your site access detail in my email id : khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will solve your issue.

I have created an admin account on the site. You should have a login email at the email listed above. Please tell me where you make changes (in the code or in the Admin UI) so I can replicate the fix if needed.

Any idea when this will be fixed? This issue is the last thing I need to fix to launch a site.


What I would like to achieve is have the categories listed on the blog posts in the but without any links to any of the category pages.

Is this possible?

Thanks Ryan

I’m having a small issue with the plugin using the random ordering layout. Very often when clicking “load more” there are duplicates of some posts.

Hello there, I have purchased your plugin and must say it’s great. However I was just wondering is there a way to sort the taxonomies like WP sorts them? For instance in wordpress my taxononimes are listed as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.10. But the plugin load them like 1.1, 1.10, 1.2, 1.3 etc.

Thanks in advance :)

Found a plugin that fixes this issue, thanks anyway :)

Hello I would like to query https://github.com/wp-plugins/wp-ulike/blob/master/readme.txt With your plugin.

Is this possible? and in what file are you queries located so I dont have to look around and lose time?

Hi I´m trying to filter using tags but the plugin won´t take it, it´s only showing categories, I added the tags to the query builder but it doesn´t show tag filter.

Please help me out.

hi, i buy this plugin ( 2dca04b2-4f06-4593-8b32-414e70c5aea6 ), but the custom query not work… display only one result but its not correct, becouse found two result.

Hi, i know my support is exphired but i have a problem with filters. If i choose to display a category with some sub-categories in the filter bar i have ALL categories names at all levels. i want to show only the sub-categories or the categories i select to show, instead i always see ALL portfolio category structure each option i define in the query. Thanks for the answer if you can.

Anyway to change the font and justification of the text shown? I’d like to make the price bigger, and center the text?

it is possible using css.


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Hi, I’ve bought the plugin but I can’t add multiple carousel on the same page?

yes possible please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.


NJcruise Purchased

Hi I have issue with using your plugin.

I can’t use complicated design with parallax because exert looks like [vc_custom_heading text=”Offer valid through…

Tell we how you did your great samples. I have agly ones.


NJcruise Purchased

I just purchase this plugin and extremely unsatisfied. First of all, this plugin doesn’t create exert if you use parallax, custom heading or any fancy template for above the fold. Guys, please give me an idea which plugin works with those stuff. Thank you!

this plugin only working with visual composer plugin.


NJcruise Purchased

Yes, you are write! I have Visual Composer plugin. Problem that excerpt shows not text but VC code instead. You have to fix this issue.


I would like to ask you to help me fix some conflicts I am having regarding a use of your plugin on one of my sites. I use it to display some custom posts from a forum. It all worked fine in the past but all of the sudden, maybe by upgrading WP to newer version, I don’t know. Recently I have noticed that when I use some Skin types especially the “timeline” on home page https://www.biobrusinka.cz/ it breaks things.

I tried to add Visual Composer – Post Layout with Carousel custom posts on a test page but it breaks things too as soon as I use “timeline” and some other styles. I can provide you with screenshots when you tell me where you want me to send them.

On home page, I use it only for desktop now because as soon as I add or clone the exact same Visual Composer – Post Layout with Carousel module and hide it from desktop in order to display it only on mobile devices in different position and I hide the one from mobile devices which is being currently displayed only for desktops… both are being displayed as broken due to some conflicts I guess . You won’t see it now because I don’t want to have it broken on my live site obviously. I can add it for you to see it. It’s enough to just arrange that and tell me whenever you’re going to have a look at it. I can also provide you with Admin login and FTP access if you’require.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me to solve it.

Thank you in advance


where can I find the settings for the plugin? Aren’t they supposed to show in my WP Sidebar?

this plugin working with visual composer plugin.

Hi ! I use Post Layout with Carousel and have a display problem. On the query, I’ve limit the Post display to 5, but this limit is not respected. http://franceadeselles.mouv.info/accueil/