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Seems to be exactly what I look for.

Is there a list of all custom strings? Can the plugin catch fields and metadata from other plugins? Can these be inserted in design?

The demo does not work.

Hi Digiblogger, thanks for the comment.

For now I made plugin for archive page which is displaying fixed data of the archive page. You can find list of custom string in demo, I am providing the details of live demo, below. Metadata also can be displayed and that is in my road map, I will provide that on next update.

I am also checking that why my demo is not working, but you can check demo on
Site : http://vcplugin.vrainfotech.com/wp-admin/
Username : demo
Password : demo

I created a little test page, even overwriting the max value of the vertical featured image does not work very well (i set some max values to my design). Anyway.. it´s a nice tool. But for a Visual Composer thing, I hoped for something that used the drag and drop functionality and frees the limit of visual composers grid element builder with some extra features.

Thanks for your comment.

Sorry, but about the design I give full rights to user, so they can add their own HTML markup which would be anything, if user add the markup with responsive css then it will work like that. Basically it is up to the user i added default design which is displaying images nicely(whether it is vertical or horizontal).
you can check that on : http://vcplugin.vrainfotech.com/test-post-grid/

And in more i am adding post_meta feature, and multiple post_types select and multiple taxonomies selection in future updates.

you are copy product banner image in my plugin post grid/list layout page http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-post-gridlist-layout-with-carousel/11030539

Hi saragna, I just concern with my designer he told me that he got idea from your banner and made banner for me. You can check that font-size, font-color and image sizes are different from your banner. But then also sorry for that and i will change the banner.

Hello saranga,
As we promise you before, we changed our banner.

Your plugin facility is very nice. It’s very easy to create page with post.

Thank you very much soniakash for the comment and review.

Very cool !!!!!

Thank you… cbmatthews

Hi, how do I put the posts in a 4×3 Grid rather than in a 1×12 list?



Hi Kev, Thanks for purchasing this item.

About 4×3 grid, this plugin is not giving templates about different grids right now. That is in my road map and in couple of days i will release different grid layouts.

But, I have one idea see the settings pages in backend, where you can add custom markup, so do this just give post’s main div width 25% and you can display grid in 4×3. I will give more specific explanation if you provide me website link or any other details.

Hi, would it be okay to have a refund please? I bought the plugin specifically to create a ‘Grid’ – the clue was in the name of the plugin. But if it only does ‘List’ shouldn’t you rename it?

I had to use a different grid system because site went live today.

Hi, I contacted you a few days ago about a refund because the plugin cannot display grids, yet you title it and advertise it as aGrid creator. Cn you reply please?

Hi Kevin, sorry for late replay. I am little busy so that’s why i not able to replay. About refund i will give you refund ASAP. I already keep in mind that.

Another thing is that you must be check the demo and description about the item before purchase any item. I also attach all the screenshots.

Hi, How do I achieve the following with this Plugin ? Suppose I have Two Categories. The First Category is Called “Chevrolet Cars”, and the Second Category called “Featured Chevrolet Cars”. Can I Show Most Recent Posts from the Second Category ( Featured Chevrolet Cars ) in the First Category ?

Kindly Revert, RebelHustler.

Hi Rebel Hustler,

Thank you for interest this plugin.

Can I Show Most Recent Posts from the Second Category ( Featured Chevrolet Cars ) in the First Category ?

I didn’t understand above sentence, can you elaborate more on this ?

Regards, Vishal

I am trying to use your plugin, but it doesn’t understand the set culumn width. I have two columns and this the post is supposed to be in the left one, but it fills the whole page width

Hi thanks for your comment.

Can you give me your site url or template code which you are entering in backend option.


can you give me an address to send to. Can’t share this info in public

okay, send me the details on vishalkakadiya@outlook.com

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to display a featured video instead of a featured image, social buttons and call to action buttons in Visual Composer Post Grid. Is it possible with your solution ? Thank you for your answer

Hi Marine,

Thanks for your comment. but sorry to say this plugin can’t support video and social icons right now.

Regards, Vishal

How to cant use for Custom Post, have you any documentation?

Thanks —-stooni

Hi Stooni,

Thanks for purchase this plugin. About your question what i understand is you want to use custom post types in filtering right ? In plugin settings the first dropdown is “Select Post Type” where you can select custom-post-types which are available your site and also inbuilt post-types like “post”.

You can check this documentation : http://vcplugin.vrainfotech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Post_Grid_Custom_Select__Custom_Design-1.pdf

Let me know if still having any question.

Thanks, Vishal

Ok Thank’s but when i activate all my css settings will set back to the default colors and Font Settings!

You can setup your own html and css classes on backend settings, and add tags in bckend settings like {img}. All settings documentation are available in PDF which i given.

I have installed the latest version of your plugin. But when i use it on a page it stops Visual Composer Social Streams with Carousel plugin from working (http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-social-streams-with-carousel/11471294)


My plugin is only tested with Visual Composer, It’s very difficult to test with all available plugins on market because there are lots of plugins.

Can you share more details about site and that error page on my email id, so i can check what is issue.


Hi, I have 2 pre-sale questions : Does your plugin support acf custom fields in the html ? Does it support custom classes ?

Hi bemore2013,

1 => No this plugin not yet supports custom fields as that can’t be generalize because every client has different-different custom fields as per their requirements.(If you want, for this feature i can customize as per your need but you need to hire me as freelancer for that.)

2 => for “custom classes” yes, it will support all your classes you just need to add that in the design on backend. And it is the main feature of this plugin that you can write your own html and classes.

Thanks, Vishal

Thanks a lot for your answer , have a nice day ;)

Welcome :)

Looks nice! GLWS

Thanks :)

Hi. Just purchased this plugin and there’s a javascript error preventing me from adding the grid to VC. I get this: “TypeError: values is undefined”. I”m using Visual Composer v 5.1. Anything you can recommend for a quick fix would be great. Need something ASAP. thanks.

Your live preview does not work…is this plugin still being developed and supported?

Does your plugin allow me to easily display (not filter) custom taxonomy data per post in grid For example is I have a taxonomy called “Group” and I want to display that per post in grid, will your plugin do that? or how can I?


DEMO is going to a virus site.